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The Complete Guide to Top Loading Washing Machine Vibration 2010

While front loading washing machines are the hot new appliance on the market, top loading washers are still the primary seller in the industry.  This is because top loading machines offer an excellent combination of capacity, speed, features, efficiency and reliability all at an excellent value.  For most families purchasing a new top loading washing machine is the smart choice.  Especially in this tight economy it's hard to argue with their low price and dependable heritage.  The good news for any buyer is that there are great deals to be had on top loading washers with excellent capacity, short wash cycles and low vibration operation.

Top Loading with Low Noise and Vibration

Fisher & Paykel Intuitive IWL16

GE Profile Harmony WPGT9360E

Kenmore Elite Oasis HT 2808 (Warning: harsh wash cycle can damage clothes)

Maytag Bravos MTW6600T

Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6200S

Whirlpool Cabrio HE WTW6600S

These washers were some of the best tested for the 2010 model year.  If your concern is getting the best washer with the quietest operation, pick one of these and stay clear of the washers listed below.

Top Loading with Major Noise and Vibration

Frigidaire FTW3014K

Frigidaire FWS1233F

Roper RTW4440V

Whatever washer you choose to install in your home, remember that all manufactures recommend the installation of a vibration pad like Silent Feet when the washing machine is located on a 2nd floor or joist-built sub-floor.  This is because over time the vibration and oscillation of the clothes washer during the spin cycle can damage the floor and structure of your home.  Some manufactures even recommend nailing or screwing an unsightly 1" plywood sheet to the floor under your washing machine and dryer.  While this strengthens the floor it does not stop vibration noise from transferring into the structure of your home and being heard in every room.  Only a flexible isolator pad like Silent Feet can stop vibration noise.  Install Anti-Walk Silent if you have a smooth or slick floor like laminate, tile, wood or vinyl and are concerned about washing machine walking.  Plywood cannot provide the same benefits as a top of the line vibration pad like Silent Feet.

The Complete Guide to Top Loading Washing Machine Vibration 2010

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