The Vibration Solution, LLC was founded around the principle that there is a better way to live, a more peaceful way, free of vibrations and noise from the appliances and conveniences that we choose to have in our homes. But any company can develop vibration isolation products so we have committed ourselves to always take our products a step further. As we say it at our engineering labs, "Solve the solution." That means that even though we have created a great product like our original Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads, it is not complete until we have made it even better by making it the easiest to install and backing it with a limited lifetime warranty.

Anti-Vibration Pads

It is this same drive for innovation that has lead to our newest products. Anti-Walk Silent Feet and Industrial Silent Feet both continue to offer the same durability and industry leading effectiveness while offering you a uniquely tailored solution. When our customers told us that they were concerned about their washing machines moving or "walking" during operation, we responded by involving them in the development process to ensure that our Anti-Walk Silent Feet would not only meet, but actually exceed their expectations. Anti-Walk Silent Feet were even specifically designed to handle the increased movement and vibration problems associated with stack-able washers and dryers.

When our customers asked if we could develop a product for power equipment like generators and air compressors, we responded by adjusting the proven design of Silent Feet to handle the lighter weight and variable operating environment of power equipment products. This lead to our Industrial Silent Feet which work great for everyone from contractors to the weekend warrior.

Most recently The Vibration Solution, LLC became the first vibration isolation company to offer products in different colors to match the new range of colored washing machines and dryers now available. The first color offered is Ocean Blue with more to come.

Do you have want to stop annoying vibrations? If yes, then you have found the right company to help. But the next question is, do we offer a product that is right for you? If no, send us an email or give us a call and we will work on a uniquely tailored isolation solution for you. Until then our engineers will be hard at work developing additional solutions to continue to make your home, office, jobsite, workshop, campsite, boat, RV, dorm room or apartment a more peaceful environment.



Our anti-vibration pads are second to none. Use them to stop washing machine vibration (washing machine walking), the vibrations of any home appliance. Customers even use them to stop bed vibrations, and/or to insulate a bed from vibrations in an apartment building. The revolutionary Sorbothane product is something that you must experience. After using them, customers tell us that they feel a profound sense of relief. It might seem like a little thing, but using anti-vibration pads to stop vibrations can really improve your quality of life!


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Silent Feet
Best for small laundry rooms with limited space to access behind your washer and dryer.
Fastest and easiest installation.
Prevents mild to moderate appliance movement (walking).
Best if you have a work-surface or counter over your washer and dryer.
Best for carpet, concrete, rough stone and natural tile floors.
Anti-Walk Silent Feet
Prevents moderate to severe appliance movement (walking).
Best if you have space to access behind your washer and dryer.
Best for stackable washing machines and dryers.
Best for smooth & high gloss floors like gloss tile, polished stone, wood and vinyl.
Crimson Red Silent Feet & Anti-Walk Silent Feet
Accent red washing machines, dryers and laundry rooms. Examples include:
Electrolux Red Hot Red
Frigidaire Classic Red
GE Red
GE Vermillion Red
Kenmore Barolo
Kenmore Chili Pepper
LG Wild Cherry
Maytag Crimson Red
Samsung Red
Samsung Tango Red
Whirlpool Red
Whirlpool Red Gloss
Whirlpool Cranberry Red
Ocean Blue Silent Feet & Anti-Walk Silent Feet
Accent blue washing machines, dryers and laundry rooms. Examples include:
Electrolux Blue
Electrolux Mediterranean Blue
Electrolux Turquoise Sky
Frigidaire Blue
Frigidaire Glacier Blue
Kenmore Twilight
Kenmore Ocean
Kenmore Pacific Blue
LG Riveria Blue
Maytag Slate Blue
Samsung Breakwater Blue
Samsung Blue Steel
Whirlpool Ocean Blue


Dimension Measurement (Inches)
Total Product Height 1"
Maximum Height Increase for Appliance 5/8"
Total Width 2.59"
Effective Usable Top Width 1.88"


When we say easy installation, we mean easy installation. Unlike other products there are no tools, glues, adhesives or other special tricks needed to install our original Silent Feet. In fact, it's so easy that installation takes less than 5 minutes. Thanks to the unique patented design of the sliding rear feet that come in each set of Silent Feet, there is no need to figure out how to get behind your appliance or contort yourself in painful ways like other products require you to do. Installation is complete in six easy steps. Easy installation video coming soon! If you don't believe us when we say installation takes just minutes, watch as we show you just how easy it really is.

  1. Carefully move the appliance only enough to access the rear feet.
  2. Remove all dust, dirt, etc., from the floor behind and under the appliance.
  3. Place one of the sliding Silent Feet under each of the appliance's rear feet.
  4. Carefully slide the appliance back to its original position.
  5. Place one of the sticky Silent Feet under each of the appliance's front feet.*
  6. Enjoy the peace and quiet.

* If the sticky Silent Feet ever begin to slip, rinse them with water and then dry to restore the original grip.


Vibration and noise from washing machines can be classified into three basic levels. Understanding and matching these levels to your appliance is crucial to making your home a more quiet and enjoyable place. Each category below has different causes and different solutions. It is important to note that Silent Feet will NOT work for all situations, nor will any other product.


These constant and even vibrations are caused by the high speed spin cycle of the washing machine. All washers have internal dampening systems but they often do not stop enough of the vibration. These washing machine vibration create a humming noise that can be transferred to the floor and heard throughout your home. These vibrations cause structural damage to your home over time. This is where Silent Feet will work the best.


Depending on the installation and age of your washing machine or dryer you may notice a slight variation in vibrations and noise. This can be the result of aging internal dampening systems, weakened floors or objects near the appliance reacting to vibrations. These vibrations and noises are usually louder and more annoying and can also cause structural damage to your home. Silent Feet will help reduce these vibrations.


These are the loudest and most violent vibrations and noise caused by washing machines. Symptoms usually include rattling, banging noises, thumping sounds and drastic machine "walking/bouncing". These are usually caused by unbalanced loads or damaged balancing springs. Rearrange the clothes inside and turn it back on. If the noise continues call a repair specialist.