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  • Consumer Reports - The Noisy Truth About 2009 Washers and Dryers

    The latest Consumer Reports reviews are now available for washers and dryers on sale in 2009 at  These reviews provide a wealth of great information about purchasing a new washer or dryer.  Some of the information available includes test results for washing performance, energy efficiency, water efficiency, capacity, gentleness, cycle time and most importantly for Silent Feet customers, noise and vibration.  All the test results were grouped by type of washing machine so that front and top loading machines could be compared accurately.

    Even expensive washing machines for 2009 could leave your ears ringing and your dishes rattling

    Even expensive washing machines for 2009 could leave your ears ringing and your dishes rattling

    The two washing machines that had the worst vibration and noise were an LG and an Asko Ultracare which according to Consumer Reports, "shook so vigorously in our tests that they would be poor choises for laundry rooms on framed floors." Anyone considering installing a washing machine on a framed floor or any floor other than a concrete slab should strongly consider the use of a vibration pad like Silent Feet.  Without such a pad under the washer and dryer the vibrations caused by the machines can degrade and destroy the structural integrity of the floor.  Other major concerns raised by the reports were anti-allergen features, longer cycle wash cycles and their negative effects on fabrics and finally problems with mold growth in washing machines.

    For customers considering purchasing a new washing machine in the coming year, we strongly recommend installing Silent Feet products under any of the following models.  Each of these models earned the lowest scores in their category for noise and vibration.

    Front-Loading Washing Machines

    Frigidaire Affinity ATF8000F[S]

    Kenmore HE2t 4756[I]

    LG WM2277H[W]

    Speed Queen CTSAOA[W]N

    Kenmore HE2 Plus 4751[2]

    Whirlpool Duet Sport WFW8300S[W]

    Top-Loading Washing Machines

    GE WJRE5500G[WW]

    Kenmore 2884[2]

    GE Profile WPRE6150H[WT]

    Maytag MTW5800T[W]

    Whirlpool WTW5800S[W]

    Amana NRW5700T[Q]

    Kenmore 2872[2]

    Staber HXW2304

    Estate ETW4400T[Q]

    GE WHDRR418G[WW]

    GE WWSE5240G [WW]

    Hotpoint VWSR4160G[WW]

    Haier Genesis GWT900A[W]

    Whirlpool WTW5300S[Q]

    Kenmore 2742[2]

    Frigidaire FWS1233F[S]


    GE Profile DPSE810EG[WT]

    Maytag MED5900T[W]

    Miele Touchtronic T9800

    Kenmore 6683[2]

    Amana NED5800T[Q]

    Whirlpool WED5800S[W]

    GE DTSR495EF[GG]

    Fisher & Paykel DEGX2

    GE DRSR483EG[WW]

    Whirlpool WED5500S[Q]

    Staber HXD2304E

    For complete reviews, buying recommendations and more information about washer and dryer noise and vibration check out consumer review sites like Consumer Reports, Consumer Search and CNET Reviews.


  • Washing Machine Vibration

    When we were discussing our blog yesterday at work we realized there was one big gap, we never talked about "washing machine vibration" probably the root of what our product it about.  It seems that it has become so common place on our website that we just assume we have already talked about it but here we go info about washing machine vibration.

    Based on current trends towards energy efficiency and cost points, most washing machines are spinning at higher speeds to help reduce the amount of drying time needed.  These new machines are designed to spin at speeds of up to 11,000 RPM creating an abundance of high frequency washing machine vibration. At these RPM levels vibrations created by the laundry machine can actually cause damage to the building structures.  These vibrations become an annoyance when they are transmitted to the floor resulting structural noise and vibrations within the structure.  These vibrations being transferred through the structure can result in structural damage in the house loosing floor joints and can cause very expensive and dangerous problems to your house.  Not only as an structural problem but as many people originally find it is an annoyance.  These high frequency vibrations can travel far through your house resulting in a "hummm" in some rooms or you may even be able to feel the vibrations.  As a result of these concerns, producers of washing machines advise customers not to locate the machines on any floor or foundation that is not either well reinforced or a poured concrete slab.

    People often disregard these warnings when installing new washers, or simply do not have the area to "properly install" their machine.  Most people also do not have the time or want the money to adequately reinforce their laundry room to meet the demands of these new machines.  Silent Feet offers these customers a comparatively low cost solution that will decrease the rate and likelihood of structural damage and noise. Please note that Silent Feet is not a perfect solution to stopping structural damage, but we have tested our product against every competitor we could find and our material and product drastically out performs the competition.

    The Vibration Solution


    Stop Washing Machine Vibration The Vibration Solution

  • What is HE detergent, and do I need it?

    What is "HE detergent", and do I need it?

    First let's start off by saying "HE detergent" or high efficient is detergent that in short is engineered to have less "suds" than normal detergent.  This new detergent is recommended in many of today's high efficient front loading machine. The reason that "HE detergent" is recommended and needed is that the new high efficiency washing machines use less water but you are still washing the same amount of dirty laundry so different detergent is needed to accomplish the same task. To go more into this, the new high efficiency machines, unlike non-high efficiency machines that fill all the way up with water and then "agitate" the laundry to get them clean, high efficiency machines can use up to 80% less water because they tumble the laundry in water, flipping them over and over and letting the water run though the laundry.    Not using "HE detergent" can result in confusing the machine resulting in delays in washing or a poor rinse cycle.   Worst case worst not using "HE detergent" can cause your laundry room to fill up with suds, not fun to clean up.  Using regular detergent and not "HE detergent" in you high efficiency machine can also result in you not getting the saving you deserve out of your high efficiency machine.  There are a variety of high efficiency detergents on the market today we have posted a picture of just a few of them but always look for the "HE" logo.

    So we understand this has nothing to do with washing machine vibration but we thought it was relevant information and we have been getting a lot of questions about it, so we hope this help.


    The Vibration Solution


    Stop Washing Machine Vibration The Vibration Solution

  • The Vibration Solution Continues Their Committment to Sustainable Business

    Over the past year The Vibration Solution has launched a number of sustainability projects aimed at delivering the best quality products to customers in the most environmentally responsible manner.  Some of these projects include replacing all our shipping cushioning material with locally recycled paper, using sustainable inks for printing, and reducing the size of our shipping boxes use less cardboard.  Here is a recap of all of our projects over the past year.

    In June 2008, The Vibration Solution partnered with local newspapers in North Carolina in order to use their excess newsprint as cushioning material in all of our shipping containers.  This allowed The Vibration Solution save more than 25,000 square feet of bubble wrap from being sent to landfills.

    In August 2008, The Vibration Solution replaced all the inks used at our offices with environmentally responsible sustainable substitutes and recycles all spent of our ink cartridges.  At the same time we replaced all of our office paper with 100% post-consumer recycled copy paper.

    In January 2009, The Vibration Solution redesigned our cardboard shipping boxes in order to reduce the their size.  This decreased the amount of cardboard in each box by 30%.  Besides just decreasing the amount of cardboard used this also has helped us prevent more than 2,480 lbs of CO2 each month that would have been caused by this extra weight during shipping our products to customers.

    Coming in the Spring of 2009, The Vibration Solution will begin offering all of our products including, Silent Feet, Anti-Walk Silent Feet and Industrial Silent Feet in reusable packaging that uses 80% less plastic.  This new packaging will provide all the same quality protection that our customers expect but can be reused and recycled in a variety of ways.

    The Vibration Solution continues to look for additional ways to increase the sustainability of our supply chain.  In addition to our current project to reduce the amount of plastic in all of our packaging we are also investigating the feasibility of offsetting all remaining carbon emissions related to our business.  This would make our Silent Feet the first carbon neutral vibration isolation pad for washing machines and dryers.

    The Vibration Solution


    Stop Washing Machine Vibration The Vibration Solution

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