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Stop Washing Machine Vibration

Why suffer from a washer you can't stop from vibrating, or sit in frustration at a vibrating baby crib or air conditioner, when you can buy the latest, revolutionary solution vs. a tired old mat? Why replace your noisy laundry appliance when you can silence it for a fraction of the cost? Purchase a set of Silent Feet anti-vibration pads to stop washing machine walking and you can add years of peaceful and useful life to your appliance without the extra cost of purchasing a brand new appliance. That could equal hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings. And unlike the economy products out there to stop vibrations, Silent Feet come with a Lifetime Guarantee so you never have to worry about them!

Washing Machine Vibration: Stop It Now with Sorbothane-Based Technology

Washing Machine VibrationSilent Feet use unique Sorbothane polymer that absorbs and isolates noise and vibration better than any other rubber on the market. This is the first application of Sorbothane to a consumer large appliance application. By incorporating Sorbothane in to The Vibration Solution's products like Silent Feet, these pads are able to stop up to 94.7% of washing machine vibration transfer to your home while also reducing washer walking and movement. No other mat, pad or isolator for clothes washers and dryers can provide these same benefits for a reasonable price. Silent Feet have been sold all around the globe and are trusted by thousands of customers and appliance owners who experience their benefits every time they do their laundry. Now is the perfect opportunity to experience this award winning product in your home.

Washing Machine Walking: Stop It Now

Washing machines use centrifugal force to dry out clothes. That's the good news. The bad news is that the slightest misadjustment can cause a massive vibration. Even with a light load of laundry, the force alone can vibrate a small apartment. If you are on the ground floor, it's bad enough, but if you are on the second floor, or the floor is slick as with the new modern materials like Pergo, your washing machine can literally 'walk' across the floor. By using our anti-vibration pads, you can easily stop this phenomenon. They work by insulating the machine from the floor, and the patented Sorbothane material is like no other.

Page updated: August 25, 2015