When does a word mean the same as it’s opposite? Think that doesn’t happen? Not only does it happen, it happens more often than one might think. Let’s pick up the dictionary (for you young folks in the audience: that’s a “book” with word definitions) Consider the pair flammable and inflammable.

They both refer to a material that can easily be set on fire. Even more fun: Can you think of any common-ish English word that has a pair of opposite meanings? Answer below, so keep reading!

But first a digression to a seemingly unrelated topic. The best way to silence a noisy washing machine is with a vibration pad. Wait, doesn’t that seem to paint a picture of a device you put under your washer to make it vibrate even more? “Vibration pad” is the name some use for what other people call an “anti-vibration pad.” You are being so picky and detail-oriented to object! Please, this is English, we don't have be logical. We can have both, an they can mean the same thing.


In the famous play, someone asks Hamlet what he’s reading, he replies “Words, words, words.” Well duh. He’s right, but being a bit snarky of course. For pretty much that whole play he’s in a bad mood. Something to do with his father being murdered… They guy deserves our sympathy. Shakespeare was famous for inventing words, but Hamlet was living in a world without any vibration pads. Not yet an operative concept.


The big reveal on another word-pair question posed above: cleave. It means both split apart and join together. Compare to that, the vibration pad vs anti-vibration pad thing doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

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