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  • New Year - New Washing Machine - New Washing Machine Pads

    Did Santa leave you a new washing machine and dryer in your laundry room this year? Chances are while it may save you on water and include new features like steam cycle it still has the same problems of your previous washer, like noise and vibration. No matter which washing machine you have, and whether it's new or starting to show its age, washing machine anti-vibration pads will cut down on the noise and vibration that it causes.


    Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet washing machine pads are designed to fit all makes and models of washing machines and dryers. If you're considering buying a new washing machine, consider some of these top picks:


    If your #1 requirement is low noise and quiet operation, consider these pairs:
    Kenmore Elite 41073 front-loader and Kenmore Elite 81073 electric dryer
    LG WM8500HVA front-loader and LG DLEX8500V electric dryer
    LG WT5680HVA high-efficiency top-loader and LG DLEX5680V electric dryer
    LG WT5070C[W] high-efficiency top-loader and LG DLEX5170[W] electric dryer
    Maytag Maxima XL MHW7000AW front-loader and Maytag Maxima XL MED7000AW electric dryer
    Samsung WF56H9100AG front-loader and Samsung DV56H9100EG electric dryer
    Samsung WA56H9000AP high-efficiency top-loader and Samsung DV56H9000EP electric dryer
    Whirlpool Duet WFL98HEBU front-loader and Whirlpool Duet WEL98HEBU electric dryer


    If you want to upgrade or replace your washer and dryer at the best price, consider these pairs:
    Kenmore Elite 41472 front-loader and Kenmore Elite 81472 electric dryer
    Kenmore 27102 high-effiency top-loader and Kenmore 67102 electric dryer
    LG WT1001CW high-efficiency top-loader and LG DLE1001W electric dryer
    LG WT4870CW high-efficiency top-loader and LG DLE4870W electric dryer
    Maytag Bravos XL MVWB725BW high-efficiency top-loader and Maytag Bravos XL MEDB725BW electric dryer
    Samsung WA45H7200AW high-efficiency top-loader and Samsung DV45H7200EW electric dryer
    Whirlpool Cabrio WTW5800BW high-efficiency top-loader and Whirlpool Cabrio WED5800BW electric dryer

  • Easy Online Ordering Because You Asked For It

    The old phrase, “The customer is always right,” seems to be losing it’s significant these days.  More and more businesses are competing on price alone and sacrificing quality, customer service and convenience.  We at Vibration Solution believe in listening to our customers and providing them with the best products and service every day.  For more than 5 years this has been our goal and we have stuck to it.

    As a result we’ve constantly improved our Silent Feet washing machine pads, our shipping services, our payment methods and our website.  Each time you email or call us with a comment we log it and carefully consider how to make it happen.  Your comments have brought you things like PayPal payment options, free shipping options, less expensive international shipping, faster shipping, faster processing, easier returns, a 10 year warranty and a 1 year return policy to match our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.  Plus, you keep telling us that you like that we manufacture our products in the USA so we’ve even expanded our production plant, hired more people and launched new products.  Your business has allowed us to create new American jobs.

    We’ve also worked to make our industry leading Silent Feet washing machine pads even better.  A few years ago we updated our entire line of Silent Feet to use two types of vibration absorbing rubber.  We also added molded rings to help center and stabilize the pads under your washing machine and dryer.  We improved the felt on our sliding pads to make them more durable and versatile.  We believe wholeheartedly in listening to our customers and providing them with the best anti-vibration products and services.

    Our products are now available from the following websites to give you the freedom to purchase in your favorite way. (Fast Order Processing & International Shipping) (PayPal accepted here) (Serving all 26 EU Contries) (Fast shipping to Canada)

  • Sorbothane Makes Washing Machines Quiet

    Chances are that you’ve never heard of Sorbothane rubber.  But this innovative polymer has been around for decades and it has been leading a quiet revolution.  Sorbothane is also known as the world’s softest visco-elastic polyurethane polymer.  While that sounds like a lot of technical jargon it actually amounts to something very simple and very effective at absorbing washing machine vibration.

    Sorbothane is an ultra-soft polymer.  It’s about as soft as bubble gum, which allows it to do some pretty cool things.  First off, it’s so soft that it behaves like a fluid.  When vibration energy touches it, it flows through it like a wave, quickly dissipating and being absorbed away.  Second, it retains its shape like a solid so that it will last for years and years before it begins to break down.  In fact it will retain its properties for millions and millions of cycles, which is far more than you will ever be able to put it through.

    When Sorbothane is molded into the bottom layer of our Silent Feet anti-vibration pads for washing machines, it forms a vibration-absorbing barrier between your appliance and your home, apartment or condominium. The fluid-like Sorbothane continuously converts vibration energy from your noisy, shaking washing machine during its spin cycle and turns that energy into heat.  That heat energy is rapidly transferred to the air and gone are most of those annoying vibrations and noises that used to spread throughout your home.  The secret to our best in class anti-vibration pads is the Sorbothane.

  • Silent Feet are Commercial Grade

    Our customer service representatives get many calls every week from customers wondering if there is a commercial grade version of our popular Silent Feet anti-vibration pads for washing machines.  The surprising truth that we share with customers is that Silent Feet are commercial grade.  We designed them to be the best vibration and noise absorbing pads possible.  We spared no expense, cut no corners and created a product that works just as well in your home as it does in some of the industry’s most demanding environments.

    Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet both use the strongest and most durable vibration absorbing polymers.  They are designed with a thick reinforced top cup that evenly distributes even the heaviest loads.  This provides a stable and effective installation whether you have a modest top loading washer or a commercial grade Speed Queen washer.

    Our anti-vibration pads are even designed to handle the toughest and heaviest loads.  They will effectively support up to a 600 lb load across a set of 4 pads (that’s 150 lbs per pad).  This is more than enough to include both the weight of the washing machine, clothes and the water.  If you some how manage to find a washing machine setup that exceeds this static weight give us a call and we’ll find a solution that works for you.

    So buy with confidence knowing that you’re new set of Silent Feet anti-vibration casters are the best possible commercial grade pad for your washing machine and dryer.

  • The One Washing Machine Accessory that You Will Want to Brag About

    When was the last time that you had the urge to tell your friends and family about your latest appliance accessory?  Chances are never, because most of the time there isn’t any reason to get excited about stuff like that.  However, if you haven’t already heard about Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads for washing machines, listen up.

    Silent Feet washer pads are the world’s best vibration absorbing pad for washing machines and dryers.  They were developed 5 years ago by a team of engineers and inventors in North Carolina.  The patented materials and design of these hockey-puck like pads absorbs up to 94% of vibration from washing machines.  They also prevent your washing machine from walking across the floor every time you do laundry.

    These simple but effective pads install in just minutes and are made right here in the USA at our manufacturing plant in Kent, Ohio.  You’ll notice the difference immediately after installing these pads and running your first load of laundry.  By absorbing the vibration from your washing machine before it reaches the floor of your home, Silent Feet drastically reduce the amount of noise that you hear outside of your laundry room.  They also protect the structure of your home from the damaging effects of washing machine vibration.

    Order your set of Silent Feet today and get ready to start sharing your amazing experience too.  Your friends and family will be glad to hear about these amazing little pads and you might just make their year by giving Silent Feet as a gift this holiday season.

  • Choosing the Right Washing Machine Pad

    There are many different and confusing washing machine pads, mats and other products out there.  To make you’re life and decision simpler we’ve created our award winning line of Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads.  We’ve designed 2 types of pads to help meet your exact needs.  Now, lets figure out which one is best for you.

    If you have a front or top-loading washing machine that vibrates, makes noise and possibly even walks or moves a little bit (less than 6 inches per load).  If you have a small or confined laundry room where it may be hard to access the rear feet of the washing machine.  If you have cabinets or a countertop directly over the washing machine.  If any or all of these statements are true for you then our Original Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads (in the green package) are the best option for you.  They absorb up to 94% of vibration and prevent mild to moderate walking.

    If you have a front or top-loading washing machine that vibrates, makes noise and walks more than 4-6 inches per load of laundry.  If you have a stacked washer and dryer.  If you have a drip or catch pan under your washing machine.  If you have space to access the rear feet of your washing machine during installation or can remove your dryer while installing the pads.  If any or all of these statements are true for you then our Anti-Walk Silent Feet Pads (in the red package) are the best option for you.  They absorb up to 94% of vibration and prevent mild, moderate and severe walking.

    If you have a designer color washing machine in shades of red or blue.  If you are looking for a way to add some additional color to your laundry room.  If either of these statements apply to you than the Premium Ocean Blue or Premium Crimson Red versions of either our Original Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet pads are the best option for you.  These Premium versions of our products offer the same 94% vibration reduction and walking prevention plus the bottom half of the pads have been tinted to give you the extra color that you want.

    All of these products are available now for fast delivery directly to you.  If you still have questions about choosing the right product for you, give us a call at 800-399-7316 between 9am and 5pm EST.


  • Silent Feet Pads Are Now Available on

    Silent Feet are now easier than ever to buy in Canada.  Today, we have officially launched all of our Silent Feet anti-vibration pads for washing machines on Amazon Canada.  These items are now available for shipment from our Toronto warehouse.  What that means is that Canadian customers will now receive their orders for washing machine accessories even faster and sooner.  We've stocked this new warehouse full of our best products.  By relocating our inventory to north of border, we've eliminated annoying customs delays that once prevented customers from receiving their orders quickly.

    Canadians are now able to purchase the full range of our washing machine pads including:

    - Original Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads - Most Popular!

    - Anti-Walk Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads - Most Popular!

    - Premium Ocean Blue Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads

    - Premium Crimson Red Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads

    - Premium Ocean Blue Anti-Walk Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads

    - Premium Crimson Red Anti-Walk Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads

    As well as our Twin and Combo value packs including:

    - Anti-Walk Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads (Twin Pack) - Most Popular!

    - Original Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads (Twin Pack)

    - Silent Feet & Anti-Walk Pad (Combo Pack)

    We are proud to be able to make our products available to more customers worldwide.  This is yet another reason why Silent Feet pads are the world's best anti-vibration pad and the industry leader in vibration isolation for top and front loading washing machines and dryers.

  • Washing Machine Pads Save Homes

    Our houses are filled with furniture, kids, pets, sometimes clutter and always full of memories.  Over the years our homes collect things like dust, clutter and character (as in Crayon marks and other scars from years of joy).  As the years pass we watch the seasons change, paint fade and families grow.  But what we never want to see is our homes fall into disrepair.  People patch holes in walls, brighten up paint, polish, clean and remodel to keep their homes warm and inviting.  But what we don't always thing about is the toll that the tools of life takes on these important buildings.

    Many homes were built decades ago and constructed with the appliances and features of their day in mind.  But just reflect on how much has changed since your home was built.  Normally this isn't a huge problem, but what can really have an impact on your home is your washing machine.  100 years ago, washing machines were no more than tubs of water and maybe a hand-powered wringer.  Around the middle of the century, electric-powered washers started becoming available and added a whole new set of problems for homes to cope with.  All of a sudden, the wooden structure of homes had to deal with shaking, vibration and water leaks the kinds of which it had never seen before.  And just 10 years ago the first front loading washing machines really started to show up in homes and that's when things got really interesting.

    Between top and front loading washing machines, we ask our homes to put up with a lot these days.  The average family will wash as many as 10 loads of laundry in a single week.  If each of those loads takes just 30 minutes, that totals 5 full hours each week of vibration and shaking.  The wooden structure of your home is held together mostly by nails which use simple friction to keep things tight and solid.  A little bit of vibration doesn't normally hurt, but hours, weeks, years and decades of it starts to work each joint apart.  Gradually, cracks form in walls, gaps open in seams and squeaks, rattles and other noises start becoming commonplace.  This damage spreads from the laundry room to the spaces beside and beneath it all too quickly.  For this reason all washing machine manufactures recommend that you protect your home as soon as possible with an anti-vibration barrier like Silent Feet pads.

    Simple but effective pads like our award-winning and industry-leading Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Washing Machine Pads, form an isolation barrier between the washing machine and your home which limits the amount of harmful vibration energy that can transfer.  This 5-minute fix can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs later.  Protect your home today, before your washing machine has a chance to do any more damage.

  • Become a 2011 Vibration Solution Distributor/Reseller

    Since 2008 Silent Feet and Anti-Walk Silent Feet have been recognized as the most effective anti-vibration pads for washing machines and dryers.  They have received numerous accolades and recommendations including the Reed Business Association and Design News 2009 Golden Mousetrap Award for Best New Product.  As the reputation for our products has grown, so has the market potential.  Our company is now working to expand our distribution network to make it easier for customers to find and purchase our products nationally and internationally.

    We are now in the process of evaluating our 2011 reseller and distributors. If you are interested in being considered for either please email with the following preliminary information:


    1. Name of company

    2. Number of locations

    3. Size of company

    4. Estimated number of washing machines sold per year

    5. Best point of contact


    1. Name of company

    2. Industries supplied

    3. Number of reseller in or associated with “Appliance accessories”

    4. Geographic areas served.

    5. Best point of contact

    This is an outstanding opportunity for your company to add our product to your offerings.  In the past four years, our products have consistently received high customer satisfaction scores and favorable reviews from industry experts including leading contractors and property managers.  We’ve worked hard to make sure that our products stay at the forefront of their industry by constantly improving them and taking innovative steps like adding designer colors to our line to match the latest colors of washing machine finishes.  The Vibration Solution strives to provide the highest quality products and services.  Contact us today to take advantage of this expanding market.



    The Vibration Solution Team

  • Not Your Grandparent's Washer Pads

    The technology of washing machines is advancing at a lightning pace.  Just a few years ago a

    Stack of 4 Ant-Walk Silent Feet washer pads

    The competition's cheap Chinese neoprene washer pads just don't stack up against the amazing results of Silent Feet washer pads.

    washing machine was no more than a big metal box with a metal laundry tub and a timer on it (there may have been a few other electronic bits too).  Overall, all the washer did was fill itself with water, spin a bit, drain, rinse and spin dry.  It had little to no care in the world for what you were trying to wash, how balanced your load was or for how you managed to get a spaghetti stain on your sock.  These days your washing machine likely has more computer processing power than the Apollo lunar lander did.  Washers have digital displays that make George Lucas's original Star Wars series look a bit ancient and you washer now knows exactly how heavy, balanced and dirty your clothes are at all times.  Kenmore has even introduced a new feature called Kenmore Connect where their washers can communicate their exact mechanical problems with technicians using your cell phone.

    Samsung washers now include their outstanding Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) where a series of large ball bearings spin counter to the off-balanced load of clothing to reduce vibration.  LG  TrueBalance anti-vibration system takes advantage of direct drive motors and counter balance weights to make their washers suitable for installation anywhere including on the second floor.  GE washers use ultra complex suspension systems that rival the suspension in modern luxury cars.

    Despite the rapid advances in washing machine technology, most washer pads have not kept pace.  Just walk into any Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears or Best Buy and you will find average, hard, neoprene rubber washer pads.  These simple pads are really glorified paper weights.  If you put them under your washing machine chances are that all you will gain is an inch of height on the washer.  Compare any washer pad to Silent Feet anti-vibration pads and the difference is clear.  Instead of cheap Chinese neoprene, Silent Feet use ultra high tech Sorbothane urethane.  Sorbothane's unique carbon urethane properties actually convert vibration energy into heat effectively absorbing it before it can become annoying noise and vibration.  Anti-Walk Silent Feet washer pads use the same Sorbothane rubber but also lock your washer and dryer in place preventing walking and unwanted movement.  Don't settle for cheap off the shelf washer pads, buy high quality, American made, Silent Feet washer pads to compliment your high tech front-loading washing machine.

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