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  • Why Washing Machine Pads are Essential

    Your washing machine is quietly attacking your home and sanity even if you’ve never noticed.  That new squeak in the floor could be the first signs that you washing machine is weakening the joints in your home’s structure.  And that low hum or thumping that resonates through your home shouldn’t be something that you have to put up with.  As washing machines have become more efficient, they have increased their spin cycle speeds to try to squeeze every last drop of water out of your clothes.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it can save you big bucks on your energy bills.  But it leads to some troubling side effects.

    The worst of these side effects is long term damage to the structure of your home.  Each time that your washing machine enters its spin cycle, it begins to create high frequency vibration.  The majority of this energy is transferred directly through the solid plastic and metal feet of the washing machine into the floor and structure of your home.  Over time this vibration and shaking takes its toll on the joints between joists, studs and beams in your home.  The vibration can gradually cause nails and fasteners to loosen and give way.

    The key to preventing this type of damage is to create a boundary between the washing machine and the floor that does not allow this vibration energy to travel into the structure of your home.  This can be done using any flexible material such as a rubber workout mat, foam pad, or even a springy anti-vibration shock mount.  Some people have even resorted to using tennis ball halves or rolled up gym socks to stop these vibrations.

    However, the most effective method is to install a set of 4 Silent Feet pads on the washing machine.  These pads feature the world’s best vibration absorbing rubber polymers.  They instantly convert up to 94% of your washing machine’s vibration and shaking energy into trace amounts of heat.  Unlike anti-vibration washing machine mats which are bulky, costly and unsightly; Silent Feet washing machine pads are small, sleek and feature the right amount of material exactly where you need it, saving you money.  Install a set today and don’t subject your home to the damaging affects of even one more laundry spin cycle.

  • Washing Machine Pads Save Homes

    Our houses are filled with furniture, kids, pets, sometimes clutter and always full of memories.  Over the years our homes collect things like dust, clutter and character (as in Crayon marks and other scars from years of joy).  As the years pass we watch the seasons change, paint fade and families grow.  But what we never want to see is our homes fall into disrepair.  People patch holes in walls, brighten up paint, polish, clean and remodel to keep their homes warm and inviting.  But what we don't always thing about is the toll that the tools of life takes on these important buildings.

    Many homes were built decades ago and constructed with the appliances and features of their day in mind.  But just reflect on how much has changed since your home was built.  Normally this isn't a huge problem, but what can really have an impact on your home is your washing machine.  100 years ago, washing machines were no more than tubs of water and maybe a hand-powered wringer.  Around the middle of the century, electric-powered washers started becoming available and added a whole new set of problems for homes to cope with.  All of a sudden, the wooden structure of homes had to deal with shaking, vibration and water leaks the kinds of which it had never seen before.  And just 10 years ago the first front loading washing machines really started to show up in homes and that's when things got really interesting.

    Between top and front loading washing machines, we ask our homes to put up with a lot these days.  The average family will wash as many as 10 loads of laundry in a single week.  If each of those loads takes just 30 minutes, that totals 5 full hours each week of vibration and shaking.  The wooden structure of your home is held together mostly by nails which use simple friction to keep things tight and solid.  A little bit of vibration doesn't normally hurt, but hours, weeks, years and decades of it starts to work each joint apart.  Gradually, cracks form in walls, gaps open in seams and squeaks, rattles and other noises start becoming commonplace.  This damage spreads from the laundry room to the spaces beside and beneath it all too quickly.  For this reason all washing machine manufactures recommend that you protect your home as soon as possible with an anti-vibration barrier like Silent Feet pads.

    Simple but effective pads like our award-winning and industry-leading Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pads, form an isolation barrier between the washing machine and your home which limits the amount of harmful vibration energy that can transfer.  This 5-minute fix can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs later.  Protect your home today, before your washing machine has a chance to do any more damage.

  • Is Your Home in Danger of a Washing Machine Attack?

    Every year millions of new washing machines are sold in the United States.  Prior to making their purchase, customers struggle to make the best choice based on capacity, wash-cycle time, steam clean options, brand, style, appliance color and price.  But few people will evaluate the best location in their home for the washing machine.  Almost every new washing machine that is purchased to replace an old or out-dated model will be installed in exactly the same spot that the previous appliance was installed at.  But is that the best location?  Very few homes have been designed to adequately withstand the constant wear from vibration and impact caused by the washing machine’s spin cycle.  All washing machine manufacturers strongly recommend that your washer be installed on a concrete subfloor or a properly reinforced joist subfloor.  But “proper reinforcement” is rare.  This reinforcement normally includes adding joists, thicker or additional layers of plywood and up-rated fasteners and adhesives used to bond the joists and subfloor.  Without this reinforcement, the floor will begin to weaken and degrade resulting in squeaking, sagging, gaps, cracks, and eventually structural failure of the support joists.  But before you rush out to find a contractor to reinforce your laundry room, consider this, washing machine manufactures suggest that the best way to protect the structure and floor of your home is to install an anti-vibration pad like Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet.  The special military-grade rubber in Silent Feet anti-vibration pads absorbs washing machine vibration and prevents it from ever being able to cause damage to your home.  The fix is simple and takes only a few minutes to install.  So next time you’re shopping for a new washing machine make sure to do your home a favor and pick up a set of Silent Feet anti-vibration pads.

  • Washing Machine Vibration Facts

    Here are a few quick facts on washing machine vibration.

    1. All washing machines and dryer vibrate.  Dryers usually have less vibration than washers because the load is only wet clothes (as opposed to a drum of water and clothes).  Front loading washing machines cause high frequency vertical oscillation while top loading washers usually have horizontal oscillation.
    2. Almost all front loading washing machines are not recommended for use on standard joist-construction floors (most common floor type, compared to a concrete slab sub-floor).  Manufactures like GE, LG, Maytag, Samsung, Whirlpool, Kenmore, Bosch and more, all recommend installing a pad like Silent Feet under the washing machine to absorb the vibration.
    3. Prolonged use of a front loading washing machine on regular joist floors will cause structural damage.
      Joist construction sub-floor

      Most laundry rooms are constructed on a joist type floor. Here long wooden joists support a plywood sub-floor. Vibration weakens the joints between all the parts of the floor.

      This can result in minor issues like creaks and cracks in the floor all the way to sagging and collapse of the floor.

    4. The only alternative to using Silent Feet pads to prevent structural damage is costly upgrading of the sub-floor.  This usually involves adding a second layer of plywood sub-floor and adding sister boards to the rafters that support the floor.  But even this won't reduce the amount of vibration noise that you hear.  Sub-floor upgrades can cost thousands of dollars.
    5. Vibration can also cause appliance "walking" (unwanted movement) usually during the spin cycle.  Simply installing a pad designed to prevent walking can solve this problem and mean that you'll never have to reposition your washer after every load again.  Both Original Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet prevent walking, however for washers that move a lot or stacked units it is recommended that you install Anti-Walk Silent Feet for the best results.
  • Building your dream laundry room

    Whether you're getting ready to build a new laundry room or you're just renovating a current space there are a few key things you need to consider before you start.  It was once the norm for washers and dryers to always be located in a garage or unsightly utility space but the new trend is to make washers and dryers more convenient by locating them closer to living spaces.  Not only does this mean that you might not have to haul heavy loads of dirty laundry up and down stairs but it also means that you can add value to your home.  New luxury master closets and guest rooms often include their own washer and dryer.  Stackable and ultra efficient front loading washing machines make this a very feasible option.  Recently washing machine manufactures like Maytag, Kenmore, Samsung, LG, GE and Whirlpool have all added sleek and stylish designer colors to the option list for their washers.  Now is the time to take the steps to modernize your laundry room but make sure you consider the following list so that your dream laundry room doesn't turn into a nightmare.

    Take the next step and start building your dream laundry room today but make sure to incorporate proper insulation and Silent Feet Anti-Vibration pads to make sure it's a successful upgrade.

    Proper Utilities - There are a few basic utilities that every laundry room needs.  They are water, electricity/gas and good drainage.  It is especially important to consider the costs of routing these utilities when deciding on a location for your laundry room.  When choosing between electric and gas dryers take a look at the current and historical prices for both utilities in your area.  If natural gas prices are low and are likely to stay that way then now is a perfect time to add gas lines and invest in an efficient gas dryer.  Gas dryers can dry much faster than electric appliances due to decreased warm up times.

    Structure - This may be one of the most important items to consider for you new laundry room.  If the room has a joist floor (most likely any room without a concrete slab floor) then you will need to add structural strength to the joists using sister boards.  Without proper joist strength the vibration of a washing machine will cause damage to the structure of your home.  Over time this can lead to creaking floors, sagging floors, cracking, gaps, uneven sub floors and in the worst cases structural collapse.  It is also recommended that the sub-floor be made of double layer plywood to add rigidity.

    Noise Insulation - No washing machine is silent and even the best washers will still be loud enough to be heard in all nearby rooms without some form of laundry room sound proofing.  The best place to start is to add fiberglass for foam insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling of the laundry room.  Then make sure that double layers of gypsum or drywall are used.  Together this will help to greatly reduce the audible noise from the washing machine and dryer.  But that is only half the battle for sound control.  The next step is to reduce the vibration resonance noise that is caused when the vibration from the washing machine transfer into the sub-floor.  The best way to do this is by installing an anti-vibration washer pad like Silent Feet Anti-Vibration pads.  The patented Sorbothane rubber in these pads features a unique molecular structure that converts vibration energy into silent heat energy.  The combination of proper insulation and Silent Feet anti-vibration pads will guarentee the quietest laundry room.

    Style & Design - Finally, you will need to choose the fit, form and function of you dream laundry room.  The wide range of colors, styles and types of washing machines and dryers gives you a huge amount of flexibility.  Traditional top loading washers are great for families who need lots of laundry capacity and short cycle times.  Efficient front loading washers are the best choice overall if you don't mind that they may take up to twice as long as top loaders during the wash cycle.  Compact and stackable washers are a perfect choice for apartments, condos, master bedrooms, guest rooms or anywhere that space is at a premium.  Keep in mind that stackable washing machines have  are more likely to walk or have unwanted movement during spin cycle so it is best to install an anti-walk device like Anti-Walk Silent Feet.

    For more information about designing your dream laundry room consult a contractor, architect or check out this great article from Consumer Reports.

  • Washing Machine Anti-Vibration Pads Make a Perfect Post Holiday Gift

    Do you know someone who got a fantastic, shiny, new front-loading washing machine for Christmas?  Chances are that they missed out on getting one of the best and absolutely necessary washing machine accessories.  Major washing machine manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Maytag, Frigidaire, Kenmore and GE all require their front-loading washing machines to be installed on anti-vibration pads.  This is because the high frequency vibrations caused by the spin cycle can cause annoying noise and very serious long term structural damage to you home.  Waiting to give this essential washing machine accessory to a loved one could cost you more than a few harsh feelings.  Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers are the best pads available today.  Our new Second Generation pads feature the latest technology and materials that provide the greatest vibration reduction and durability.

    If you know someone who received a new washing machine for Christmas from any of the following popular brands tell them to order Silent Feet anti-vibration accessory pads for washing machines today.  Waiting could result in thousands of dollars in costly home repair bills and a very tragic end to their holiday season.

    Most popular front-loading washing machine brands:

    • Samsung
    • LG
    • GE
    • Maytag
    • Whirlpool
    • Frigidaire
    • Kenmore

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