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Cut Washing Machine Vibration with an Easily Affordable Solution

Does your washer like to walk around at night? Are you constantly heaving it back into place after it’s almost slept walked away from the wall? Does your washer seem to need its own leash?

Washers tend to move as a result of excessive washing machine vibration. As machines wear out, their absorption qualities wear down, causing it to shake and rumble. The movement is kinetic as the vibration causes the machine to “walk” away from the wall. This leaves you every laundry day heaving it back against the wall, risking your back as well as your patience.

There are solutions short of chaining your washing machine down, but it all depends on how excessive the walking is. The key is to reduce washing machine vibration through absorbing feet. The question you have to ask yourself is how much does the washer walk? If it’s severe enough, you might want to opt for feet that are designed to stop washer machine walk. In addition to absorbing the noise, feet specialized for washing machines that walk are more securely fastened to the washer.

How well the feet work comes down to which feet you buy. Do yourself a favor and skip the hardware store. They have many cheap possibilities, but they are usually made from poor materials, don’t absorb energy as well and wear out quicker. Few even claim they are designed to stop washer machine walk, and even fewer live up to the promise.

Silent Feet, however, are made from scientifically enhanced durable polymers that will last a lifetime. In fact, they are some of the only feet on the market that are backed by a lifetime guarantee. These things can last for life. If they wear out in the first decade, they can be replaced for free.

Their unique design is also easily assembled. You can have them attached to your washer in six easy in six easy steps, turning your afternoon project into a few minutes of productivity that leaves you with the rest of the afternoon to yourself. You can get back to watching the ball game in peace, knowing your house will be quiet and calm no matter when you have to do laundry.