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The Vibration Solution has released Silent Feet in TWO NEW COLORS ~ Maintaining our mission to help minimize the effects of washing machine vibration

The Vibration Solution due to many request has released Silent Feet in two new colors first is “Crimson Red Silent Feet”, and “Crimson Red Anti-Walk Silent Feet”. The second color is the “Ocean Blue Silent Feet” and “Ocean Blue Anti-Walk Silent Feet”. These new colors are designed for two reasons first is to blend in with the popular new colors of washing machines that are now available on the market or to just add a little color under your washing machine, a little spice for your laundry room.

The “Crimson Red Silent Feet” are designed to blend better with the new red washing machines for example the “Maytag Crimson Red Performance Series Front Load Washer (MHWE300VW)” is complemented by either of the Crimson Red Silent Feet.  Other washing machines that are out there to complement the Crimson Red Silent Feet is the "Electrolux Front Load Washer with IQ-Touch™ Controls EIFLW55IRR"

The “Ocean Blue Silent Feet” are designed to blend in better with new blue washing machines on the market for example the “Maytage Epic-Z front loading washing machine (MHWZ600TE)" Although with the amount of washing machine vibration problems that we hear of from the Epic-Z series I would not recommend it. Another blue machine is the "Electrolux Front Load Washer with IQ-Touch™ Controls EIFLW55HMB"

Both of these colors include all of the same features and benefits of our Original Silent Feet vibration isolation pads but now they will add color and style to your laundry room.  So what ever color machine you have, no matter if you are trying to have your Silent Feet blend in,  or stand out, you will enjoy the new Colored Series Silent Feet.



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