We make it easy buy anti-vibration pads online, the only thing you need To buy anti-vibration Pads Online is an Internet connection! Well, that and money… But not a lot of the latter, as Silent Feet are an inexpensive solution to the problem of machine vibration. Not clear on what you’d do with these pads? Read on for details...

Vibration Solutions has long made “Silent Feet” for use with heavy-duty items such as washing machines and dryers. But did you know our vibration pads can be used with smaller appliances? These hemisphere feet are suitable for small electronics, audio equipment, computers and countertop appliances, providing superior vibration dampening and noise reduction. Sorbothane bump-ons have a adhesive backing that makes them quick and easy to install almost anywhere. Now available in 6 sizes, ranging from 3/4" and all the way up to 2 1/2" hemispheres. Did we mention that it is so very easy to buy anti-vibration pads online?


Here’s one way to use these new anti-vibration pads. Say you jumped on the retro-hardware bandwagon and got a turntable to play vinyl records. Love that warm analog sound? It’s pretty good. Love it when the song skips? No so much... Surprise! That needle can jump around if these devices are not kept completely still. But put a set of these new Sorbothane bump-on anti-vibration pads, and things should be all better.

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Vibration Solution’s Silent Feet product is made of Sorbothane® is a one-of-a-kind visco elastic polymer. 100% unique - Sorbothane® is a solid that naturally ”flows” like a liquid - Sorbothane® absorbs vibrations better than any other natural or synthetic material available today.

About Vibration Solution
Vibration Solution is the source for Sorbothane® ‘Silent Feet’ anti-vibration pads. Sorbothane® uniquely absorbs up to 94.7% of vibrations, and is ideal for use in a variety of home and workplace settings.

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