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Washing Machine Reviews

  • Maytag Maxima Sets New Standard for Wash Speed

    During our annual washing machine review process we uncovered a real diamond in the rough.  For the past few years we haven’t expected much of Maytag machines.  A few years back we saw them plagued with mechanical issues, noisy cycles and dish-rattling vibration.  Thankfully, Maytag has made a huge engineering effort and churned out a really amazing washer dryer pair.

    The new Maytag Maxima XL now sets the standard for how well a front-loading washer can work.  It hits all the key points including excellent cleaning power, energy efficiency, water efficiency and some of the best vibration damping in the industry.  Its cleaning cycle is blazing fast too.  A full load takes only 45 minutes to wash, which is less than half the time of many front-loaders.

    We’re excited to see a front-loader technology moving in this direction.  The Maytag Maxima now offers customers a full package of speed, efficiency, low noise and minimal vibration.  And its average price provides maximum performance.

    White Maytag washing machine Maytag Maxima XL delivers blazing fast wash cycles.
  • Galanz Enters the Washing Machine Market

    You have probably never heard of Galanz but they are one of the world's largest manufactures of microwave ovens.  And now they are moving to take market share in the laundry appliance field by introducing a wide range of washing machines and dryers.  Galanz Group has been in business for 30 years as of 2012 and is pushing hard to gain market share.  What this means to you is that there is now a great selection of Galanz washers and dryers to consider for your home.  These new appliances feature a huge selection of options and colors to rival some of the bigger names like Maytag, Whirlpool, GE and Samsung.

    Here are the features found on many of this year's Galanz Washing Machines:

    • Energy Efficiency - Most models meet European A or A+ standards
    • Child Locks - Prevents children from improperly opening the washer's door
    • Intensive Wash - Special feature for cleaning very dirty clothes and removing the toughest stains
    • Anti-Vibration System - Advanced internal suspension to absorb vibration and noise
    • Anti-Ironing - A gentler spin cycle prevents damage to clothing
    • Time Delay - Allows you to set the wash start time delay for up to 24 hours
    • Power-Off Memorization - If a power outage or failure occurs, the washer will remember where it stopped and resume automatically
    • Drum Clean - Special self cleaning feature that the user can activate whenever necessary
    • Extra Rinse - Allows owners with sensitive skin to remove more detergent from their clothes
    • Heavy - Special setting for washing heavy fabrics like jeans and canvas
    • Mix - Special setting for users who want to wash all different types of clothing, materials and textiles together
    • Night Wash - Skips the spin cycle which keeps the washer quiet at night so you can sleep easier
    • Quick Wash - Allows up to 3 kg of laundry to be washed in less than 30 minutes
    • Anti-Bacterial - Special setting uses hot water to sterilize clothing like underwear and baby's clothes to protect your family's health
    • Intelligent Control with LCD/LED Displays - Displays more information at a time to make your job easier and speed up choosing the right mode

    All of Galanz's front loading washers incorporate their anti-vibration technology, but like we've seen repeatedly over the years, these systems are never able to fully suppress vibration.  It is always recommended that you install an anti-vibration pad like Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads for washing machines on your front loading washers.  The following Galanz front loading models have spin speeds ranging from 800 to 1200 rpm and will fit our Original, Anti-Walk and Premium Silent Feet products:

    • XQG60-A208PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG60-A510PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG60-A812PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG70-A210PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG70-A410PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG72-A112PE Front Loading Washer
    • XQG72-DA112PE Front Loading Washer

    Galanz is also offering angular drum style washers.  These washing machines feature a drum and front door that are slightly angle upwards to assist in draining, make the spin cycle more gentle and make loading and unloading easier.  These models all feature 1200 rpm spin cycles and it is highly recommended that you install Original Silent Feet, Anti-Walk Silent Feet or Premium Silent Feet on these laundry appliances.  Below is a listing of these Galanz models:

    • XQG60-X212CR Angular Drum Washer
    • XQG60-X312PRE Angular Drum Washer
    • XQG60-X112PRE Angular Drum Washer

    Galanz continues to offer two series of top loading washing machines.  Their H and J series washers include a full range of luxury features including stainless steel tubs, child locks, tub cleaning, error alarms, auto unbalancing detection and anti-vibration systems.  All of Galanz's top loading washers will reach a spin cycle rpm of 720 and will fit our full line of Silent Feet pads including our Premium color options.  Here are the 2012 Galanz top loading washing machine models:

    • XGB60-H1 Top Loading Washer
    • XGB75-H2 Top Loading Washer
    • XGB60-J1 Top Loading Washer
    • XGB60-J8 Top Loading Washer
    Galanz offers a wide variety of colors for their angular drum washers

    Galanz offers a wide variety of colors for their angular drum washers

  • Innovative Washing Machine Products - GE Profile Series

    If you're looking for one of the world's most advanced home washing machines then

    Side by side GE Profile washer and dryer

    The stylish design of the GE Profile series can make it the center of attention in your home

    look no further than the amazing GE Profile series.  The latest GE Profile washers and dryers include a huge range of cutting-edge new features like SmartDispense, Overnight Ready, Adaptive Vibration Control, HydroHeater, SteamRefresh, eDry, eWash and Stain Inspector.  Today, we'll cover these key features and how they can make your life easier.

    All washers make claims about great cleaning performance, gentle and fast cycles, efficiency and high tech options, but GE has taken their Profile series to the next level with these great options:

    SmartDispense: Unique pedestal that features 3 large capacity detergent and fabric softener reservoirs.  This pedestal can hold up to 6 months of detergent and will automatically integrate with the washer to ensure that the right amount is dispensed with each and every load.  It even dispenses at the precise time.  This great feature ends the mess and hassle of having to measure out detergent manually before each load.

    Overnight Ready: Now you can start the washer before you go to bed and in as little as 8 hours your load will be washed and dried without having to move the clothes to the dryer.

    HydroHeater: Special internal water heater that boosts water temperature to 160 degrees F to assist in sanitization.

    SteamRefresh: Rejuvenates clothes and fabrics using a special steam cycle to remove odors and wrinkles.

    CleanSpeak: The washer and dryer can communicate electronically to preset cycle times to help you save time.

    eDry: GE's unique dryer sensor that can reduce drying temperatures and allow for an additional 10% energy usage reduction.

    eWash: A very effective cold water wash option that is the eco-friendly way to cut energy usage in the washer by an additional 10%.

    GE SmartDispense pedestal

    The unique GE SmartDispense pedestal can hold up to 6 months of laundry detergent

    Stain Inspector: On-screen program built into the washer and designed to integrate with the SmartDispense system to clean even the toughest stains.  It uses specific combinations of pre-wash detergent, cycle tweaks and temperature adjustments to make sure that your clothes always come out clean and fresh.

    Adaptive Vibration Control (AVC): This active vibration reduction system is the latest in a long line of technology features on washing machines designed to reduce the amount of noise and vibration caused during spin cycles.  This system allows the washer to adapt to changing load balances and spin patters to reduce noise caused by out-of-balance loads.  It is still recommended that owner's install an anti-vibration pad under the washer to absorb the remaining vibration noise.

    Now that you've heard what makes the GE Profile series so impressive, remember that if you plan on installing this or any other washing machine on a second floor or plywood sub floor laundry room you will need to install a washing machine mat or pad.  Anti-vibration mats and pads assist the washer and dryer's built in vibration reduction technology and protect against the structural damage that long term appliance usage can cause.  This is no place to penny pinch if you've just invested in a great new washing machine and dryer, spend the extra few dollars now on a set of Silent Feet anti-vibration pads and save yourself costly home repair bills later.

  • Is Your Washing Machine Doomed to Years of Vibration and Noise?

    Never before have washing machine manufactures been ranked based on the vibration and noise characteristics of their products.  That is until now with the latest release of test results from The Vibration Solution.  Our test engineers have been busy in their lab testing washing machines from every major brand and even a few minor brands.  The results of their tests have finally been compiled.  Below is a ranking of each washing machine brand by the vibration that their family of washing machines generates during operation.  The lower the score, the better.  Higher scores indicate that the washing machine created significant and violent vibration throughout the majority of it's cycles.  Any brand scoring near 100 should be avoided.  The industry average rating for front-loading washing machine vibration was 55.  The average for top-loading washing machine vibration was significantly lower at only 23.  But don't pick your next washing machine based only on its vibration statistics.

    Just because a clothes washing machine doesn't generate as much noise as one of its competitors doesn't mean that it won't keep you up at night.  Noise is another major problem especially with new front-loading washing machines.  That's why we have also included noise ratings as part of our evaluation.  A perfect example of this issue can be seen on the results for front-loading washers.  While Amana, Miele and Electrolux all scored well on vibration none of them were as quiet as Whirlpool machines.  So consumers looking for a good balance of both a quiet and balanced washing machine should strongly consider Whirlpool for their next purchase.  But not all washers are created equal.  While some brands are better than others, consider that there still may be a few black sheep in every brand's family of appliances.  Steer clear of individual models with poor or below average vibration and noise ratings.  These ratings can be found in our 2010 Washer and Dryer Buying Guides.

    Other good front-loading washer brands to consider are Maytag, Kenmore and Samsung.  All three of these brands scored better than the industry average on vibration and also scored well on noise.  Buyers should avoid Speed Queen, Asko, Bosch, GE and Frigidaire washers if possible.  While some washers within each of these brands do offer a good balance of noise and vibration performance, most do not.  Over the past few years we've heard from many very upset Bosch owners who complain of serious vibration and noise.  While Bosch has been slowly improving their appliances, they still have a long way to go before they will be competitive in the laundry appliance industry.

    Ratings of washing machine brand performance for vibration and noise

    For consumers looking to buy a new top-loading washing machine, consider that while most offer the same low level of vibration, LG performed the best in our noise tests.  GE and Fisher & Paykel washing machines also performed well with Kenmore following close behind.  Avoid buying Frigidaire and Roper top-loaders as they suffer from severe noise issues during most of their cycles.  Staber top-loading washing machines performed poorly in vibration tests, but their overall noise rating was on-par with the industry.  Still, Staber should be avoided as a brand until they can resolve their vibration issues.

    Ratings by top-loading washing machine brand for vibration and noise

  • A Hole-in-One for the New Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer - Review

    Despite a troubled past and rumors of mold and mildew issues in older Whirlpool washers, the company has blown away the competition this

    Whirlpool Duet in Cranberry Red

    The perfect accent to your stylish laundry alcove

    year with one of the best new front-loading washing machines on the market.  There really isn't anything you can complain about with this year's Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer.  I guess maybe if you wanted one in a blue color then maybe it wouldn't be the perfect addition to your laundry room.  But for those looking for a white, Lunar Silver or Cranberry Red addition to their laundry alcove, you will be pleased with the color selection.

    But on to the serious side of this review.  In terms of overall performance for getting dirt and grime out of clothes, the Duet Steam Washer does it's job very well.  It's 90 minute cycle time right about in the middle of the pack, but it sure gets the work done.  Unlike other washer's in this category, it'll keep your clothes looking new for years to come thanks to it outstanding gentleness.  But it's gentle on more than just your clothes.  This washer is one of the most quiet and vibration free in the industry.  When installed properly, following all of Whirlpool's guidelines it will operate without upsetting your sleeping babies or evening dinner party.  Just make sure that this beast has a well supported and level subfloor to rest on.  Whirlpool recommends no more than 1" of slope under the washer.  If your laundry room floor doesn't quiet live up to Whirlpool's requirements, they recommend that you add a sheet of 1/2" plywood for bracing or install an anti-vibration pad like Silent Feet from The Vibration Solution.

    The Whirlpool Duet Steam is also gentle on your wallet.  Besides earning the Energy Star rating, it's also already priced only $700 to $850 in most markets.  And the savings will keep on coming as you'll qualify for excellent government Cash for Appliances tax credits.  Not to mention that you'll quickly notice a drop in your water and electrical bills.  The Duet Steam has earned CEE Tier III validation and uses 74% less water than before.  Compare it to your old top loading washer and this baby is thrifty as they come using a whopping 80% less electricity.

    Lunar Silver Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer Dryer Pair

    The perfect couple: Whirlpool Duet Washer and Dryer

    The Whirlpool Duet Steam will keep you happy for years to come.  Beyond the 1 year warranty, Whirlpool has consistently ranked as one of the most reliable manufacturers of front-loading washing machines according to Consumer Reports.   And don't worry about getting left behind the technology curve.  Whirpool's steam cleaning technology is forging to the front of the pack and looks to be one of the must have's in the coming decade.  So rest easy, wash quietly and add the Whirlpool Duet Steam Washer to your home today.

  • Maytag Epic Z

    Today lets Talk About the Maytag Epic Z

    Maytag Epic Z

    Maytag Epic Z

    Lets start with the basics:

    Maytag having front loading machines ranging from an MSRP of $799 to $1,499 the Maytag Epic series (MHWZ600T, MHWZ600TW, MHWZ400TQ) is one of Maytags more affordable machine with an average internet price of around $700 (although we found it for $607.99 at Now for the basic specs:

    ~ 3.7 cu. ft. capacity

    ~ Dimensions (36 inches x 30.5 inches)

    ~ Standard 1 Year Warranty

    ~ 95 min cycle time

    ~ CEE Tier III Energy Rating

    ~ 10 automatic wash cycles

    ~ 5 temperature settings

    ~ 1,000 Watt built-in water heater

    Now for the reviews:

    The Maytag EpicZ received mixed reviews. Consumer Reports was the one place that gave the Maytag Epic series washing machines consistently high reviews.  In fact consumer report gave the Maytag Epic Z a "Excellent" rating in capacity a "Very good" rating in washing performance, vibration, water efficiency, and energy efficiency. The only aspect that good a "Good" rating was in gentleness and noise.

    Unfortunately Consumer Reports is where the  consistent "Excellent" reviews stopped.  For example on Amazon the MHWZ600TW the average review was "2 Stars" and when you start reading them there is only 1 5 star review and 4 1 star reviews.  the MHWZ400TW also received a 1 star review.  There were also mixed reviews on and  After reviewing all of the reviews it seems that the one constant problem, and what we hear about the most, is that the machine tend to walk and create a lot of high frequency vibration (that "hummmm").

    All in all though the Maytag Epic series washing machine gets great efficiency reviews, and seems like a decently reliable machine.  Where the machine does fall short is where The Vibration Solution picks up. To fill in the short coming of the Maytag Epic series washing machines we would recommend a set of our anti-walk Silent Feet.

  • Samsung Vibration Reduction Technology Review

    Customers wanting to install their washing machine on a second level or nearer to their living spaces and closets have finally had their prayers answered with Samsung's new Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) system.  Using a combination of suspension springs and supporting shock cylinders the system is designed to reduce the noise and vibration from unbalanced loads.

    Samsung Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT)
    Samsung Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT)

    "Many customers are first-time front load washing machine purchasers and typically are unaware of the vibration and noise issues of conventional front-loading machines.  Samsung has a compelling solution to this common annoyance for consumers and provides them with a stylish design to complement their homes," said Jeff Armstrong, Senior Marketing Manager of Samsung Home Appliances.

    Samsung claims that in tests involving unbalanced loads, Samsung's VRT washing machines offered the lowest levels of vibration and noise from all the front-loading washers that they tested.  But, those tests were conducted internally by Samsung.  So, the question now is how does the technology really stack up for customers.  Samsung's VRT technology has been available for almost 3 years so the results are finally available and it's looking good for Samsung.

    The Good

    Form and function come together to create a stylish and very functional washing machine.  Many reviews have noted that even when washing large bedding and towels there was very little vibration and noise from their Samsung VRT washer.  Customers have even noted that that vibration reduction extends to washing pet beds, shoes, hockey gear, football pads and bath mats. (Source: Consumer Reports Reviews for Samsung VRT Washers)

    Samsung VRT washing machines are offered in a variety of colors to add style and flair to your home.  Their currently color line includes Tango Red, Onyx Blue, Stratus Gray, and Neat White.  The color finish quality is excellent which means that you don't have to hide your washer and dryer in a closet or utility anymore.  The washer and dryer are now quickly becoming a status symbol and a decor piece and Samsung has capitalized on this.

    Superior wash quality has not been sacrificed.  Almost no complaints have been found for the cleaning abilities of Samsung VRT washers.  Whites

    Form and Function in Harmony

    Form and Function in Harmony

    really do come out whiter and colors are gently washed preserving both the fabric and the brightness.  Stainless steel washer drums and steam cleaning options combined with SilverCare technology produce clean and fresh smelling clothes load after load.

    The Bad

    Like many front-loading washers, the cycle time on Samsung's VRT machines is longer than top-loading machines.  This is a typical trade off that allows the washers to conserve water, clean more gently and leave clothes dryer following the spin cycle.  A typical wash cycle takes around 90 minutes.

    Mold and mildew have plagued front-loading washers since they first arrived on the market.  It is important that you leave the washer door open following use to allow for excess moisture to evaporate.  It is also recommended to run a load on steam cycle with 1-2 cups of vinegar to clear up mold, mildew and mineral build-up once per month.

    The price of these washing machines has also been significantly higher than similar front-loading units on the market.  But, the combination of features, quality, low vibration and reduced noise has kept the Samsung VRT washers at the top of the review charts for the past few years.  You get what you pay for and for an expected price of between $900 and $1500 their is a big decision to make before investing in a Samsung VRT washer.

    Overall Review

    Samsung has producing a winning combination of features in their Vibration Reduction Technology washing machines.  Customers looking for a  solid, reliable, practical and beautiful washing machine for a second floor laundry room or living space installation need look no further.  Samsung does note that their VRT system does not completely eliminate vibration and an anti-vibration pad like Silent Feet from The Vibration Solution are still a necessary add on.  If you're looking for a new front-loading washing machine and you want the best appliance on the market, leave the LG, Maytag, Whirlpool and other brands at the store and bring home a Samsung VRT washing machine today.  3 years of positive customer feedback proves that it is a wise and worthwhile purchase to make.

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