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  • Building your dream laundry room

    Whether you're getting ready to build a new laundry room or you're just renovating a current space there are a few key things you need to consider before you start.  It was once the norm for washers and dryers to always be located in a garage or unsightly utility space but the new trend is to make washers and dryers more convenient by locating them closer to living spaces.  Not only does this mean that you might not have to haul heavy loads of dirty laundry up and down stairs but it also means that you can add value to your home.  New luxury master closets and guest rooms often include their own washer and dryer.  Stackable and ultra efficient front loading washing machines make this a very feasible option.  Recently washing machine manufactures like Maytag, Kenmore, Samsung, LG, GE and Whirlpool have all added sleek and stylish designer colors to the option list for their washers.  Now is the time to take the steps to modernize your laundry room but make sure you consider the following list so that your dream laundry room doesn't turn into a nightmare.

    Take the next step and start building your dream laundry room today but make sure to incorporate proper insulation and Silent Feet Anti-Vibration pads to make sure it's a successful upgrade.

    Proper Utilities - There are a few basic utilities that every laundry room needs.  They are water, electricity/gas and good drainage.  It is especially important to consider the costs of routing these utilities when deciding on a location for your laundry room.  When choosing between electric and gas dryers take a look at the current and historical prices for both utilities in your area.  If natural gas prices are low and are likely to stay that way then now is a perfect time to add gas lines and invest in an efficient gas dryer.  Gas dryers can dry much faster than electric appliances due to decreased warm up times.

    Structure - This may be one of the most important items to consider for you new laundry room.  If the room has a joist floor (most likely any room without a concrete slab floor) then you will need to add structural strength to the joists using sister boards.  Without proper joist strength the vibration of a washing machine will cause damage to the structure of your home.  Over time this can lead to creaking floors, sagging floors, cracking, gaps, uneven sub floors and in the worst cases structural collapse.  It is also recommended that the sub-floor be made of double layer plywood to add rigidity.

    Noise Insulation - No washing machine is silent and even the best washers will still be loud enough to be heard in all nearby rooms without some form of laundry room sound proofing.  The best place to start is to add fiberglass for foam insulation in the walls, floor and ceiling of the laundry room.  Then make sure that double layers of gypsum or drywall are used.  Together this will help to greatly reduce the audible noise from the washing machine and dryer.  But that is only half the battle for sound control.  The next step is to reduce the vibration resonance noise that is caused when the vibration from the washing machine transfer into the sub-floor.  The best way to do this is by installing an anti-vibration washer pad like Silent Feet Anti-Vibration pads.  The patented Sorbothane rubber in these pads features a unique molecular structure that converts vibration energy into silent heat energy.  The combination of proper insulation and Silent Feet anti-vibration pads will guarentee the quietest laundry room.

    Style & Design - Finally, you will need to choose the fit, form and function of you dream laundry room.  The wide range of colors, styles and types of washing machines and dryers gives you a huge amount of flexibility.  Traditional top loading washers are great for families who need lots of laundry capacity and short cycle times.  Efficient front loading washers are the best choice overall if you don't mind that they may take up to twice as long as top loaders during the wash cycle.  Compact and stackable washers are a perfect choice for apartments, condos, master bedrooms, guest rooms or anywhere that space is at a premium.  Keep in mind that stackable washing machines have  are more likely to walk or have unwanted movement during spin cycle so it is best to install an anti-walk device like Anti-Walk Silent Feet.

    For more information about designing your dream laundry room consult a contractor, architect or check out this great article from Consumer Reports.

  • Not Your Grandparent's Washer Pads

    The technology of washing machines is advancing at a lightning pace.  Just a few years ago a

    Stack of 4 Ant-Walk Silent Feet washer pads

    The competition's cheap Chinese neoprene washer pads just don't stack up against the amazing results of Silent Feet washer pads.

    washing machine was no more than a big metal box with a metal laundry tub and a timer on it (there may have been a few other electronic bits too).  Overall, all the washer did was fill itself with water, spin a bit, drain, rinse and spin dry.  It had little to no care in the world for what you were trying to wash, how balanced your load was or for how you managed to get a spaghetti stain on your sock.  These days your washing machine likely has more computer processing power than the Apollo lunar lander did.  Washers have digital displays that make George Lucas's original Star Wars series look a bit ancient and you washer now knows exactly how heavy, balanced and dirty your clothes are at all times.  Kenmore has even introduced a new feature called Kenmore Connect where their washers can communicate their exact mechanical problems with technicians using your cell phone.

    Samsung washers now include their outstanding Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) where a series of large ball bearings spin counter to the off-balanced load of clothing to reduce vibration.  LG  TrueBalance anti-vibration system takes advantage of direct drive motors and counter balance weights to make their washers suitable for installation anywhere including on the second floor.  GE washers use ultra complex suspension systems that rival the suspension in modern luxury cars.

    Despite the rapid advances in washing machine technology, most washer pads have not kept pace.  Just walk into any Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears or Best Buy and you will find average, hard, neoprene rubber washer pads.  These simple pads are really glorified paper weights.  If you put them under your washing machine chances are that all you will gain is an inch of height on the washer.  Compare any washer pad to Silent Feet anti-vibration pads and the difference is clear.  Instead of cheap Chinese neoprene, Silent Feet use ultra high tech Sorbothane urethane.  Sorbothane's unique carbon urethane properties actually convert vibration energy into heat effectively absorbing it before it can become annoying noise and vibration.  Anti-Walk Silent Feet washer pads use the same Sorbothane rubber but also lock your washer and dryer in place preventing walking and unwanted movement.  Don't settle for cheap off the shelf washer pads, buy high quality, American made, Silent Feet washer pads to compliment your high tech front-loading washing machine.

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