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Cheaply Reduce Washing Machine Noise

I had tried everything. I crammed pillows between the wall and the washing machine, trying to reduce the aggravating washing machine noise that seemed to rampage through the entire house. I placed rags under the washer. I even improvised a foam pad. Although it was a concerted effort, it ended in failure. The machine still shook up the whole house. You always knew when someone was doing laundry. In fact, if we did a load before bed, it would be hard to sleep at night. The washer just seemed to vibrate through the walls.

I was about to break down and spend the money on a new washing machine. Over coffee one day, I complained about it to a friend at work. There were a lot of other things I’d needed money for- clothes for the kids, maybe eve a small family vacation, but it just seemed like I’d have to waste it all on a brand-new washing machine.

Boy, was I ever glad I griped about it. My friend told me he had the same problem, but solved it for the price of a minor repair. In fact, my friend said it was so easy to do he didn’t need any tools. He bought washing machine noise reducing feet that worked incredibly effectively and had it installed in a few minutes. A repair my friend feared would take the entire afternoon had him watching the game and drinking a beer before anybody even scored.

He explained that a new product, Silent Feet, had been introduced to the market. It wasn’t widely available in hardware stores, but its popularity was growing. He suggested I look for it on the Internet. While there are many noise reducing feet on the market, these were far above the best. They were made from durable, highly specialized polymers designed to absorb noise as well as to last. Plus, they had a innovative design that allowed them to be easily attached to the washer without any tools. Not only that, but the feet are guaranteed for life. For less than $40, they may last longer than your washing machine.

I tried it and was sold. The feet were easily attached. I soon found myself with a whole afternoon to myself. The machine then ran like a dream, a perfect hum you’d only hear in the laundry room. My family now has peace and quiet, and we can run the washer anytime we’d like. I’m so glad I fixed the problem without having to buy a new washer.