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Maytag Maxima Sets New Standard for Wash Speed

During our annual washing machine review process we uncovered a real diamond in the rough.  For the past few years we haven’t expected much of Maytag machines.  A few years back we saw them plagued with mechanical issues, noisy cycles and dish-rattling vibration.  Thankfully, Maytag has made a huge engineering effort and churned out a really amazing washer dryer pair.

The new Maytag Maxima XL now sets the standard for how well a front-loading washer can work.  It hits all the key points including excellent cleaning power, energy efficiency, water efficiency and some of the best vibration damping in the industry.  Its cleaning cycle is blazing fast too.  A full load takes only 45 minutes to wash, which is less than half the time of many front-loaders.

We’re excited to see a front-loader technology moving in this direction.  The Maytag Maxima now offers customers a full package of speed, efficiency, low noise and minimal vibration.  And its average price provides maximum performance.

White Maytag washing machine Maytag Maxima XL delivers blazing fast wash cycles.