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  • Galanz Enters the Washing Machine Market

    You have probably never heard of Galanz but they are one of the world's largest manufactures of microwave ovens.  And now they are moving to take market share in the laundry appliance field by introducing a wide range of washing machines and dryers.  Galanz Group has been in business for 30 years as of 2012 and is pushing hard to gain market share.  What this means to you is that there is now a great selection of Galanz washers and dryers to consider for your home.  These new appliances feature a huge selection of options and colors to rival some of the bigger names like Maytag, Whirlpool, GE and Samsung.

    Here are the features found on many of this year's Galanz Washing Machines:

    • Energy Efficiency - Most models meet European A or A+ standards
    • Child Locks - Prevents children from improperly opening the washer's door
    • Intensive Wash - Special feature for cleaning very dirty clothes and removing the toughest stains
    • Anti-Vibration System - Advanced internal suspension to absorb vibration and noise
    • Anti-Ironing - A gentler spin cycle prevents damage to clothing
    • Time Delay - Allows you to set the wash start time delay for up to 24 hours
    • Power-Off Memorization - If a power outage or failure occurs, the washer will remember where it stopped and resume automatically
    • Drum Clean - Special self cleaning feature that the user can activate whenever necessary
    • Extra Rinse - Allows owners with sensitive skin to remove more detergent from their clothes
    • Heavy - Special setting for washing heavy fabrics like jeans and canvas
    • Mix - Special setting for users who want to wash all different types of clothing, materials and textiles together
    • Night Wash - Skips the spin cycle which keeps the washer quiet at night so you can sleep easier
    • Quick Wash - Allows up to 3 kg of laundry to be washed in less than 30 minutes
    • Anti-Bacterial - Special setting uses hot water to sterilize clothing like underwear and baby's clothes to protect your family's health
    • Intelligent Control with LCD/LED Displays - Displays more information at a time to make your job easier and speed up choosing the right mode

    All of Galanz's front loading washers incorporate their anti-vibration technology, but like we've seen repeatedly over the years, these systems are never able to fully suppress vibration.  It is always recommended that you install an anti-vibration pad like Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads for washing machines on your front loading washers.  The following Galanz front loading models have spin speeds ranging from 800 to 1200 rpm and will fit our Original, Anti-Walk and Premium Silent Feet products:

    • XQG60-A208PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG60-A510PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG60-A812PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG70-A210PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG70-A410PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG72-A112PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG72-DA112PE Front Loading Washer

    Galanz is also offering angular drum style washers.  These washing machines feature a drum and front door that are slightly angle upwards to assist in draining, make the spin cycle more gentle and make loading and unloading easier.  These models all feature 1200 rpm spin cycles and it is highly recommended that you install Original Silent Feet, Anti-Walk Silent Feet or Premium Silent Feet on these laundry appliances.  Below is a listing of these Galanz models:

    • XQG60-X212CR Angular Drum Washer
    • XQG60-X312PRE Angular Drum Washer
    • XQG60-X112PRE Angular Drum Washer

    Galanz continues to offer two series of top loading washing machines.  Their H and J series washers include a full range of luxury features including stainless steel tubs, child locks, tub cleaning, error alarms, auto unbalancing detection and anti-vibration systems.  All of Galanz's top loading washers will reach a spin cycle rpm of 720 and will fit our full line of Silent Feet pads including our Premium color options.  Here are the 2012 Galanz top loading washing machine models:

    • XGB60-H1 Top Loading Washer
    • XGB75-H2 Top Loading Washer
    • XGB60-J1 Top Loading Washer
    • XGB60-J8 Top Loading Washer
    Galanz offers a wide variety of colors for their angular drum washers

    Galanz offers a wide variety of colors for their angular drum washers

  • A Brief Explanation of Front-Loading Washing Machines

    The modern front-loading washer now accounts for early 35% of all new washing machines sold in the United States.  But it has not always been that way.  When top-loading washing machines first appeared in their modern form in the 1950's, the front-loading washing machine started to take off in Europe.  There were a number of reasons why this occurred.  Front-loading washing machines offered increased efficiency and reduced appliance footprint size (floor space).  These two factors made this style of washer more appealing to the smaller homes in Europe.  Homes in the United States had more space in their laundry rooms to accommodate large capacity top-loading machines.  Low energy and water prices in the United States also contributed to the popularity of top-loading washers.  However, four decades after the modern top-loading washer took off in the United States, the front-loader would return to cater to the new energy and resource conscious culture that was growing nationwide.

    The front-loading washing machine is actually a very simple appliance.  The wash drum in mounted horizontally with a door for loading clothes located on the front face of the machine.  A single drive motor and pulley set drives the drum.  Paddles located on the inside of the drum lift clothes and drop them down into a small amount of water sitting at the bottom of the drum.  This repetitive lifting and dropping combined with the detergent and absorption of water into the fabrics is what cleans the clothing.  The most complex system on the modern front-loading washer is the door seal.  This large gasket is responsible for preventing any water from leaking out of the machine during operation.  Most seals also incorporate a folded baffle design that attaches them to the drum and prevents small articles of clothing from slipping out of the drum and clogging the drain.  Early versions of front-loading washing machines suffered from leak problems but most of those problems have been resolved in the past decade.

    Front-loading washing machines allow for the use of a relatively small amount of water to facilitate cleaning since the entire drum does not need to fill like in a top-loading washer.  Front-loading washers are also capable of spinning the wash drum at much higher RPM (up to 1200 RPM) allowing for more water to be removed from the clothes before drying.  While front-loaders offer many benefits, they are not problem free.  The horizontal alignment of the wash drum does allow for some water to remain between cycles which can allow the growth of mold and mildew in the washer.  This can produce unpleasant colors and scents in clothing.  This can be prevented by following manufacture's recommended cleaning schedules which often include weekly cleaning of the door seal, monthly wash drum cleaning cycles and leaving the washer door open between loads.  If clothes do take on an unpleasant odor, washing them with detergent and 1/2 cup of white vinegar can remove the odor.

    Overall, modern front-loading washing machines now offer an excellent combination of efficiency and reliability.  They still do have some drawbacks such as limited capacity, long cycle times and additional appliance cleaning steps.  Most front-loading washers are also still priced between $300 and $1000 more than their top-loading counterparts.  But the water and energy savings over the lifetime of the washer often offset these costs.  Find out more about how front-loading washing machines work.

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