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  • Samsung Vibration Reduction Technology Review

    Customers wanting to install their washing machine on a second level or nearer to their living spaces and closets have finally had their prayers answered with Samsung's new Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) system.  Using a combination of suspension springs and supporting shock cylinders the system is designed to reduce the noise and vibration from unbalanced loads.

    Samsung Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT)
    Samsung Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT)

    "Many customers are first-time front load washing machine purchasers and typically are unaware of the vibration and noise issues of conventional front-loading machines.  Samsung has a compelling solution to this common annoyance for consumers and provides them with a stylish design to complement their homes," said Jeff Armstrong, Senior Marketing Manager of Samsung Home Appliances.

    Samsung claims that in tests involving unbalanced loads, Samsung's VRT washing machines offered the lowest levels of vibration and noise from all the front-loading washers that they tested.  But, those tests were conducted internally by Samsung.  So, the question now is how does the technology really stack up for customers.  Samsung's VRT technology has been available for almost 3 years so the results are finally available and it's looking good for Samsung.

    The Good

    Form and function come together to create a stylish and very functional washing machine.  Many reviews have noted that even when washing large bedding and towels there was very little vibration and noise from their Samsung VRT washer.  Customers have even noted that that vibration reduction extends to washing pet beds, shoes, hockey gear, football pads and bath mats. (Source: Consumer Reports Reviews for Samsung VRT Washers)

    Samsung VRT washing machines are offered in a variety of colors to add style and flair to your home.  Their currently color line includes Tango Red, Onyx Blue, Stratus Gray, and Neat White.  The color finish quality is excellent which means that you don't have to hide your washer and dryer in a closet or utility anymore.  The washer and dryer are now quickly becoming a status symbol and a decor piece and Samsung has capitalized on this.

    Superior wash quality has not been sacrificed.  Almost no complaints have been found for the cleaning abilities of Samsung VRT washers.  Whites

    Form and Function in Harmony

    Form and Function in Harmony

    really do come out whiter and colors are gently washed preserving both the fabric and the brightness.  Stainless steel washer drums and steam cleaning options combined with SilverCare technology produce clean and fresh smelling clothes load after load.

    The Bad

    Like many front-loading washers, the cycle time on Samsung's VRT machines is longer than top-loading machines.  This is a typical trade off that allows the washers to conserve water, clean more gently and leave clothes dryer following the spin cycle.  A typical wash cycle takes around 90 minutes.

    Mold and mildew have plagued front-loading washers since they first arrived on the market.  It is important that you leave the washer door open following use to allow for excess moisture to evaporate.  It is also recommended to run a load on steam cycle with 1-2 cups of vinegar to clear up mold, mildew and mineral build-up once per month.

    The price of these washing machines has also been significantly higher than similar front-loading units on the market.  But, the combination of features, quality, low vibration and reduced noise has kept the Samsung VRT washers at the top of the review charts for the past few years.  You get what you pay for and for an expected price of between $900 and $1500 their is a big decision to make before investing in a Samsung VRT washer.

    Overall Review

    Samsung has producing a winning combination of features in their Vibration Reduction Technology washing machines.  Customers looking for a  solid, reliable, practical and beautiful washing machine for a second floor laundry room or living space installation need look no further.  Samsung does note that their VRT system does not completely eliminate vibration and an anti-vibration pad like Silent Feet from The Vibration Solution are still a necessary add on.  If you're looking for a new front-loading washing machine and you want the best appliance on the market, leave the LG, Maytag, Whirlpool and other brands at the store and bring home a Samsung VRT washing machine today.  3 years of positive customer feedback proves that it is a wise and worthwhile purchase to make.

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