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  • Washing Machine Vibration is a Big Problem for Santa, Announces Vibration Solution in Holiday Blog Post

    Chicago, IL - December 25, 2015. Vibration Solution, a leading online retailer of top-rated anti-vibration pads, is pleased to announce a humorous take on the problem of washing machine vibration as it pertains to the holiday season, and Santa and his reindeer, in a new blog post just in time for the shopping season. Continue reading

  • The Latest Generation of Anti-Vibration Pads Has Arrived for Washing Machines

    Stack of 4 Ant-Walk Silent Feet washer pads

    The compeition just doesn't stack up against the amazing results of Silent Feet pads.

    3 years ago the first generation of Silent Feet were sent to the test labs.  Just a few months after that they made history as the number one anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers.  Today, we are proud to bring you the next generation of Silent Feet pads.  To engineer and build this latest appliance accessory we had to take our design back to the drawing board and totally re-created it.  We started with the same superior Sorbothane rubber as the primary vibration isolating material, but this time added a second top layer of stiff rubber.  This second layer of rubber provides a second wall of vibration resistance to the pads.  Then we added unique ridges to the top of each pad to help lock your washing machine in place.  After installation, the rubber ridges deform slightly allowing for a custom fit on every installation.  Finally we polished our molds and finished them with the highest grade of Teflon coatings to give every one of our products a clean, brilliant shine to accent the high gloss finish on modern washing machines.

    Never before has there been an anti-vibration pad that offers all of these benefits and looks this stunning.  In fact, these new Silent Feet make all other washing machine pads look like, big ugly blocks of rubber.  Just like before, our Original Silent Feet offer easy installation and can be installed in most applications in less than 5 minutes.  Also like before, our Anti-Walk Silent Feet offer the best solution to eliminating unwanted appliance movement and "walking" without using any glue or adhesive.  All of this has been provided at the same great price as before.  And just like before, all of our washing machine pads carry a 10 Year Limited Warranty against defects and material failure.

    Silent Feet anti-vibration appliance pads

    The 2nd generation of Silent Feet pads makes our product line-up even better than before.

    Still not convinced that we've outdone ourselves?  Then give our products the greatest test of all.  Install them in your home and if you're not completely satisfied that they have solved your washing machine vibration and noise problem, simply return them.  We're so convinced that you will love them that we still offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Take this opportunity to try them out today.  You'll see and hear the difference one the first load of laundry and on every load after that for years and years.

  • Let Washer and Dryer Accessories Handle the Awful Noise

    A noisy washer and dryer is among one of the worst noises to live with, especially if you are living in a smaller apartment.

    If your walls are thinner than average, then your neighbors most likely have had enough with the horrible vibrations and noise, too.

    The washer and dryer accessories that are available today are the perfect solutions to noisy washer and dryers that have become unbearable to you and/or your neighbors.

    Silent Feet are the best example of washer and dryer accessories that nearly eliminate all vibrations and annoying sounds.

    The feet are easily installable, just sliding each foot to the four corners of the machines. Once installed, the feet absorb the vibration and, therefore, significantly reduce noise.

    The feet also make it much easier to move your washer and dryers about the room with minimal effort. Don't be afraid to clean behind your washer and dryer machines any more. Just slide the machine out and clean and then gently slide your machine back in.

    The feet also serve as an aesthetically pleasing feature to help break up the appearance of the room. Washer and dryer are so large and bulky, that they often look like they are cemented to the floor and can be quite the eye soars.

    After you prop your washer and dryer on the Silent Feet, you will be separating your machines from the floor by a full inch, making look like a feature of the room, rather than unattractive appliances.

    Now that the washer and dryer accessories have become in a variety of fun colors, your Silent Feet will also add a splash of color to a commonly bland laundry room. Or, if your laundry room walls are already painted a color, matching the color to the feet is a wonderful way to carry out color schemes and themes.

    You will be amazed when you discover how quiet your washer and dryer machines can actually be. Once you experience the silence that is possible, you will wonder how you ever handled the annoying vibrating and humming sounds from before.

    And your neighbors will be the most appreciative of all.

  • Stop Washing Machine Vibration

    There is always some component of noise involved in the process of doing laundry, but in some cases, it can become almost unbearable. Often, it's caused by washing machine vibration. This occurs when a washing machine has parts that become lose over time; it's most prevalent in older appliances that have been used multiple times by large families or in apartment complexes where the washer and dryer area is communal and used by numerous tenants.

    If a washing machine if far away from living areas, the vibration is typically innocuous; however, if it's near to a family room or dining room, it can be a source of frustration as people would like a quiet place to relax when they get home.

    Washing machine vibration can also cause a washing machine to "walk" across a room. This is because the vibration has reached such a high magnitude that the machine builds a momentum and shifts in its location.

    Again, this can be a harmless occurrence that's simply a result of owning an older appliance. It can cause problems, however, if the shifts cause other furniture in the room damage. A washing machine that moves is also typically quite noisy while doing so, and this can be an inconvenience to people in the surrounding area who are trying to concentrate or enjoy a television program or movie.

    Thankfully, it's easy to solve the problem of excess noise produced by this vibration. Washing machine accessories have been developed that can prevent the noise from becoming unbearable. Slipping pads underneath the feet of the washing machine, for example, can stop it from moving and can also cut down on some of the noise that's produced.

    When someone makes the decision to stop washing machine vibration, they are also deciding to keep their appliances for a while longer as opposed to going out to buy new ones. This is a financially sound choice. New appliances are very expensive, and it might take a great deal of financial planning to work that kind of expense into a budget.

    If accessories can solve the problem at a much lower cost, then the purchase of new equipment can be delayed for up to a few years. If buying a new washing machine doesn't fit into someone's personal finances, it's a relief to know that the simple and cost-effective purchase of some accessories will allow them to continue using their appliances without the additional noise and headache.

  • Washer and Dryer Accessories Can Bring Peace to Your Home

    Home is usually considered to be a place of solace. After a long week at work, most people want to come home on Friday night, sit back, and put up their feet for some much-needed relaxation. However, it's hard to relax if there is a constant, annoying noise in the background - especially if it's caused by a simple household chore such as doing your laundry.

    Excess vibration caused by washer and dryer machines can cause extreme frustration if someone is trying to watch a television show or listen to an album, but can't fully enjoy it due to the rattling in an adjacent room. Therefore, they might want to investigate purchasing washer and dryer accessories to stop the noise and prevent them from becoming agitated within the confines of their living room.

    Most of the noise caused by washer and dryer machines is due to vibration. Parts can become old or loose, and they start to rattle against each other. In extreme cases, the appliances may even appear to be "walking" across the room.

    This means that they are slightly shifting in location because the vibration is causing a momentum that propels them in one direction or another. Not only does this cause a disruptive noise, but it also can cause problems if they're bumping into other important things in the room or possibly causing other pieces of furniture to shift or become damaged.

    Luckily, it is quite easy to install washer and dryer accessories, and it doesn't require any special tools or equipment. After the bottom of the appliance is cleaned off, all one had to do it slip them under the feet of the appliance. Usually, it's easiest to start with the back feet and then move to the front.

    After they are secured to the washer or dryer, then the appliance can be easily moved back into its original position. The addition of these simple accessories will markedly reduce the amount of noise that is produced by old appliances.

    Sometimes, even if a washer or dryer is making lots of noise, it isn't necessary to buy entire new machines since they can be quite expensive. People can bypass that option by investing in washer and dryer accessories, and their appliances can last up to a few years longer without also giving their owners a headache due to the excess noise they make.

    These accessories are an excellent investment in addition to new parts to help the machines function properly, because even if washer and dryer machines are doing their jobs, if they're making an excess amount of noise, the mere act of running them can be quite annoying to those in search of peace and quiet.

  • An Unlikely Gift: Washing Machine Accessories

    Is it better to give a gift that is aesthetically pleasing, something out of a magazine "gift guide," or something truly useful, something you know the recipient needs? I'm not always sure, and I guess it depends on how well you know the recipient, but I know for sure which category washing machine accessories fall into... the latter.

    It all started when I dropped by my sister's house the other day to visit with her, give her a gift I'd been meaning to drop off, and finally see her new bedroom set. I arrived, took off my coat, and turned around to see her darting to the back of the house, hollering-"I'll be right back, just a minute!"

    She's my younger sister, and despite being consistently more put-together and mature than I, still wants things to be perfect when I'm over. What had drawn her to the back of the house? Her washer and dryer were making too much noise, and that was not acceptable.

    The house was a little older, rough around the edges, but with a lot of character. It was exactly where I saw her, but the little hiccups with dated appliances seemed to be wearing on her nerves. This latest venture with the washer and dryer was especially annoying, causing her to constantly shut off the machine, leaving wet laundry to sit and damp clothes to wrinkle.

    She ended up restarting the whole cycle on most occasions, and was probably spending a fortune on detergent. But-what can I say?-that's her. More importantly, it was affecting her work schedule; she's a writer, so not being able to work from home between certain hours can be more than a small annoyance.

    Being the older sister that I am, I set to finding a solution to her problem-I read blogs, talked to someone at a home appliance store, even briefly considered chipping in for a new machine altogether.

    And then I came across a line of washing machine accessories that promised to reduce the noise and vibrations of your aging washing machine. I was skeptical, but eager to help her out-and so we gave them a try.


    I'm proud to say she now runs her wash just one time, can work through the day with fewer interruptions (at least none from her appliances), and when I stop by to visit her, we can sit and chat over a cup of coffee, regardless of whether she's doing laundry.

  • Washer & Dryer, Accessories, and Other Lessons from a New Owner

    As someone accustomed to what seemed like years at the Laundromat, finally having a washer and dryer to call my own (quarter-free!) was a big day. I thought that was the end-all, be-all when it came to my clothes-washing regimen, until a friend mentioned washer and dryer accessories. "You mean there's more?!" the little voice in my head said (though I outwardly pretended to know what she was talking about).

    And, as it turns out, there are several washer and dryer accessories that will hopefully extend the life of my machines and make them just that much more functional in the time being. I quickly stocked up on products meant to cleanse/refresh your machines, found the perfect high efficiency detergents, and every other bit for my washer and dryer.

    Accessories that really made a difference in my place, though, were the washing machine pads my friend recommended. When I first saw them I assumed they would merely prop the machine up a little, but do little for the noise level and vibration.

    Once I tried them, however, I was sold. They seemed like such a simple, almost obvious solution to the sometimes obnoxious but completely avoidable rattling, booming, and shaking that filled my small apartment!

    When you live in smaller quarters than you might be used to, silence becomes just as valuable as space. I can holler at my noisy neighbors all I want, but when the noise is coming from my own unit, I've got to find a solution myself.

    Well, I usually have to. But not for my washer and dryer, anymore! These tiny, sturdy little slippers that go on the machine make it so I don't even know when the machine is on. I even had to learn how to set up a buzzer for when the cycle ended!

    I was so used to waiting to hear noise die down that once I added the feet, the cycle could end and I was none the wiser. At the end of the day, though, I was glad to turn on the buzzer option for my machine-if it meant that I could read my favorite magazine or chat on the phone in almost silence, or as close as I'm going to get in my building.

    Now all I need to figure out is how to get similar products for all of my neighbors' machines... and their feet.

  • Get New Washer and Dryer Accessories

    I was visiting my parents during the holidays one year, mainly to see if they needed any help with everything they had going on at home. As I was looking around the house for things that might have needed to be replaced or fixed, I noticed that there was a loud banging noise in the house.

    At first, I had no idea what the noise could be coming from. The television was not on, and besides my parents there was no one in the house. I soon found out that my parents were in need of washer and dryer accessories because of their aging equipment.

    By purchasing washer and dryer accessories, I should have been able to fix the noise problem.

    When I inquired with my parents about the noise, they had mentioned that it was their old washer that was making a racket.

    When I told them that I would gladly purchase a new washer and dryer for their home, my parents quickly refused. They did not wish to replace the machine because it was something they had grown accustomed to. They also did not wish to learn how to use a new machine.

    My only option was to find a way to fix their machine.

    I went online hoping that I would find a suitable solution to my problem. I read that it is not unusual for washers to begin making noises are a few years of use. This is because of the continuous vibrations from the machine.

    The cushion on the feet of the machine had been worn down to the point to where the machine had direct contact with the floor. Because of this direct contact, I was hearing the loud banging noise.

    Another issue that arose with the worn out cushions was that the washer would move while it was running.

    It began to also hit the wall and began to damage the laundry room. This was a big issue because now we would have to pay for repair costs to the house. I found a product online that was perfect for my problem.

    The product was not available everywhere, but it was an easy solution to my problem. It would slide onto the bottom of my washer and prevent it from moving. The material would save me from hearing the banging noise as well. Thanks to the washer and dryer accessories website, I was able to eliminate the noises in my parents' home.

  • Purchase a New Washing Machine Pad

    I own a home on a college campus that I rent out during the school year. It is a great source of income and my mortgage payments are easily made through the rent I charge.

    The only drawback is that I am responsible for regular maintenance on the property and have to pay for any repairs made. If there is damage to the property then my tenants would have to pay for the repairs. Despite my maintenance policy, there are some damages that simply go unnoticed during an inspection.

    One of these damages that I did not notice was my worn down washing machine pad. I did not know if this was the result of one of my tenants, but I knew that I had to purchase a new washing machine pad or a new washing machine. I decided to look into both options and chose the least expensive route.

    The matter first came to my attention when my new tenants complained about noise from the washing machine. I asked if it still worked, and they said yes, other than the noise there was no problem.

    The noise, however, kept them from being able to concentrate on schoolwork. I offered to move the washer to the basement and see if that would help eliminate the noise. The washer was not very old; it just became more worn down because it had more use than most washers traditionally do.

    To my dismay, moving the washer did little to eliminate the noise. It still rang throughout the house, so my tenants were getting frustrated. I decided to see if I could have a mechanic check out the machine and figure out the problem.

    After an inspection, the mechanic said that I needed to buy a washing machine pad that would eliminate the noise from washer. According to the mechanic, there were many products I could buy, and he had personally purchased a product called Silent Feet that had proven to be extremely effective in his home.

    It was a product that slid onto the actual "feet" of the washer and would help to eliminate the noise that my tenants hear on a daily basis. It was a relatively cheap product to buy, especially when I would compare the cost to buying a new washer.

    I took his advice and purchased Silent Feet. To my amazement, these little pads actually stopped the washer from making noise. It took me five minutes at the most to install, and now my tenants have no more complaints.

  • Silent Feet Leads All Washing Machine Accessories

    When I was growing up, I was required to do my own laundry. This was supposed to teach me to get ready for when I would be on my own, but it quickly turned into my parents pushing some of the household chores onto me.

    At the time, I did not have any issues with doing these chores because it helped me get the things I needed to complete out of the way. A couple years ago, I was back home visiting my parents, and they asked that I do laundry for them like I had in the past.

    Of course I objected, but eventually I decided to help them with their laundry. I soon found that their washer needed new washing machine accessories, but no one had ever purchased them. Washing machine accessories would be easy to find, we just needed to go and look for the right ones.

    I realized that they needed new parts because their washer was rattling and banging against the floor and wall. This was extremely noisy and it kept me from enjoying my time back home.

    I had inquired with my parents on what the problem was, but they did not know. They knew that the washer was making the noise, but other than the noise it was working perfectly so they did not look into fixing it. They could not afford purchasing a new washer because the parts necessary would be too expensive.

    Their only option it seemed was to suffer through the noise. They did not wish to find a solution to their problem because it was too stressful. I offered my help because I could not tolerate that noise any longer. I went online and looked into what would help eliminate the noise.

    I found that there were washing machine accessories that would help to eliminate noise and help me save my parents hundreds of dollars. I found that there was a product called Silent Feet that was the industry leader in eliminating washing machine noise.

    I was surprised to find that it also came with a lifetime warranty, so my parents would almost never have to worry about noise from their washer again. I ordered Silent Feet and once they arrived, installed them onto my parent's washer.

    I was surprised to find that it was an extremely easy installation, so I did not have to waste much time doing so. They worked to perfection and my parents no longer had to listen to the loud banging noise from their washer.

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