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Is Your Home in Danger of a Washing Machine Attack?

Every year millions of new washing machines are sold in the United States.  Prior to making their purchase, customers struggle to make the best choice based on capacity, wash-cycle time, steam clean options, brand, style, appliance color and price.  But few people will evaluate the best location in their home for the washing machine.  Almost every new washing machine that is purchased to replace an old or out-dated model will be installed in exactly the same spot that the previous appliance was installed at.  But is that the best location?  Very few homes have been designed to adequately withstand the constant wear from vibration and impact caused by the washing machine’s spin cycle.  All washing machine manufacturers strongly recommend that your washer be installed on a concrete subfloor or a properly reinforced joist subfloor.  But “proper reinforcement” is rare.  This reinforcement normally includes adding joists, thicker or additional layers of plywood and up-rated fasteners and adhesives used to bond the joists and subfloor.  Without this reinforcement, the floor will begin to weaken and degrade resulting in squeaking, sagging, gaps, cracks, and eventually structural failure of the support joists.  But before you rush out to find a contractor to reinforce your laundry room, consider this, washing machine manufactures suggest that the best way to protect the structure and floor of your home is to install an anti-vibration pad like Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet.  The special military-grade rubber in Silent Feet anti-vibration pads absorbs washing machine vibration and prevents it from ever being able to cause damage to your home.  The fix is simple and takes only a few minutes to install.  So next time you’re shopping for a new washing machine make sure to do your home a favor and pick up a set of Silent Feet anti-vibration pads.