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  • Washing Machine Vibration Has Met Its End

    The end for noisy vibrating washing machines is close at hand.  The most effective washing machine pads, Silent Feet, are now easier than ever to order and install.  With stores and websites all around the world stocking these superior anti-vibration washing machine pads, you can experience the Silent Feet difference today.

    Using cutting-edge technology, these pads instantly convert washing machine vibration and shaking into tiny silent amounts of heat energy.  Gone are the days of turning up the TV over the sound of your washing machine’s humming noise.  Never again will you have to schedule your laundry around your family’s at-home time.  Silent Feet washing machine pads reduce vibration noise by as much as 90%.  That makes Silent Feet washing machine pads even better than any similar washing machine mat.

    Silent Feet pads fit all makes and models of washing machines.  They can be ordered from most appliance parts suppliers,, and directly from the manufacturer at

  • Sorbothane in Silent Feet Simply Outperforms Every Other Product

    The world is full of lots of funny sounding types of rubber and other polymers.  There is neoprene, polyethylene, urethane, polyurethane, natural rubber to name a few.  Then there is a whole world of name brand polymers like Viscolas and Santoprene but the only one that you need to know about is Sorbothane.  That’s a combination of the terms, “Absorb” and “Urethane.”  So, it really isn’t that funny or random of a name after all.

    Sorbothane was designed for the purpose of being the best impact and vibration-absorbing polymer ever.  And it does the trick.  Sorbothane is capable of absorbing up to 94.7% of impact and vibration energy.  And it works so quickly that the energy is nearly completely gone within 1-2 cycles (think shakes or oscillations).  In fact when we made a ball out of Sorbothane it wouldn’t ever bounce more than once.

    Sorbothane acts like a fluid and retains its shape like a solid.  It works for millions of cycles because unlike a foam rubber there are no air bubbles inside of it to break down.  Its ultra-soft nature makes it excellent at converting vibration energy into heat.  So when you install Silent Feet anti-vibration pads under your washing machine, the Sorbothane layer forms a barrier that turns all the annoying shaking, vibration, noise and other spin cycle energy into heat.  There is no better material to protect your home and your sanity.  Choose Silent Feet because they are the only washer pad that uses patented Sorbothane rubber.

  • Sorbothane Makes Washing Machines Quiet

    Chances are that you’ve never heard of Sorbothane rubber.  But this innovative polymer has been around for decades and it has been leading a quiet revolution.  Sorbothane is also known as the world’s softest visco-elastic polyurethane polymer.  While that sounds like a lot of technical jargon it actually amounts to something very simple and very effective at absorbing washing machine vibration.

    Sorbothane is an ultra-soft polymer.  It’s about as soft as bubble gum, which allows it to do some pretty cool things.  First off, it’s so soft that it behaves like a fluid.  When vibration energy touches it, it flows through it like a wave, quickly dissipating and being absorbed away.  Second, it retains its shape like a solid so that it will last for years and years before it begins to break down.  In fact it will retain its properties for millions and millions of cycles, which is far more than you will ever be able to put it through.

    When Sorbothane is molded into the bottom layer of our Silent Feet anti-vibration pads for washing machines, it forms a vibration-absorbing barrier between your appliance and your home, apartment or condominium. The fluid-like Sorbothane continuously converts vibration energy from your noisy, shaking washing machine during its spin cycle and turns that energy into heat.  That heat energy is rapidly transferred to the air and gone are most of those annoying vibrations and noises that used to spread throughout your home.  The secret to our best in class anti-vibration pads is the Sorbothane.

  • Innovative Washing Machine Products - GE Profile Series

    If you're looking for one of the world's most advanced home washing machines then

    Side by side GE Profile washer and dryer

    The stylish design of the GE Profile series can make it the center of attention in your home

    look no further than the amazing GE Profile series.  The latest GE Profile washers and dryers include a huge range of cutting-edge new features like SmartDispense, Overnight Ready, Adaptive Vibration Control, HydroHeater, SteamRefresh, eDry, eWash and Stain Inspector.  Today, we'll cover these key features and how they can make your life easier.

    All washers make claims about great cleaning performance, gentle and fast cycles, efficiency and high tech options, but GE has taken their Profile series to the next level with these great options:

    SmartDispense: Unique pedestal that features 3 large capacity detergent and fabric softener reservoirs.  This pedestal can hold up to 6 months of detergent and will automatically integrate with the washer to ensure that the right amount is dispensed with each and every load.  It even dispenses at the precise time.  This great feature ends the mess and hassle of having to measure out detergent manually before each load.

    Overnight Ready: Now you can start the washer before you go to bed and in as little as 8 hours your load will be washed and dried without having to move the clothes to the dryer.

    HydroHeater: Special internal water heater that boosts water temperature to 160 degrees F to assist in sanitization.

    SteamRefresh: Rejuvenates clothes and fabrics using a special steam cycle to remove odors and wrinkles.

    CleanSpeak: The washer and dryer can communicate electronically to preset cycle times to help you save time.

    eDry: GE's unique dryer sensor that can reduce drying temperatures and allow for an additional 10% energy usage reduction.

    eWash: A very effective cold water wash option that is the eco-friendly way to cut energy usage in the washer by an additional 10%.

    GE SmartDispense pedestal

    The unique GE SmartDispense pedestal can hold up to 6 months of laundry detergent

    Stain Inspector: On-screen program built into the washer and designed to integrate with the SmartDispense system to clean even the toughest stains.  It uses specific combinations of pre-wash detergent, cycle tweaks and temperature adjustments to make sure that your clothes always come out clean and fresh.

    Adaptive Vibration Control (AVC): This active vibration reduction system is the latest in a long line of technology features on washing machines designed to reduce the amount of noise and vibration caused during spin cycles.  This system allows the washer to adapt to changing load balances and spin patters to reduce noise caused by out-of-balance loads.  It is still recommended that owner's install an anti-vibration pad under the washer to absorb the remaining vibration noise.

    Now that you've heard what makes the GE Profile series so impressive, remember that if you plan on installing this or any other washing machine on a second floor or plywood sub floor laundry room you will need to install a washing machine mat or pad.  Anti-vibration mats and pads assist the washer and dryer's built in vibration reduction technology and protect against the structural damage that long term appliance usage can cause.  This is no place to penny pinch if you've just invested in a great new washing machine and dryer, spend the extra few dollars now on a set of Silent Feet anti-vibration pads and save yourself costly home repair bills later.

  • The Secret is in the Sorbothane

    It's no secret that the market is flooded with many different types of washing machine vibration damper pads.  There are pads of many different shapes, sizes and materials.  There are pads made of recycled tires, neoprene, foam rubber, cork, natural rubber and even complex platforms of steel and springs.  But amongst all the options today, one has stood out year after year.  That product is Silent Feet Anti-Vibration Pads made with Sorbothane.

    Sorbothane is so much more than just a polyurethane rubber.  It has been designed to offer the absolute best vibration absorbing characteristics.  This means that it is actually what is called a "visco-elastic polymer."  This fancy term means that it has characteristics of both a liquid and a solid.   Think of the ideal vibration isolation situation, it would probably involve a material that could significantly deflect and deform to smoothly absorb all impact and vibration energy, much like a thick liquid syrup.  But syrup wouldn't work well for long because it wouldn't hold it's shape, so the ideal material would also need to have shape memory, like memory foam.  But all foam rubber is made with millions of tiny bubbles in it.  Over time these bubble pop and wear out causing the material to become less effective and fall apart.  So the ideal material would be a solid rubber with perfect shape memory and a fluid like feel.  That is what Sorbothane is.

    If you touch Sorbothane you will notice that it feels soft like the palm of our hand.  It feels this way because it was actually modeled on possibly the best impact absorbing part of the human body, the soft flesh of your heel.  It has very similar characteristics to this natural anti-vibration pad.  When you run or walk, the impact energy of your foot on the ground is smoothly absorbed by your foot and heel.  If you took a ball of Sorbothane and dropped it on the ground it would only return one tiny bounce before coming to rest.  Compare that to a ball made of normal urethane rubber or foam which will return a bounce at least half as high as the original bounce height and then continue to bounce for a long time.

    That comparison is the true secret to why Silent Feet washing machine and dryer pads continue to be the number one most effective product.  All other rubber pads no matter what material they are made of, even fancy and expensive metal platforms with springs all will cause a violent and strong rebound force.  Any time your washing machine is installed on those inferior pads the vibration will amplify and spread.  Just like if you dribble a tennis ball with a racket, the ball retains more energy than is dissipates.  So make the right choice today and install Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet under your washing machine to see a dramatic reduction in vibration and noise.  The Sorbothane rubber in your set of Silent Feet pads will continue working just as hard 10 years from now as it will on day 1 to absorb and smoothly dissipate spin cycle vibration.

    One final benefit of Sorbothane rubber is that it is made in the USA (Kent, OH) by a skilled American workforce and is comprised of materials sourced only from the USA.  The Vibration Solution supports the creation of American jobs for American workers and is committed to delivering the highest quality products to the world.

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