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Washing Machine Vibration Vanquished by Tiny Pads, Now Get a More Fun Birthday Present

Has your spouse been dropping hints regarding the problem washing machine vibration lately? Comments along the lines that the washing machine is “shaking itself to pieces”, or “I sure hope no one is injured when that darn thing explodes.” Subtle little comments like that, combined with the calendar page on the fridge with their birthday triple-circled in red? Hint, hint. We can all agree that washing machine vibration can be a big problem, but thankfully it is possible to avoid the expense of a brand-new washing machine (or dryer, or both) with anti-vibration pads.

Washing Machine Vibration Vanquished with One Small Trick

The small trick is indeed very small, anti-vibration pads: they’re tiny (and inexpensive). “Silent

washing machine vibration washing machine vibration

Feet” are made of Sorbothane, which absorbs the vast majority of the washing machine vibration that’s been plaguing your household. What’s more, you can install it right away, even if you’re left-handed and all-thumbs. No handyman is required, the process is dead simple. This way you and yours can start enjoying the benefits of a quieter laundry room right away.

A suitable interval after installing pads, make sure to casually drop some comments about how the noise from washing machine vibration has been reduced. Something along the lines of “Hey Honey, I’d didn’t realize that the washing machine was on, it’s so quiet!” But don’t be too obvious about it. And with the money saved by not buying a new appliance, you can afford a more “fun” birthday present.

Vibration Solution’s Silent Feet product is made of Sorbothane® is a one-of-a-kind visco elastic polymer. 100% unique - Sorbothane® is a solid that naturally ”flows” like a liquid - Sorbothane® absorbs vibrations better than any other natural or synthetic material available today.

About Vibration Solution

Vibration Solution is the source for Sorbothane® ‘Silent Feet’ anti-vibration pads. Sorbothane® uniquely absorbs up to 94.7% of vibrations, and is ideal for use in a variety of home and workplace settings.

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