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  • GE Recalls More Than 180,000 Washing Machines Sold Between 2006 and 2010

    After seven incidents of minor smoke damage due to a faulty wire, General Electric Co. (GE)

    GE Front Loading Washing Machine Recall

    Front loading GE washers like this WBVH5 are all part of the June 2010 recall

    has issued a voluntary recall in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  No injuries have been reported due to the issue, but minor smoke damage has been reported following each of the incidents.  The fault occurs when a wire lead comes in contact with the metal washtub during operation.  GE is concerned that these front-loading washing machines pose a fire and shock risk to their owners.  The effected washing machines were all built in China and sold at various U.S. retailers from December 2006 through May 2010 for around $700 each.

    So far the GE models covered by this recall all begin with WBVH5.  You will also need to check your serial number on your washing machine.  If it begins with: AM, AR, AS, AT, DM, DR, DS, FM, FR, FS, GM, GS, HM, HR, HS, LM, LR, LS, MM, MR, MS, RM, RR, RS, SM, SR, SS, TM, TR, TS, VM, VR, VS, ZL, ZM, ZR, or ZS you should contact GE immediately for recall information.  The model and serial numbers for most GE washing machines are located on the bottom right side and on the bottom door frame of the washers.

    GE recommends that you immediately stop using your washer if it is part of this recall.  Unplug it from the wall to prevent any further chance of fire or electrical shock until it is repaired.  GE is providing free repair on these front-loading washers.  To find out if your washing machine is part of the recall, contact GE at 1-888-345-4124 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday or visit  Canadian customers should contact 1-877-861-1315 for recall information.  The repair is a simple fix done by placing an insulating plastic shield on the metal plug on the side of the washtub.

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