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  • The One Washing Machine Accessory that You Will Want to Brag About

    When was the last time that you had the urge to tell your friends and family about your latest appliance accessory?  Chances are never, because most of the time there isn’t any reason to get excited about stuff like that.  However, if you haven’t already heard about Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads for washing machines, listen up.

    Silent Feet washer pads are the world’s best vibration absorbing pad for washing machines and dryers.  They were developed 5 years ago by a team of engineers and inventors in North Carolina.  The patented materials and design of these hockey-puck like pads absorbs up to 94% of vibration from washing machines.  They also prevent your washing machine from walking across the floor every time you do laundry.

    These simple but effective pads install in just minutes and are made right here in the USA at our manufacturing plant in Kent, Ohio.  You’ll notice the difference immediately after installing these pads and running your first load of laundry.  By absorbing the vibration from your washing machine before it reaches the floor of your home, Silent Feet drastically reduce the amount of noise that you hear outside of your laundry room.  They also protect the structure of your home from the damaging effects of washing machine vibration.

    Order your set of Silent Feet today and get ready to start sharing your amazing experience too.  Your friends and family will be glad to hear about these amazing little pads and you might just make their year by giving Silent Feet as a gift this holiday season.

  • Silent Feet Washing Machine Accessories Are Now on

    It's official, you can now order Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent anti-vibration pads for washing machines from  Now you and over 14 million other customers have access to all of our industry leading washing machine accessory pads.  Purchase with confidence through's safe and secure checkout system which is protected with state of the art SSL encryption technology.  Trust that you will receive outstanding customer service from's world class customer service representatives.  Enjoy the ability to order Silent Feet anti-vibration pads while also buying other great items like books, movies, clothing and appliances.  But even more importantly you'll get a great price on every purchase of washing machine and dryer accessories made from and you can even take advantage of fast free shipping on products like Anti-Walk Silent Feet anti-vibration accessory pads.

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    • Over 14 Million Customers Trust and are also the only sites to carry Silent Feet Combo Value Packs.  These packs offer great value pricing on Silent Feet and Anti-Walk anti-vibration pads for front and top loading washing machines and dryers.  Check both sites out today and add Silent Feet to your home.  It's never to early to start enjoying the peace and quiet that these simple but effective appliance accessory pads offer.

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