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  • Washing Machine Pads Save Homes

    Our houses are filled with furniture, kids, pets, sometimes clutter and always full of memories.  Over the years our homes collect things like dust, clutter and character (as in Crayon marks and other scars from years of joy).  As the years pass we watch the seasons change, paint fade and families grow.  But what we never want to see is our homes fall into disrepair.  People patch holes in walls, brighten up paint, polish, clean and remodel to keep their homes warm and inviting.  But what we don't always thing about is the toll that the tools of life takes on these important buildings.

    Many homes were built decades ago and constructed with the appliances and features of their day in mind.  But just reflect on how much has changed since your home was built.  Normally this isn't a huge problem, but what can really have an impact on your home is your washing machine.  100 years ago, washing machines were no more than tubs of water and maybe a hand-powered wringer.  Around the middle of the century, electric-powered washers started becoming available and added a whole new set of problems for homes to cope with.  All of a sudden, the wooden structure of homes had to deal with shaking, vibration and water leaks the kinds of which it had never seen before.  And just 10 years ago the first front loading washing machines really started to show up in homes and that's when things got really interesting.

    Between top and front loading washing machines, we ask our homes to put up with a lot these days.  The average family will wash as many as 10 loads of laundry in a single week.  If each of those loads takes just 30 minutes, that totals 5 full hours each week of vibration and shaking.  The wooden structure of your home is held together mostly by nails which use simple friction to keep things tight and solid.  A little bit of vibration doesn't normally hurt, but hours, weeks, years and decades of it starts to work each joint apart.  Gradually, cracks form in walls, gaps open in seams and squeaks, rattles and other noises start becoming commonplace.  This damage spreads from the laundry room to the spaces beside and beneath it all too quickly.  For this reason all washing machine manufactures recommend that you protect your home as soon as possible with an anti-vibration barrier like Silent Feet pads.

    Simple but effective pads like our award-winning and industry-leading Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pads, form an isolation barrier between the washing machine and your home which limits the amount of harmful vibration energy that can transfer.  This 5-minute fix can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs later.  Protect your home today, before your washing machine has a chance to do any more damage.

  • Saving Money and Time With Washing Machine Spin Cycles

    Have you ever looked at your washing machine's spin cycle settings and wondered what the real difference between all the different settings is?  What would happen if you decided to use the Ultra Extreme Super Spin option instead of just High?  We wondered the same thing and here is what it all means to you.

    Everyone knows that using a higher speed spin cycle will leave your clothes dryer and reduce the time and energy needed to completely dry them.  But how much dryer?  And is there any danger to using super high spin cycles?  To answer these questions we tested out a number of leading front-loading washing machines using a standard mixed load of towels, t-shirts, jeans and socks just like what you probably throw in your washing machine at home.  We ran the washers on a normal cycle but adjusted the final spin cycle speed.  We weighed each item before and after washing on each cycle to determine how much water was left after the spin cycle.  Here is what we found.

    Higher speed spin cycles remove more water.  On average each setting removed 18% more water comparatively to the setting below it.  That means that while loads run on super high spin cycles weren't completely dry, they were significantly dryer than loads run on a high cycle.  Even more impressively they had nearly 38% less water left in the clothes than if we had let the washer use the standard "normal" spin speed.

    High speed spin cycles save money.  With nearly 20% less water for each higher speed that you choose, that can decrease the amount of time that your dryer needs to run by about the same percentage.  The U.S. Government reports that the standard clothes dryer is the second largest user of energy in most homes so any opportunity to cut it's usage by 40% represents a serious opportunity for people to save some money on energy bills.

    High speed spin cycles can damage clothes. There is a reason why when you choose the delicate setting it usually uses a lower spin speed.  Modern front-loading washers can spin at speeds between 1100-1200 RPM which is fast enough to stretch and tear delicate fabrics.  Use high speed cycles with caution.  In our tests with towels, t-shirts, jeans, socks and other relatively durable clothing we noticed no damage to the fabrics.

    High speed spin cycles can increase vibration. Most consumers don't plan washing machine loads with a perfect mix of small, medium and large items. A perfect mix allows the washer to automatically counter-balance vibration during spin cycles.  More often we choose to wash a whole load of towels, sheets or area rugs at once contributing to washer vibration.  Setting a front-loading washing machine to super high speed spin with one of these loads can create some pretty significant noise.  Consider installing an anti-vibration pad like our Silent Feet to prevent this vibration from damaging your home and your hearing while still allowing you to take full advantage of the cost savings of high speed spin cycles.

    In conclusion, using a higher speed spin cycle on your washing machine can save you hundreds of dollars in energy costs over the life of your appliance.  It will also save you lots of time that would have otherwise been spent waiting for loads of clothes to dry in the dryer.  But caution must be used when washing delicate loads as high speed spin cycles can damage delicate fabrics like sheer, pattern and ultra soft types.  On everything else, save yourself the time and money by taking an extra second to press the Ultra Super Hurricane Spin Cycle button at the start of each load of laundry.

  • Save big by renting your next washer and dryer

    compact stacked washing machine and dryer

    Save big on money, hassle and piece of mind on your next apartment appliance and consider renting or leasing your washer and dryer

    A growing number of apartment, condo and home owners are renting appliances.  Selecting and purchasing a washer and dryer used to be a major purchase akin to choosing a living room set or a new car, but not any more.  These very utilitarian appliances can now be rented for a fraction of the price and you never have to worry about them growing too old and obsolete.  Not to mention that you never have to worry about costly repair bills.  The other main advantage to renting appliances is that if your living situation ever changes or you have to move you can end your lease contract without worrying about selling or moving the appliance.

    For parents of college age children, it used to be the norm to consider buying them a new washer and dryer as soon as they got their first apartment.  But what happened to that washer and dryer set after just a few years?  It usually ended up in the garage or storage unit collecting dust as soon as they moved or changed dwellings.  There is no need to waste money investing in extra garage ornaments, just rent and rest easy.  So give up the dream of buying a new washer set and trade up to the piece of mind offered by a state of the art rental set.  Just think, no mater what your situation is in the coming years, you won't have to worry about your washer and dryer.

    For added piece of mind, consider adding Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet pads to your rental washing machine.  This is especially important for apartment owners.  Add the world's best appliance anti-vibration pad before you neighbors start complaining about your late night laundry habits.

    If you're in the market for renting a new washing machine or dryer, here are some companies to consider.  Appliance Warehouse deals with many different appliance rental situations including leasing, apartment units, commercial, corporate and home contracts.  Rent-A-Center offers many different rental appliances as well as computers, electronics and furniture.  Azuma appliance leasing company has locations all across the US and makes renting washers and dryer easy.  Similar to Rent-A-Center, Aaron's offers a diverse selection of electronics, computers, furniture and appliances like washing machines and dryers.  Rent Crusader is another great option for customers looking to rent or rent-to-own a washing machine and dryer.  These are just a few of the national appliance rental chains.  There may also be local rental, lease and rent-to-own washing machine and dryer companies in your area.  Consider this option next time you are in need of a new appliance, but don't forget that all washing machines benefit from installing Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet anti-vibration appliance pads.

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