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See why Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet have become the most trusted anti-vibration pads in the world. Order your set today.

Only Silent Feet washing machine pads are made in the USA, offer the best washing machine vibration isolation available and include a 10 year warranty.

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Washing Machine Walking

Discover Silent Feet anti-vibration pads. Our revolutionary Sorbothane technology will stop washing machine vibration (washing machine walking) as well as stop vibrations of other appliances.

We are pleased to now offer FREE shipping on all orders of our vibration pads shipped within the US. And it's quick too, we ship your order by USPS Priority so you'll have your vibrations eliminated in 1-3 days.

Silent Feet are the most effective way to stop so-called 'washing machine walking,' or washing machine vibration as well as many other common vibration problems. But beyond just reducing washing machine vibration, thanks to the patented materials used in Silent Feet, the vibrations are actually absorbed away so you can live more comfortably. In fact vibrations can be reduced up to 94.7% by using Silent Feet. Comparison tests have shown that Silent Feet anti-vibration pads outperform the next best anti-vibration pads by 60%. The extraordinary visco-elastic properties of Sorbothane even allow us to back Silent Feet with a lifetime warranty. These pads offer the best vibration and noise reduction technology for all washing machines and dryers. Silent Feet even prevent your washing machine from "walking" and are easy to install.

Our SILENT FEET ANTI-VIBRATION PADS are competitive with -

  • anti-vibration mats
  • anti-vibration mounts
  • anti-vibration pads
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Stop Washing Machine Walking in Its Tracks

Why suffer from a washer you can't stop from vibrating, moving about, or sit in frustration at a vibrating baby crib or air conditioner, when you can buy the simple, revolutionary solution vs. a tired old mat? Why replace your noisy laundry appliance when you can silence it for a fraction of the cost? Purchase a set of Silent Feet anti-vibration pads to stop washing machine walking and you can add years of peaceful and useful life to your appliance without the extra cost of purchasing a brand new appliance. That could equal hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings. And unlike the economy Silent Feet come with a Lifetime Guarantee so you never have to worry about them.

Anti-Vibration Pads that Lead the Industry

Why settle for second-rate rubber mats, or other types of outdated technology? Why be annoyed senseless by endless vibrations? Why settle for a walking machine that walks, a bed that creaks, or any type of appliance that vibrates incessantly? Our top-rated anti-vibration pad technology is a revolutionary solution to washing machine / washer walking, vibrations in appliances like stoves or refrigerators, and even beds that vibrate (or pick up vibrations). Stopping unwanted movement is now easier than ever!

Silent Feet, Anti-Vibration Technology, Wins the 2009 Design News Golden Mousetrap Best Product Award

Anti-Vibration Pads

Each year for the past 33 years Design News has recognized forward-thinking companies that produce innovative and outstanding products. This year Silent Feet from The Vibration Solution were recognized as the Best Product in the Materials Processing Category. This prestigious award recognizes the extensive engineering and design work that has been done to make Silent Feet the most effective product on the market for stopping washing machine vibration, noise and washing machine walking. In short, why buy a rubber anti-vibration mat when you can have space-age technology that really works?

Silent Feet use unique Sorbothane polymer that absorbs and isolates noise and vibration better than any other rubber on the market. You will not believe the anti-vibration power of this material, until you experience it. This is the first application of Sorbothane to a consumer large appliance application. By incorporating Sorbothane in to The Vibration Solution's products like Silent Feet, these pads are able to stop up to 94.7% of washing machine vibration transfer to your home while also reducing washer walking and movement. No other mat, pad or isolator for clothes washers and dryers can provide these same benefits for a reasonable price. Silent Feet have been sold all around the globe and are trusted by thousands of customers and appliance owners who experience their benefits every time they do their laundry. Now is the perfect opportunity to experience this award winning product in your home.

Other winners of theGolden Mousetrap Awards include Texas Instruments, Eaton Corp, Siemens and IBM.

Quick Video Comparison of Original Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet

This short video compares the differences between our Original Silent Feet and our Anti-Walk Silent Feet. This video will help if you have questions about which anti-vibration pad is right for you. This video also explains the differences between our types of anti-vibration appliance pads and why we are the only company to offer a felt bottom pad.

Out Performing All Washing Machine Mats and Pads

Since their launch 8 years ago years Silent Feet anti-vibration pads for washing machines have been leading the appliance accessory market and outperform all other washing machine mats, pads and risers on the market. No other washing machine mat can match the quality and benefits of Silent Feet pads. Other pads use cheap rubber or foam that offers minimal vibration reduction and breaks down quickly. Only Silent Feet are made in the USA and come with a 10-year warranty.

A Solution You Can Really Afford

Don't be fooled by companies and manufactures that try to sell you over-engineered pedestals and vibration isolation platforms. At the heart of all washing machine vibration isolators is the same thing, a simple polymer pad. Silent Feet pads offer the best performance at the lowest cost to you. Why pay hundreds of dollars more when you can have a set of sleek and simple Silent Feet? We know that your money is valuable to you and that's why our products are always guaranteed to be effective and durable without any extra costs.

International Shipping Available

Washing Machine vibration and noise have never only been an American problem. That's why we offer easy international shipping for orders placed from our web site. Most international orders ship via priority service and can arrive in as little as six business days. It's fast and simple, just select the product that fits you best, then choose international shipping during checkout. We've also recently introduced steep discounts on shipping for international orders of 2 or more products.

Is Your Front Loading Washer Leveled Properly?

Did you know that front loading washing machines should actually be installed slightly off level? It's true, manufactures recommend that you alight you washer with about half a bubble of level biased towards the back of the washer. This allows the machine to operate most efficiently, drain properly and reduces vibration and noise. Also, always make sure that the feet of your washer are tightened completely. If the nuts on the feet are even slightly loose they can contribute to vibration and noise. Taking just a few minutes to check these two items can significantly reduce vibration and noise from your clothes washer. Then take 5 more minutes and install a set of Silent Feet and your washer will be quieter then you could have ever imagined.

Fast Shipping Redefined

Many sites offer fast shipping, but The Vibration Solution takes it to the next level. We offer some of the fastest packing and handling in the industry. Most orders placed before 2pm EST are packed and ready to ship same-day. Even major online retailers struggle to offer this same speed. Fast packing means that your order gets in the mail as much as 2 days earlier than from most online stores. That means that you'll have your Silent Feet and a quieter home even faster. Check out our low Priority Mail rates and free shipping on all orders in the US.

Add Height and Style to Your Washer

Did you ever wish that your washer was just a little bit taller? Or what about if it was easier to slide out for cleaning or retrieving that lost sock that fell behind it last time you did laundry? Maybe your repainting your laundry room and you want to add a little more color to your washer. Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads are a great way to accessorize your washer and dryer. Silent Feet add about 1 inch to the height of your washer making it easier to reach your clothes. Our easy sliding feet make moving you washer extra easy and our super stick anti-walk feet keep it from walking during the spin cycle. We even have Ocean Blue and Crimson Red Silent Feet to add the little bit of extra color to your laundry room. So why not add these great washing machine accessories to your washer and dryer today?

Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet Now Available

Stop Washing Machine Washing with Anti-Vibration Pads

Check out this versatile and clever new mallet using the same Sorbothane rubber that makes Silent Feet appliance pads so effective. The Sorbothane Soft-Blow Mallet works great for automotive body work, fine cabinetry, finishing carpentry, glass installation and anywhere else you need a strong mallet with a soft impact. The unique visco-elastic material can be used on all surfaces and resist marring, scratches and scuffing. It's chemical resistant for years of use. These mallets are trusted and used by many major car manufactures on their assembly lines to install trim and molding. Sorbothane Mallets are now available for purchase on

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Sorbothane Hemisphere Bump-ons Now Available

The same great Sorbothane rubber that makes Silent Feet the most effective vibration pads for washing machines and dryers is now available from the vibration solution as rubber bumpers. These hemisphere feet for small electronics, audio equipment, computers and counter top appliances provide superior vibration dampening and noise reduction. Sorbothane bump-ons have a adhesive backing that makes them quick and easy to install almost anywhere. Now available in 6 sizes, 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2", 2" and 2 1/2" hemispheres.