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Silent Feet- A Washing Machine Pad Made to Last

Got a washing machine that makes the whole house sound like it’s going to take off? Sadly, these problems get worse overtime as the washing machine’s internal dampening devices wear out. Even worse, the vibration can cause the machine to wear out quicker, sending you to the storeroom floor sooner than you’d like.

A washing machine pad can absorb those vibrations and noise, protecting the structure of the washer as well as your peace of mind. Placed on the feet of the washing machine, the pad muffles the sound of the machine as well as the vibrations.

Of course, you can try your own solutions, but they can only be so effective. Rags placed underneath the washer absorb little of the noise and look trashy. Make your own foam pads and they’ll probably be destroyed the first time you use the washer.

Homemade “solutions” are what usually send homeowners to the hardware store for real solutions to their problems.

To really fix the problem, however, you need to buy the right washing machine pad. Not all are the same. Most of the cheaper models you can find in hardware stores aren’t worth the packaging they come in. Usually, they’re made of cheap materials that don’t last and don’t absorb as well. They’ll wear out fast, putting you back at square one.

Save yourself some time and headache and check out Silent Feet. Made from the same polymers NASA and NASCAAR use to absorb excess shock, Silent Feet are more durable than other options on the market. In fact, they’re backed with a lifetime guarantee.

While they may be a little more expensive than what you’ll find in a hardware store, they are an effective solution that lasts for the price of a tank of gas. You won’t get a lifetime guarantee from a company that sells cheap rubber accessories. These products simply don’t last.

Silent Feet, however, will last a lifetime. If they don’t, you can get replacements for free.

Plus, Silent Feet are easy to assemble in six simple steps that don’t require any tools. A project doesn’t have to take all day to be effective. In fact, you can assemble Silent Feet in a few minutes and get on with the rest of your day.