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Reduce Washing Machine Noise with Silent Feet

Does washing machine noise disrupt your family time? We usually tend to do laundry in the evening hours, time that’s best left for helping the kids with homework, watching TV or peacefully reading a book. A loud washer can be hard to ignore when you really need peace and quiet to relax or concentrate.

Peace and quiet can be had, however, for less than you might pay for your Internet bill. Affordable solutions are only as far away as the Internet and take about as much time to assemble as the Google search will take.

Though you might not yet be able to find it in stores, Silent Feet can effectively reduce your washing machine noise to a delicate hum. For less than $40, you can find a solution to your noise and vibration problem permanently. Unlike other cheaper foam versions you might find in hardware stores, Silent Feet are made from ultra grade, durable polymers that are built to last. In fact, they come with a lifetime guarantee. If any should wear out, you can get them replaced for free.

They also couldn’t be easier to assemble. You can attach the feet to any washer in six easy simple steps. You won’t even need any tools. It will probably be your easiest family project this year.

Silent Feet will even worked for washer and dryers that are stacked. They also allow the washing machine to be moved back from the wall easier for cleaning, creating convenience as well as peace and quite. Dust and dirt can be routinely cleaned out when the washing machine is easier to move. You’ll have a cleaner laundry room thanks to the convenience.

They special designs will also not stain, bruise or scratch your floor. Your washer, on the other hand, can cause significant damage if left to shake uncontrollably. Floorboards can become worn and scuffed, creating permanent damage.

But it will probably be the project your family notices the most. With significantly reduced noise, it will be much easier to relax in the evening. The kids will be able to concentrate better on their homework. Peace and quiet will help soothe your household, improve family time and make it easier to sleep at night.