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The Vibration Solution Introduces Industrial Silent Feet ~ To help minimize power equipment vibration

The Vibration Solution, in following with our motto: “Products for Peace and Quiet”, has created a new line of vibration dampening products geared toward the power equipment community, we proudly introduce “Industrial Silent Feet.” You may be asking yourself “Why would I need Silent Feet under my power equipment? And what possible benefits could they offer?” For some it can allow you to work a little longer, and for others it will simply give you a more peaceful workshop but for everyone they can help provide a safer working environment. Industrial Silent Feet will help reduce the noise and the actual structural vibration that your power equipment naturally puts off during normal operation. Industrial Silent Feet are sold in sets of four and all are our standard Anti-Walk feet. The reason we are selling them in sets of four is because some power equipment have four feet while others have two feet and two wheels, so we wanted to be safe and offer everyone four. Who knows maybe you can isolate two machines for the price of one, and if not you could have a back up set. The reason we went with the anti-walk exclusively for the Industrial Silent Feet is mainly for safety reasons some examples being: some power equipment tends to walk around during use and can actually pull cables out, vibration caused from power equipment may also have a tendency to knock stuff off your workbench or absolute worst case scenario have a piece of equipment fall down a few stories at a work site (we have actually heard stories about this).

We were also receiving requests for “Industrial Silent Feet” from people working on intricate projects that were disturbed by some sort of power equipment vibration that would actually result in them having to stop what they were doing or possibly resulting in a ruined project .

Other people, some of our team being in this category, use the new “Industrial Silent Feet” because we like to “burn the midnight oil” tinkering on odd projects. Although the noise from our power equipment doesn’t necessarily transfer through the house sometime that slight “Hummm” of high frequency vibration does. These feet make a significant difference by helping to reduce the vibration transferred through the structure.

So whatever your needs we hope the new “Industrial Silent Feet” will lend you a hand so you can enjoy some more peace and quiet brought to you by The Vibration Solution Team.



Industrial Silent Feet Under Generator


Industrial Silent Feet

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