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The Complete Guide to Clothes Dryer Noise 2010

While it is well known that many washing machines are noisy and vibrate, not many products have been designed to help quiet your washer's long term companion, the clothes dryer.  The modern tumble dryer handles larger loads and drys faster than previous versions thanks to numerous improvements in drying technologies.  However, little has been done to reduce the overall noise caused by the dryer.  An off balance or large load of clothes in the dryer can cause some seriously annoying levels of noise and thumping sounds.  Just like your washing machine, a dryer rests on stiff metal and plastic adjustable feet transmit this noise directly to the floor and then throughout your home.  But you don't have to listen to all that racket any longer, because the same Silent Feet Anti-Vibration pads that work on your washer can also be installed on your dryer.

In addition to silencing the noise transfer to your home, Silent Feet will raise the height of your dryer making it easier to load and unload.  If you've installed Silent Feet under your washing machine, it's best to get a second set for you dryer to keep them both at the same height.  Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet will also help stop prevent walking and unwanted movement on dryers.  The following gas and electric dryers have been shown in laboratory tests to have high levels of noise and would benefit from the installation of a anti-vibration isolation pad like Silent Feet.

Electric Dryers with Noise Problems

Amana NED4800V



GE Profile DPSE810EG

Fisher & Paykel DE62TG1

Fisher & Paykel DEGX2

Kenmore 6952

Maytag Centennial MEDC500V

Miele Touchtronic T9800

Staber HXD2304E

Gas Dryers with Noise Problems

Amana NGD4800V

Fisher & Paykel DG62TG1

Fisher & Paykel DGGX2

GE Profile DPSE810GG



Kenmore 7952

Maytag Centennial MGDC500V

Miele Touchtronic T9820

Staber HXD2304G

Whirlpool WGD5700V

Recommended Low Noise Electric Dryers

GE Profile Harmony DPGT750EC

Kenmore Elite HE3 Steam 8674

Kenmore Elite HE5 Steam 8772

Kenmore Oasis Steam 6808

LG DLE2516

LG DLE5955

LG SteamDryer DLEX3001

LG Tromm DLE8377

Maytag 5000 Series Steam MEDE500V

Samsung Steam DV448AE

Whirlpool Duet Steam WED9600T

Recommended Low Noise Gas Dryers

GE Profile Harmony DPGT750GC

Kenmore Elite HE3 Steam 9674

Kenmore Elite HE5 Steam 9772

Kenmore Oasis Steam 7808

LG DLG2516

LG DLG5955

LG SteamDryer DLGX3002

LG Tromm DLG8388

Maytag 5000 Series Steam MGDE500V

Samsung Steam DV448AG

Whirlpool Duet Steam WGD9600T

Buy a set of Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads for your washing machine and dryer today. Thousands of customers all around the world are enjoying a more peaceful and quiet home thanks to our products.  Experience the most effective anti-vibration pad on the market for yourself today.

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