The Best Lifetime - Why buy other inferior products that you may have to worry about replacing before you replace your appliance? Our warranty guarantees that our Silent Feet will outlast your washer or dryer.

The simple and cleaver design of Silent Feet allows them to fit every consumer washing machine and just about every dryer currently on the market. Silent Feet also fit the vast majority of older machines. There are no tools, special adapters, adhesives or other accessories needed to install Silent Feet. Just slip the cup shaped Silent Feet under the factory foot-pegs of your appliance and you're ready to go.

If you do have difficulty or are unable to install Silent Feet with your appliance contact us and we can help. If all else fails we do offer a full refund of the purchase price with returns. Purchase with confidence, our design team spent over one year testing designs to find the right size and shape to work with the most machines and still retain our industry leading dampening results.

Recent customers have used Silent Feet with these washers and dryers:

Admiral Dryers

Amana Washers and Dryers

Bosch Nexxt Series

Frigidaire Affinity Series

GE Profile and Profile Harmony Series

Hotpoint Dryers

Kenmore Elite Oasis and Oasis HT Series

Kenmore Elite and Steam Series

Kenmore HE2, HE3, and HE5 Series

LG WM 0001 - 2688 Series

LG DLE and DLG Series

LG WM 3431 - 3988 Series

Maytag Performance Series

Maytag Epic and Epic z Series

Maytag Bravos Series

Maytag Centennial Series

Samsung Washers and Dryers

Whirlpool Duet

Yes, it does. Oh, did you want to know more about how Silent Feet stop appliance walking? Each set of our Original Silent Feet feature two ultra-sticky anti-walk front feet. These feet are designed to anchor your appliance in place without glues, adhesives or fasteners. The unique high friction properties of the base material in the front feet lock the feet to the floor using only the weight of the appliance. This means that you can easily move the appliance in the future during servicing or replacement without damaging your floor.

Have you got a serious appliance walking problem? Check out our information about different levels of appliance vibration first, but then consider Anti-Walk Silent Feet. These feet sacrifice some of the ease of installation in exchange for using all four feet as friction anchor points. These feet are only recommended for extreme cases of appliance walking.

Attention: Because Silent Feet use friction instead of adhesives, dust, dirt and debris under the feet can cause a reduction in the total friction and result in appliance walking. However, simply sweeping or vacuuming up dirt and dust and then washing Silent Feet in water can fully restore their ability to prevent appliance walking.

The answer all depends on what type of appliance problem you want solved? Silent Feet work great for a significant number of problems such as:

Constant mechanical vibration and noise transfer

Mild to moderate irregular vibration

Appliance walking and unwanted lateral movement

Structural damage prevention

2nd story appliance installation

Appliance chatter caused by uneven floors

Besides just working for these problems Silent Feet can also help to make appliances more accessible by slightly raising their height (1/2"). Click here to find out if Silent Feet will work with your appliance. Silent Feet even work if you have a pedestal or flood pan under your appliance. Even in the worst of appliance vibration and walking situations Silent Feet may still provide a degree of vibration and noise reduction. Click here to diagnose your vibration problem in detail.

The most Silent Feet will add to the height of your washer is 5/8 inch. However, the weight of the washing machine will cause between 20-30% compression in the Sorbothane material which often results in only about 1/2 inch of additional height.

NO! Silent Feet are made of an advanced visco-elastic material which is not rubber. It is also not a Styrofoam like material that may either not absorb the vibration you require or break down over time. Sorbothane retains it's vibration absorbing properties after millions of cycles unlike other materials which can degrade after just a few thousand cycles. As mentioned in the “what is Sorbothane” section Silent Feet are made of a patented, one of a kind material, the same vibration reducing material trusted by NASA and NASCAR. (Yes NASA the space exploration people and yes NASCAR the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing)

Yes, simply place the Silent Feet under the pedestal feet. We recommend Anti-Walk Silent Feet for use with pedestals.

Yes, simply install the Silent Feet in the pan between the pan and the washing machine.

The Vibration Solution, LLC defines "Lifetime" as the industry average for the effective useful operational life of a washing or drying laundry appliance. Current estimates place this somewhere between 8 and 10 years. Therefore our warranty lasts for 10 years after the original purchase of your Silent Feet.

The vibration dampening elastic material in Silent Feet is designed to last for millions of cycles. It should easily last significantly longer than the 10 year warranty period. However, if at any time during the first 10 years the material begins to crumble, seep, crack significantly or otherwise seriously degrade your Silent Feet may qualify for a complete replacement free of charge.

All warranty claims require a copy of the original purchase receipt to verify the age of the Silent Feet. The Vibration Solution, LLC also requires that you send your Silent Feet to our warranty department for analysis. This analysis process is designed to help us continuously improve our products to provide you with the best designs and solutions possible.

If you can own and use a washing machine there we can ship there (Okay so there may be a few exceptions but not many). We've shipped to hundreds of international customers and our staff is ready to ship to you. All of our products are available for international shipping. International shipping rates are available at checkout. VAT and all other import duty fees are the responsibility of the buyer. All the same warranty, return, privacy and shipping policies apply to international customers. However, we are unable to extend our free shipping discount on international orders. Check out the list of countries that we current ship to!

Countries currently we ship to:

British Virgin Isles
New Zealand
Russian Federation
United Kingdom
Vatican City State

Currently Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet are only available in Black. The portion of each foot has a semi-gloss black finish and the lower half is matte black. Trails and tests are being done on a number of color options. Due to the popularity of our Special Edition Ocean Blue Silent Feet we will be adding these to our regularly stocked products. Ocean Blue Silent Feet and a new color, Crimson Red Silent Feet will be available in February 2009.

Current Colors in Testing:

Ocean Blue (Now Available)
Crimson Red (Now Available)
Citrus Orange
Metallic Silver

Silent Feet are produced by The Vibration Solution, LLC which proudly produces all of our products entirely within the United States of America. The Vibration Solution, LLC operates facilities in Mebane, North Carolina and Lexington, Kentucky. The company also licenses production in Kent, Ohio. Our company believes that by keeping production local we can continue to assure that our customers receive the highest quality products, quickly and at the best price despite rising transportation costs. We also support the creation of American jobs and the rebuilding of the manufacturing industry in America. All of our warranty and support services are handled by employees who live and work in the United States so you can count on clear and easy service.

Yes, Silent Feet can easily handle the increased load and vibration created by stackable washers and dryers. You will not void the warranty on Silent Feet products by using them with stackable units. However, we recommend that you use Anti-Walk Silent Feet as stackable units have a higher center of gravity which increases their tendency to move or "walk" across you laundry room.

No problem! We strive to deliver the very best in innovative quality products but if for some reason you are not satisfied, simply contact us and we will gladly help to process your return.

Return refunds are only offered for the original purchase price of the item. Shipping costs, taxes and other fees will not be refunded. Return shipping will be the buyer's responsibility. We recommend that you purchase shipping insurance or delivery confirmation as The Vibration Solution, LLC assumes no liability for products in transit to our facilities. Products that are returned with obvious signs of neglect, modification or miss use will not qualify for a refund.

es, we offer wholesale pricing on all of our products. Just click on the Wholesale Ordering tab. Our wholesale ordering system is designed primarily for resellers but we are willing to offer discounts to customers who would like to purchase 10 or more units. Requests for wholesale accounts or discounts can be directed to

Silent Feet have been reviewed, tested and proven by professional installers and suppliers in the appliance industry. Professionals and experts agree that the unique and effective design of Silent Feet sets them apart from every other product and solution available. Many professionals have even installed Silent Feet on their own washers and dryers. Currently, Silent Feet are undergoing industry testing to obtain full approval from appliance makers but already professional installers have begun to stock and recommend them for installation in a wide variety of situations.

Coming Soon: Professional and Industry feedback in our Feedback section!

No, Silent Feet will not damage, scuff or otherwise mark your floor if installed properly. Silent Feet are also resistant to oils, grease and dirt which may cause damage to other products.

Silent Feet were first released to the public market at the end of March 2008. They were initially only available for purchase directly from The Vibration Solution, LLC at the company site This was done to assure that all customers received the best quality products, quickly and with excellent customer service. However, as the popularity of Silent Feet has grown and stores have begun to request to become resellers, The Vibration Solution has begun the process of selecting and approving resellers. As stores are approved and receive their Silent Feet their information will be posted under our Local Stores link. now carries Silent Feet and related products. Click here to order Silent Feet on

We released version 3.0 of our website to expand the amount of products and information that we can provide to you. Our new site features and simple and easy to navigate bar to help you move quickly throughout our site. It also incorporates improved access to our shopping cart and checkout systems which are now hosted by Google. We've also added this FAQ section to address many popular questions and a testimonials page to let you know what current customers think of our products. There is also a new quick and easy Contact Us page where you can submit additional questions and comments directly to our Customer Service Representatives. We hope you enjoy our new site.

We are glad to work with you on a one-on-one basis to develop a unique solution to your vibration problem. Any problem, big or small, it doesn't matter. We have the tools, materials and know-how to help you with your next vibration problem, just send us an email with your problem using our Contact Us page.

Just about anywhere that you have vibration. Our customers have installed them on refrigerators, HVAC systems, lab equipment, testing equipment, machining tools, computer racks, audio equipment and dehumidifiers. Please take into consideration the weight of the item that you want to install Silent Feet on. If it is less than 200 lbs, use Industrial Silent Feet. If it is between 200 - 600 lbs use Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet. If it is greater than 600 lbs please contact us for a specific solution.

The exterior of your washing machine can be cleaned with a mild detergent solution or all-purpose cleaner. Sponge and rinse any detergent residue or build-up off regularly. If you have problems with hard water, use a little water softener with the detergent to remove any built-up scale. The inside of the washer is best cleaned by running an empty full cycle of cold water and adding 2 cups of vinegar before the wash cycle begins.

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