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  • New Milestones Passed for Anti-Vibration Pads, Announces Vibration Solution

    August 15, 2016 - Chicago, IL. Vibration Solution, a leading online retailer of top-rated anti-vibration pads, is pleased to announce that the reviews on Amazon have just passed a significant milestone, now exceeding 650 reviews in total, for the various anti-vibration pads products that it stocks, with most reviews overwhelmingly positive. Continue reading

  • Washing Machine Pads Save Homes

    Our houses are filled with furniture, kids, pets, sometimes clutter and always full of memories.  Over the years our homes collect things like dust, clutter and character (as in Crayon marks and other scars from years of joy).  As the years pass we watch the seasons change, paint fade and families grow.  But what we never want to see is our homes fall into disrepair.  People patch holes in walls, brighten up paint, polish, clean and remodel to keep their homes warm and inviting.  But what we don't always thing about is the toll that the tools of life takes on these important buildings.

    Many homes were built decades ago and constructed with the appliances and features of their day in mind.  But just reflect on how much has changed since your home was built.  Normally this isn't a huge problem, but what can really have an impact on your home is your washing machine.  100 years ago, washing machines were no more than tubs of water and maybe a hand-powered wringer.  Around the middle of the century, electric-powered washers started becoming available and added a whole new set of problems for homes to cope with.  All of a sudden, the wooden structure of homes had to deal with shaking, vibration and water leaks the kinds of which it had never seen before.  And just 10 years ago the first front loading washing machines really started to show up in homes and that's when things got really interesting.

    Between top and front loading washing machines, we ask our homes to put up with a lot these days.  The average family will wash as many as 10 loads of laundry in a single week.  If each of those loads takes just 30 minutes, that totals 5 full hours each week of vibration and shaking.  The wooden structure of your home is held together mostly by nails which use simple friction to keep things tight and solid.  A little bit of vibration doesn't normally hurt, but hours, weeks, years and decades of it starts to work each joint apart.  Gradually, cracks form in walls, gaps open in seams and squeaks, rattles and other noises start becoming commonplace.  This damage spreads from the laundry room to the spaces beside and beneath it all too quickly.  For this reason all washing machine manufactures recommend that you protect your home as soon as possible with an anti-vibration barrier like Silent Feet pads.

    Simple but effective pads like our award-winning and industry-leading Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pads, form an isolation barrier between the washing machine and your home which limits the amount of harmful vibration energy that can transfer.  This 5-minute fix can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs later.  Protect your home today, before your washing machine has a chance to do any more damage.

  • Is Your Home in Danger of a Washing Machine Attack?

    Every year millions of new washing machines are sold in the United States.  Prior to making their purchase, customers struggle to make the best choice based on capacity, wash-cycle time, steam clean options, brand, style, appliance color and price.  But few people will evaluate the best location in their home for the washing machine.  Almost every new washing machine that is purchased to replace an old or out-dated model will be installed in exactly the same spot that the previous appliance was installed at.  But is that the best location?  Very few homes have been designed to adequately withstand the constant wear from vibration and impact caused by the washing machine’s spin cycle.  All washing machine manufacturers strongly recommend that your washer be installed on a concrete subfloor or a properly reinforced joist subfloor.  But “proper reinforcement” is rare.  This reinforcement normally includes adding joists, thicker or additional layers of plywood and up-rated fasteners and adhesives used to bond the joists and subfloor.  Without this reinforcement, the floor will begin to weaken and degrade resulting in squeaking, sagging, gaps, cracks, and eventually structural failure of the support joists.  But before you rush out to find a contractor to reinforce your laundry room, consider this, washing machine manufactures suggest that the best way to protect the structure and floor of your home is to install an anti-vibration pad like Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet.  The special military-grade rubber in Silent Feet anti-vibration pads absorbs washing machine vibration and prevents it from ever being able to cause damage to your home.  The fix is simple and takes only a few minutes to install.  So next time you’re shopping for a new washing machine make sure to do your home a favor and pick up a set of Silent Feet anti-vibration pads.

  • Washing Machines That Sound Like Jet Engines

    What do modern front loading washing machines and jet engines have in common?

    Bosch Axxis Compact Washer

    Bosch Axxis Series Washers Sound Like Jet Engines

    The surprising answer is the sound they make when they spin up to full power.  We've been receiving more and more comments from people regarding the very loud and annoying noises that their washing machines make when spinning up to full speed spin cycle.  One of the most egregious offenders is the Bosch Axxis series compact washer.  It emits an almost deafening screech akin to a CanadAire Regional Jet at takeoff.  It's so loud in fact that most people can't even stand to be at home while the washer is running.  The problem with this specific noise is that it resonates particularly well throughout the home, apartment or condo that you install the Bosch washing machine in.  Simply closing the door to the laundry room is often not enough to quell the screeching noise.  And there really isn't a full-on magic cure for it either (aside from choosing a different washer).  Silent Feet anti-vibration pads can help to contain this noise.  Installing the pads under the Axxis washing machine's factory self-leveling feet will isolate the washer and keep the majority of the jet engine noise contained in the laundry room.  So if you're tired on having a self contained airport in your home, take 5 minutes to install Silent Feet washing machine pads on your Bosch Axxis washer today and start enjoying a better quality of life at home.

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