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  • What is HE detergent, and do I need it?

    What is "HE detergent", and do I need it?

    First let's start off by saying "HE detergent" or high efficient is detergent that in short is engineered to have less "suds" than normal detergent.  This new detergent is recommended in many of today's high efficient front loading machine. The reason that "HE detergent" is recommended and needed is that the new high efficiency washing machines use less water but you are still washing the same amount of dirty laundry so different detergent is needed to accomplish the same task. To go more into this, the new high efficiency machines, unlike non-high efficiency machines that fill all the way up with water and then "agitate" the laundry to get them clean, high efficiency machines can use up to 80% less water because they tumble the laundry in water, flipping them over and over and letting the water run though the laundry.    Not using "HE detergent" can result in confusing the machine resulting in delays in washing or a poor rinse cycle.   Worst case worst not using "HE detergent" can cause your laundry room to fill up with suds, not fun to clean up.  Using regular detergent and not "HE detergent" in you high efficiency machine can also result in you not getting the saving you deserve out of your high efficiency machine.  There are a variety of high efficiency detergents on the market today we have posted a picture of just a few of them but always look for the "HE" logo.

    So we understand this has nothing to do with washing machine vibration but we thought it was relevant information and we have been getting a lot of questions about it, so we hope this help.


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