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  • Washing Machine Vibration Can Rattle the Walls and Addle Your Brain

    Do the clocks stop when you walk into the room? Do people routinely compare you (unfavorably) to a sack of hammers? No, because you’re not dumb! You know that, I know that. Continue reading

  • America's #1 Washing Machine Pad 6-years and Running

    Silent Feet were first launched more than 6 years ago.  At that time there were very few options available for owners of noisy, vibrating and walking washing machines.  Most owners turned to home-cooked remedies such as half tennis balls and rolled up gym socks as makeshift pads for their laundry appliances.  But Vibration Solution had a better idea.  Our company conceived of a product that would absorb massive amounts of vibration while also locking the washer in place semi-permanently.  This ideal product would feature high quality materials and simplistic but appealing design styling.  It would be compact and unobtrusive.  But nothing like this existed and it took two years of testing and numerous product revision before our engineers finally arrived at the products that you see today.

    The key to making Silent Feet the best anti-vibration pad in the world would be the unique adaption of Sorbothane rubber.  Sorbothane had originally been developed for the insole shoe market as a much higher performing alternative to the popular Dr. Scholl's Massaging Gel.  While seeming to be an unlikely material for our products, Sorbothane combined numerous desirable traits including the highest energy absorption of any polyurethane rubber, exceptionally long material life and a natural tacky finish that could hold pesky washing machines in place by semi-permanently sticking to smooth floors.

    Our award winning Original Silent Feet
    Our Original Silent Feet are still the only product to offer the easy installation option

    But the final development was still to come.  One day during testing, our engineers, having grown tired of having to struggle to squeeze themselves into tight spaces around washers and dryer while installing the prototype pads, decided that there had to be a way to make installation easier.  A quick hunt around the test lab resulted in the idea to use a felt like cloth on the bottom of the rear pads.  This would allow the engineers (and eventually our happy customers) to simply pull their washer out from its tight space, install the rear pads and then slide it back into place.  The front feet would remain the same preserving their tacky anti-walking characteristics.  All at once we knew that we had stumbled on the perfect solution.  Not only did we have the best materials, the smallest, most compact, most visually appealing, most effective product that also happened to be made in the USA, but it now took 2 people less than 5 minutes to install.  And that installation time includes opening the package as well as cracking open a tasty soda while admiring the finished installation.

    Today, we sell these pads as our Original Silent Feet.  They are still the industry's best anti-vibration pad for washing machines and dryers.  They are still the only pad of their type to offer the easy install option.  And with hundreds of thousands of pads sold each year, they are one of our best selling products.

  • What’s the difference between Original and Anti-Walk Silent Feet washing machine pads?

    We get lots of questions about what the difference is between our Original Silent Feet (in the green package) and our Anti-Walk Silent Feet (in the red package).  The answer is very simple.  But let me start by saying that there is no “better” product, they both absorb the same amount of vibration and provide exactly the same amount of protection for your home.  In fact, there are only two things that are different between the two products (three, if you count the color of the packaging).  Those two things are the style of the two rear pads in each set.

    Why are the rear pads different?  Because when we first invented Silent Feet washing machine pads, we wanted them to be the easiest pads to install on your washing machine and dryer. So we covered the bottom of the rear pads with felt to allow them to slide.  This allows you to pull the machine away from the wall so that you can easily place the rear pads under the washer.  Then you simply slide the washer back into place and insert the two sticky front washer pads under the front feet.  Poof! You’re done and the two anti-walk front feet hold the washer in place preventing minor to moderate walking.

    But then one day we had a customer call us up and ask if they could have a set of Silent Feet with 4 of the sticky pads?  We said sure! And Anti-Walk Silent Feet washing machine pads were born.  To make installing Anti-Walk Silent Feet easier, we recommend wetting the bottom of the two rear pads with a 50/50 water and liquid dish washing detergent mixture.  This will allow the pads to slide slightly while you adjust the position of your washing machine.  Then place the two front feet, allow about an hour for the water to evaporate off the rear pads and you’re all set.

    We hope that answered your questions about the differences between our award winning washer pads.  For over 5 years now, Silent Feet have been the most effective washer pad on the market.  Try them in your laundry room today!

    What's the difference between the green and the red packs of washer pads?

    Ever wondered what the difference between Original Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet is?

  • Washing Machine Vibration Has Met Its End

    The end for noisy vibrating washing machines is close at hand.  The most effective washing machine pads, Silent Feet, are now easier than ever to order and install.  With stores and websites all around the world stocking these superior anti-vibration washing machine pads, you can experience the Silent Feet difference today.

    Using cutting-edge technology, these pads instantly convert washing machine vibration and shaking into tiny silent amounts of heat energy.  Gone are the days of turning up the TV over the sound of your washing machine’s humming noise.  Never again will you have to schedule your laundry around your family’s at-home time.  Silent Feet washing machine pads reduce vibration noise by as much as 90%.  That makes Silent Feet washing machine pads even better than any similar washing machine mat.

    Silent Feet pads fit all makes and models of washing machines.  They can be ordered from most appliance parts suppliers,, and directly from the manufacturer at

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