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Washing Machine Accessories Return Peace of Mind to the Laundry Room

Does your washing machine shake violently, disrupting the peace of your house when you value quiet the most? Silence may be the least of your worries. Shaking washing machines can severely damage floors overtime. They can also upset the foundations of the washer, causing it to break down before its time.

Hush that washing machine up. You can quiet your washer with the right washing machine accessories. Silent Feet, for example, can have your washing machine running good as new, so smooth you’d swear somebody switched models.

Can’t find them in your local hardware store? It’s new, and many outlets have yet to discover them. As Silent Feet’s popularity grows, more and more chains are carrying them, but you might have to get them online.

There are plenty of other washing machine accessories that seek to reduce washing machine noise, but none like Silent Feet. Many cheaper versions use foam pads that get torn up pretty quick. Silent Feet combine durable and effective construction. They’re made of a highly engineered polymer that absorbs energy and noise while still being extremely durable.

They’re so durable that they have a lifetime guarantee. Often, these feet will last longer than the washing machine. You can easily detach them for the next model, just in case it’s a loud version too.

If you have an excessive problem with “washer walk,” causing your washer to walk across the floor when it’s running, there are Anti-Walk Silent Feet that will keep it in place. You give up some of the convenient application benefits as the regular model, but they keep the washer sturdy in place.  Their high absorbent material firmly attaches to the floor so the washer doesn’t move when running. Because the feet are adhered to the washing machine, it can still be readily moved, however, for cleaning and convenience.

There’s no need to cash in a noisy washing machine for a new one. Silent Feet provide a more affordable solution, delivering peace and quiet to your laundry room for the price of a new shirt.