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Washing machine noise and vibrations are more than a nuisance. They cause excessive deterioration to your appliances as well as your home. They can seriously damage the floor of your house. That excessive movement causes undue wear and tear, especially on bare hardwood floors. Plus, the shaking can also wear your washing machine can wear it out prematurely, causing the motor and parts to shake loose over time.

If your washing machine shakes excessively, you may fear it’s time to replace it. It’s understandable in this economy you’re reluctant to shell out a good grand to fix your washing machine problem. There are probably lots of other things you’d rather spend that money on. If it’s not a family vacation, you probably should save it for credit card bills, back to school clothes for the kids, maybe even save it in the bank for the kids’ college education down the road.

Save your money and relax. There are many washing machine accessories on the market that can easily fix your problem for the price of a minor repair. Best of all, you can assemble the accessories yourself in a few easy steps without any tools.

For the price it takes to fill up your SUV’s gas tank, you can have a solution to your problems. Though not widely available in hardware stores, Silent Feet are revolutionizing the industry of washing machine accessories. Made from scientifically grade polymers designed to absorb noise and vibrations, Silent Feet bring durably to washing machine upgrades. They absorb more vibration than you’ll ever find from other solutions and come with a lifetime guarantee.

Plus, Silent Feet can be easily assembled without any tools. You simply lift one side of the machine and attach the feet. It’s a job that takes minutes but provides a lasting solution.

Other cheaper products don’t work nearly as effectively and quickly wear out. Forget rubberized products that wear out with the first laundry load. It may seem like a cheap solution, but no solution is worth its affordability if it doesn’t work.

With Silent Feet, you solve your problem from the get go, and you solve it for life. Why let this project take all day? Assemble it in minutes and take the rest of the afternoon off.