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  • Washing Machines That Sound Like Jet Engines

    What do modern front loading washing machines and jet engines have in common?

    Bosch Axxis Compact Washer

    Bosch Axxis Series Washers Sound Like Jet Engines

    The surprising answer is the sound they make when they spin up to full power.  We've been receiving more and more comments from people regarding the very loud and annoying noises that their washing machines make when spinning up to full speed spin cycle.  One of the most egregious offenders is the Bosch Axxis series compact washer.  It emits an almost deafening screech akin to a CanadAire Regional Jet at takeoff.  It's so loud in fact that most people can't even stand to be at home while the washer is running.  The problem with this specific noise is that it resonates particularly well throughout the home, apartment or condo that you install the Bosch washing machine in.  Simply closing the door to the laundry room is often not enough to quell the screeching noise.  And there really isn't a full-on magic cure for it either (aside from choosing a different washer).  Silent Feet anti-vibration pads can help to contain this noise.  Installing the pads under the Axxis washing machine's factory self-leveling feet will isolate the washer and keep the majority of the jet engine noise contained in the laundry room.  So if you're tired on having a self contained airport in your home, take 5 minutes to install Silent Feet washing machine pads on your Bosch Axxis washer today and start enjoying a better quality of life at home.

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