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The Complete Guide to Front Loading Washing Machine Vibration for 2010

A recent surge of government tax rebates and retail appliance sales has sparked a surge in new energy efficient washing machine and dryer purchases.  But before you take advantage of these great deals on new appliances, check out the noise and vibration ratings for the latest washers.  The first step is to analyze your laundry room.  Is it located on the second floor?  Is your current washer installed on a concrete slab?  Do you currently have issues with noise and vibration?  What other laundry problems would you like to avoid in the future?

It is very important to recognize what your expectations for your laundry room are, because it is likely that your next washer and dryer will last for a decade or more before needing to be replaced again.  Picking a noisy or high-vibration washer could mean many years of aggravating noise every time you do laundry.  There is good news though about solving vibration problems in washers and dryers.  By installing Silent Feet under the appliance, even on a 2nd installation your home can remain a quiet and peaceful place.  It is strongly recommended that you install Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet vibration isolation pads if you currently have or are planning to purchase any of these models of washing machines.

Front Loading with Major Vibration Noise

LG WM0642H

LG Allergiene WM2688HA

Bosch Nexxt 300 Series WFMC220UC

Miele Touchtronic W484

Maytag 5000 Series MHWE500V

Bosch Vision 800 Series WFVC8440UC

Bosch Vision 300 Series WFVC3300UC

Amana NFW7200T

Speed Queen AFB50R

LG WM2010C

Asko Ultracare WL6511


Front Loading with Moderate Vibration Noise

Electrolux WaveTouch EWFLW65


LG Allergiene SteamWasher WM3001HA

Whirlpool Duet Steam WFW97000V

Whirlpool Duet Steam WFW9550W

Frigidaire Gallery GLTF2940F

Kenmore Elite HE5t Steam 4770

Bosch Vision 500 Series WFVC5440UC

Frigidaire Affinity ATF8000F


LG WM2016C

Bosch Nexxt 800 Series WFMC840UC

Whirlpool Duet HT WFW94000S

Frigidaire Affinity FAFW3577K

Samsung WF218AN

Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus Series WFMC544UC

Frigidaire Affinity ATF6000F

Kenmore HE2t 4756

Kenmore HE2 Plus 4751

Whirlpool Duet Sport WFW8300S

Recommended Front Loading Washing Machines

Electrolux IQ Steam EIFLS55

GE Profile WPDH8800J

GE Profile Steamwasher WPDH8900J

Kenmore Elite 405

Kenmore Elite Steam 4219


Maytag Performance Series MHWE950W

Samsung WF448AA

Whirlpool Duet Steam WFW9750W

Even if your front loading washing machine isn't listed here as having vibration issues it still needs vibration isolation pads if it is installed on a 2nd floor or joist constructed floor.  This is because over time, vibrations caused by repetitive use of a clothes washer's spin cycle will cause the joints of wooden floor supports to separate and wear.  Washing machine manufacturers know this and all of them recommend the use of a vibration isolator pad like Silent Feet for these installations.  Don't risk long term damage and costly repairs to your home, make the investment in Silent Feet vibration pads for your laundry room today and rest easier knowing you're protected.

For complete reviews, buying recommendations and more information about washer and dryer noise and vibration check out consumer review sites like Consumer ReportsConsumer Search and CNET Reviews.

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