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Old Homes Need Protection From Modern Washing Machines

If you are the owner of an old or historic home you are probably all too familiar with creaks, squeaks and other noises that appear as a building ages.  Lots of people enjoy the character that these sounds add to a home.  Most of us have figured out which stairs creak and how to avoid making noise when we sneak downstairs to grab a midnight snack.  Even kids enjoy figuring out how to sneak past those age-old noisy booby traps to see what Santa has brought them on Christmas day.  But not all squeaks are the same.

If you have a washing machine you may have noticed that the floor in or near your laundry room has been developing new squeaks and creaks much more quickly than the rest of your home.  This is often the result of the vibration caused by the washing machine when it is in spin cycle.  Old homes are built with metal nails and wooden beams.  As the wood ages it shrinks and warps causing new stresses on the structural joints.  Vibration then allows the nails to begin to loosen and slip which creates gaps and flexing in the floors.  This then leads to the noises that you hear around your home.  In extreme cases this can even eventually lead to structural failure.

There is a simple fix that can drastically slow the aging process of your home.  Since the vibrations from your washing machine are the primary accelerator of structural joint fatigue, preventing these vibrations from reaching the floor of your laundry room is critical.  Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads create an isolation barrier that absorbs up to 94% of that vibration energy.  They take just 5 minutes to install and will provide you with over 10 years of guaranteed protection.  Order your set of Silent Feet washing machine pads for your old home today.