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  • Generation 2 Silent Feet YouTube Video Released

    The second generation of Silent Feet Anti-Vibration pads for washers and dryers have been available for a little over a month.  To help explain some of the differences and improvements that have been made we've launched a YouTube video.  The video gives a brief explanation of the new features found in this great new product revision.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    • New Dual Rubber Construction Absorbs More Vibration
    • Soft Rubber Top Conforms to Appliance Feet to Lock them in Place
    • Stronger Bond Between Materials to Increase Product Life
    • Improved Modern High Gloss Finish
    • Same Great Price and Warranty

    If you still have any questions, check out our website at  Generation 2 Silent Feet are now available for sale on our website and on

  • The Latest Generation of Anti-Vibration Pads Has Arrived for Washing Machines

    Stack of 4 Ant-Walk Silent Feet washer pads

    The compeition just doesn't stack up against the amazing results of Silent Feet pads.

    3 years ago the first generation of Silent Feet were sent to the test labs.  Just a few months after that they made history as the number one anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers.  Today, we are proud to bring you the next generation of Silent Feet pads.  To engineer and build this latest appliance accessory we had to take our design back to the drawing board and totally re-created it.  We started with the same superior Sorbothane rubber as the primary vibration isolating material, but this time added a second top layer of stiff rubber.  This second layer of rubber provides a second wall of vibration resistance to the pads.  Then we added unique ridges to the top of each pad to help lock your washing machine in place.  After installation, the rubber ridges deform slightly allowing for a custom fit on every installation.  Finally we polished our molds and finished them with the highest grade of Teflon coatings to give every one of our products a clean, brilliant shine to accent the high gloss finish on modern washing machines.

    Never before has there been an anti-vibration pad that offers all of these benefits and looks this stunning.  In fact, these new Silent Feet make all other washing machine pads look like, big ugly blocks of rubber.  Just like before, our Original Silent Feet offer easy installation and can be installed in most applications in less than 5 minutes.  Also like before, our Anti-Walk Silent Feet offer the best solution to eliminating unwanted appliance movement and "walking" without using any glue or adhesive.  All of this has been provided at the same great price as before.  And just like before, all of our washing machine pads carry a 10 Year Limited Warranty against defects and material failure.

    Silent Feet anti-vibration appliance pads

    The 2nd generation of Silent Feet pads makes our product line-up even better than before.

    Still not convinced that we've outdone ourselves?  Then give our products the greatest test of all.  Install them in your home and if you're not completely satisfied that they have solved your washing machine vibration and noise problem, simply return them.  We're so convinced that you will love them that we still offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Take this opportunity to try them out today.  You'll see and hear the difference one the first load of laundry and on every load after that for years and years.

  • The Vibration Solution Continues Their Committment to Sustainable Business

    Over the past year The Vibration Solution has launched a number of sustainability projects aimed at delivering the best quality products to customers in the most environmentally responsible manner.  Some of these projects include replacing all our shipping cushioning material with locally recycled paper, using sustainable inks for printing, and reducing the size of our shipping boxes use less cardboard.  Here is a recap of all of our projects over the past year.

    In June 2008, The Vibration Solution partnered with local newspapers in North Carolina in order to use their excess newsprint as cushioning material in all of our shipping containers.  This allowed The Vibration Solution save more than 25,000 square feet of bubble wrap from being sent to landfills.

    In August 2008, The Vibration Solution replaced all the inks used at our offices with environmentally responsible sustainable substitutes and recycles all spent of our ink cartridges.  At the same time we replaced all of our office paper with 100% post-consumer recycled copy paper.

    In January 2009, The Vibration Solution redesigned our cardboard shipping boxes in order to reduce the their size.  This decreased the amount of cardboard in each box by 30%.  Besides just decreasing the amount of cardboard used this also has helped us prevent more than 2,480 lbs of CO2 each month that would have been caused by this extra weight during shipping our products to customers.

    Coming in the Spring of 2009, The Vibration Solution will begin offering all of our products including, Silent Feet, Anti-Walk Silent Feet and Industrial Silent Feet in reusable packaging that uses 80% less plastic.  This new packaging will provide all the same quality protection that our customers expect but can be reused and recycled in a variety of ways.

    The Vibration Solution continues to look for additional ways to increase the sustainability of our supply chain.  In addition to our current project to reduce the amount of plastic in all of our packaging we are also investigating the feasibility of offsetting all remaining carbon emissions related to our business.  This would make our Silent Feet the first carbon neutral vibration isolation pad for washing machines and dryers.

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