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  • The Latest Generation of Anti-Vibration Pads Has Arrived for Washing Machines

    Stack of 4 Ant-Walk Silent Feet washer pads

    The compeition just doesn't stack up against the amazing results of Silent Feet pads.

    3 years ago the first generation of Silent Feet were sent to the test labs.  Just a few months after that they made history as the number one anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers.  Today, we are proud to bring you the next generation of Silent Feet pads.  To engineer and build this latest appliance accessory we had to take our design back to the drawing board and totally re-created it.  We started with the same superior Sorbothane rubber as the primary vibration isolating material, but this time added a second top layer of stiff rubber.  This second layer of rubber provides a second wall of vibration resistance to the pads.  Then we added unique ridges to the top of each pad to help lock your washing machine in place.  After installation, the rubber ridges deform slightly allowing for a custom fit on every installation.  Finally we polished our molds and finished them with the highest grade of Teflon coatings to give every one of our products a clean, brilliant shine to accent the high gloss finish on modern washing machines.

    Never before has there been an anti-vibration pad that offers all of these benefits and looks this stunning.  In fact, these new Silent Feet make all other washing machine pads look like, big ugly blocks of rubber.  Just like before, our Original Silent Feet offer easy installation and can be installed in most applications in less than 5 minutes.  Also like before, our Anti-Walk Silent Feet offer the best solution to eliminating unwanted appliance movement and "walking" without using any glue or adhesive.  All of this has been provided at the same great price as before.  And just like before, all of our washing machine pads carry a 10 Year Limited Warranty against defects and material failure.

    Silent Feet anti-vibration appliance pads

    The 2nd generation of Silent Feet pads makes our product line-up even better than before.

    Still not convinced that we've outdone ourselves?  Then give our products the greatest test of all.  Install them in your home and if you're not completely satisfied that they have solved your washing machine vibration and noise problem, simply return them.  We're so convinced that you will love them that we still offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Take this opportunity to try them out today.  You'll see and hear the difference one the first load of laundry and on every load after that for years and years.

  • Washing Machine Vibration

    When we were discussing our blog yesterday at work we realized there was one big gap, we never talked about "washing machine vibration" probably the root of what our product it about.  It seems that it has become so common place on our website that we just assume we have already talked about it but here we go info about washing machine vibration.

    Based on current trends towards energy efficiency and cost points, most washing machines are spinning at higher speeds to help reduce the amount of drying time needed.  These new machines are designed to spin at speeds of up to 11,000 RPM creating an abundance of high frequency washing machine vibration. At these RPM levels vibrations created by the laundry machine can actually cause damage to the building structures.  These vibrations become an annoyance when they are transmitted to the floor resulting structural noise and vibrations within the structure.  These vibrations being transferred through the structure can result in structural damage in the house loosing floor joints and can cause very expensive and dangerous problems to your house.  Not only as an structural problem but as many people originally find it is an annoyance.  These high frequency vibrations can travel far through your house resulting in a "hummm" in some rooms or you may even be able to feel the vibrations.  As a result of these concerns, producers of washing machines advise customers not to locate the machines on any floor or foundation that is not either well reinforced or a poured concrete slab.

    People often disregard these warnings when installing new washers, or simply do not have the area to "properly install" their machine.  Most people also do not have the time or want the money to adequately reinforce their laundry room to meet the demands of these new machines.  Silent Feet offers these customers a comparatively low cost solution that will decrease the rate and likelihood of structural damage and noise. Please note that Silent Feet is not a perfect solution to stopping structural damage, but we have tested our product against every competitor we could find and our material and product drastically out performs the competition.

    The Vibration Solution


    Stop Washing Machine Vibration The Vibration Solution

  • What is HE detergent, and do I need it?

    What is "HE detergent", and do I need it?

    First let's start off by saying "HE detergent" or high efficient is detergent that in short is engineered to have less "suds" than normal detergent.  This new detergent is recommended in many of today's high efficient front loading machine. The reason that "HE detergent" is recommended and needed is that the new high efficiency washing machines use less water but you are still washing the same amount of dirty laundry so different detergent is needed to accomplish the same task. To go more into this, the new high efficiency machines, unlike non-high efficiency machines that fill all the way up with water and then "agitate" the laundry to get them clean, high efficiency machines can use up to 80% less water because they tumble the laundry in water, flipping them over and over and letting the water run though the laundry.    Not using "HE detergent" can result in confusing the machine resulting in delays in washing or a poor rinse cycle.   Worst case worst not using "HE detergent" can cause your laundry room to fill up with suds, not fun to clean up.  Using regular detergent and not "HE detergent" in you high efficiency machine can also result in you not getting the saving you deserve out of your high efficiency machine.  There are a variety of high efficiency detergents on the market today we have posted a picture of just a few of them but always look for the "HE" logo.

    So we understand this has nothing to do with washing machine vibration but we thought it was relevant information and we have been getting a lot of questions about it, so we hope this help.


    The Vibration Solution


    Stop Washing Machine Vibration The Vibration Solution

  • The Vibration Solution Introduces Industrial Silent Feet ~ To help minimize power equipment vibration

    The Vibration Solution, in following with our motto: “Products for Peace and Quiet”, has created a new line of vibration dampening products geared toward the power equipment community, we proudly introduce “Industrial Silent Feet.” You may be asking yourself “Why would I need Silent Feet under my power equipment? And what possible benefits could they offer?” For some it can allow you to work a little longer, and for others it will simply give you a more peaceful workshop but for everyone they can help provide a safer working environment. Industrial Silent Feet will help reduce the noise and the actual structural vibration that your power equipment naturally puts off during normal operation. Industrial Silent Feet are sold in sets of four and all are our standard Anti-Walk feet. The reason we are selling them in sets of four is because some power equipment have four feet while others have two feet and two wheels, so we wanted to be safe and offer everyone four. Who knows maybe you can isolate two machines for the price of one, and if not you could have a back up set. The reason we went with the anti-walk exclusively for the Industrial Silent Feet is mainly for safety reasons some examples being: some power equipment tends to walk around during use and can actually pull cables out, vibration caused from power equipment may also have a tendency to knock stuff off your workbench or absolute worst case scenario have a piece of equipment fall down a few stories at a work site (we have actually heard stories about this).

    We were also receiving requests for “Industrial Silent Feet” from people working on intricate projects that were disturbed by some sort of power equipment vibration that would actually result in them having to stop what they were doing or possibly resulting in a ruined project .

    Other people, some of our team being in this category, use the new “Industrial Silent Feet” because we like to “burn the midnight oil” tinkering on odd projects. Although the noise from our power equipment doesn’t necessarily transfer through the house sometime that slight “Hummm” of high frequency vibration does. These feet make a significant difference by helping to reduce the vibration transferred through the structure.

    So whatever your needs we hope the new “Industrial Silent Feet” will lend you a hand so you can enjoy some more peace and quiet brought to you by The Vibration Solution Team.



    Industrial Silent Feet Under Generator


    Industrial Silent Feet

    So Enjoy


    The Vibration Solution

    Stop Washing Machine Vibration The Vibration Solution

  • The Vibration Solution has released Silent Feet in TWO NEW COLORS ~ Maintaining our mission to help minimize the effects of washing machine vibration

    The Vibration Solution due to many request has released Silent Feet in two new colors first is “Crimson Red Silent Feet”, and “Crimson Red Anti-Walk Silent Feet”. The second color is the “Ocean Blue Silent Feet” and “Ocean Blue Anti-Walk Silent Feet”. These new colors are designed for two reasons first is to blend in with the popular new colors of washing machines that are now available on the market or to just add a little color under your washing machine, a little spice for your laundry room.

    The “Crimson Red Silent Feet” are designed to blend better with the new red washing machines for example the “Maytag Crimson Red Performance Series Front Load Washer (MHWE300VW)” is complemented by either of the Crimson Red Silent Feet.  Other washing machines that are out there to complement the Crimson Red Silent Feet is the "Electrolux Front Load Washer with IQ-Touch™ Controls EIFLW55IRR"

    The “Ocean Blue Silent Feet” are designed to blend in better with new blue washing machines on the market for example the “Maytage Epic-Z front loading washing machine (MHWZ600TE)" Although with the amount of washing machine vibration problems that we hear of from the Epic-Z series I would not recommend it. Another blue machine is the "Electrolux Front Load Washer with IQ-Touch™ Controls EIFLW55HMB"

    Both of these colors include all of the same features and benefits of our Original Silent Feet vibration isolation pads but now they will add color and style to your laundry room.  So what ever color machine you have, no matter if you are trying to have your Silent Feet blend in,  or stand out, you will enjoy the new Colored Series Silent Feet.



    So Enjoy


    The Vibration Solution

    Stop Washing Machine Vibration The Vibration Solution

  • Hello Welcome to The Vibration Solution

    Hello and welcome to our new blog. I would like to start this blog off by telling a little about our start. We started with the question I ask you, “Does your washing machine walk around your laundry room, attack you when you enter, and shake your whole house?” Mine used to until we set out on a mission to solve this problem, we needed a product that would not only solve the problem of noise caused by washing machine vibration but also stop washing machine walking. 4 years later and a lot of testing, prototypes and headaches we have the solution, we call them Silent Feet. Now us being the perfectionist that we are, we wanted the best product possible.

    To start we needed a top layer that would be able to withstand a roughly 250 pound machine shaking on top of it without breaking through, so we selected polyurethane. Next was the most important part we needed to select a base layer that would actually be absorbing or well dispersing the vibration. We did not want to use a foam or a product that would lose its quality over time, not did we want just some hard rubber that anyone could find, we wanted the best. That when we settled on a product produced named , simply, “Sorbothane”. Since its introduction, 25 years ago, Sorbothane® has been used in many varied energy absorbing product categories. Sorbothane Inc. engineers supplied the NASA design team with a unique Sorbothane® isolator to protect shuttle cameras from the violent forces thrust upon them during launch. Sorbothane® has achieved shock absorption levels of up to 94.7%. Unprecedented absorption levels are possible because Sorbothane® maintains stability and damping over a broad temperature range, enabling it to isolate damaging vibrations and impact shock in varied conditions. Its near faultless memory ensures a return to original shape, even after repeated compressions, making Sorbothane® ideal for a variety of engineering design applications requiring shock absorption, vibration isolation and acoustical damping. Currently, back to NASA, NASA is using Sorbothane to vibration/shock mount electronics on the new ARES I rocket due to launch in 2012.

    So now that we had a material trusted by companies such as NASA, NASCAR, and Wilson just to name a few we had the perfect material. With the perfect material selected it came down the needing the perfect engineering. For this we gathered as many great minds as we could find, calling in the top Sorbothane engineers who had designed products for NASA, NASCA etcetera, and we called in friends and family who had experience in the industry and engineering backgrounds. With the wealth of knowledge we finally created our product, the definitive way to stop washing machine vibration and stop washing machine walking,we give you Silent Feet.

    So Enjoy


    The Vibration Solution

    Stop Washing Machine Vibration The Vibration Solution

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