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  • Don't Get Tricked into Using Too Much Detergent

    In a move to reducing packaging and pack more loads into every bottle, detergent manufactures are offering increasing concentrations such as 2X, 3X and sometimes even 8X.  But all of this multiplying can have the same effect on how much you pay to wash a single load of clothes.  It may seem silly but take a look at this simple math.  First, consider that consumers normally assume that because detergent bottles give you a measuring cap, one cap equals one load.  However, the truth is that with new concentrations of laundry detergent like Era 2x Ultra, All 3X Ultra and Purex 2X Ultra, only 1/2 of a cap or less may be necessary.  Second, the average washing machine uses about 40 gallons of water per load of clothes.  However, using too much laundry detergent means that it takes longer to rinse clothes.  Some new washing machines will run additional rinse cycles until the water is clear and free of suds.

    Now for some numbers

    Cost of washing one load with All 3X Ultra: $0.13 (Consumer Reports)

    Average cost of 40 gallons of water: $0.32

    Total cost for one load of laundry (not factoring in electricity for water heating): $0.45

    Now lets run the numbers for what the average consumer actually pays

    Cost of using too much detergent (full cap - twice as much): $0.26

    Average cost of 40 gallons of water: $0.32

    Additional 20 gallons for extra rinse cycles: $0.16

    Total cost for one load of laundry (not factoring in electricity for water heating): $0.74 (39% more)

    This is just one example and All 3X Ultra is actually one of the less expensive brands.

    Kenmore Detergent Tray

    Detergent trays like this Kenmore unit aren't designed for modern concentrated detergents

    Other brands can cost as much as $0.35 per load (or $0.70 if you use a full cap).  It may not seem like much money, but now consider that the average American household washers nearly 400 loads of laundry per year.  400 x $0.29 = $116.00 down the drain.  What could you do with an additional $116 each year?

    One last item to consider.  Most new front loading washing machines like the Kenmore 4000 series in our test lab have detergent trays with measurement lines.  These may seem like a great convience, but there is no gold standard for detergent concentrations or amounts.  So simply filling the tray to Normal or Max could be way too much detergent.  Do yourself a favor and try measuring the exact amount of laundry detergent necessary using the fill lines on the detergent bottle's measured cap.  It doesn't matter what brand you choose, Tide, All, Era, Woolite, Kirkland Signature, Method, Wisk, Purex or Cheer, this simple step might just save you some serious money this year.

  • What is HE detergent, and do I need it?

    What is "HE detergent", and do I need it?

    First let's start off by saying "HE detergent" or high efficient is detergent that in short is engineered to have less "suds" than normal detergent.  This new detergent is recommended in many of today's high efficient front loading machine. The reason that "HE detergent" is recommended and needed is that the new high efficiency washing machines use less water but you are still washing the same amount of dirty laundry so different detergent is needed to accomplish the same task. To go more into this, the new high efficiency machines, unlike non-high efficiency machines that fill all the way up with water and then "agitate" the laundry to get them clean, high efficiency machines can use up to 80% less water because they tumble the laundry in water, flipping them over and over and letting the water run though the laundry.    Not using "HE detergent" can result in confusing the machine resulting in delays in washing or a poor rinse cycle.   Worst case worst not using "HE detergent" can cause your laundry room to fill up with suds, not fun to clean up.  Using regular detergent and not "HE detergent" in you high efficiency machine can also result in you not getting the saving you deserve out of your high efficiency machine.  There are a variety of high efficiency detergents on the market today we have posted a picture of just a few of them but always look for the "HE" logo.

    So we understand this has nothing to do with washing machine vibration but we thought it was relevant information and we have been getting a lot of questions about it, so we hope this help.


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  • The Vibration Solution Continues Their Committment to Sustainable Business

    Over the past year The Vibration Solution has launched a number of sustainability projects aimed at delivering the best quality products to customers in the most environmentally responsible manner.  Some of these projects include replacing all our shipping cushioning material with locally recycled paper, using sustainable inks for printing, and reducing the size of our shipping boxes use less cardboard.  Here is a recap of all of our projects over the past year.

    In June 2008, The Vibration Solution partnered with local newspapers in North Carolina in order to use their excess newsprint as cushioning material in all of our shipping containers.  This allowed The Vibration Solution save more than 25,000 square feet of bubble wrap from being sent to landfills.

    In August 2008, The Vibration Solution replaced all the inks used at our offices with environmentally responsible sustainable substitutes and recycles all spent of our ink cartridges.  At the same time we replaced all of our office paper with 100% post-consumer recycled copy paper.

    In January 2009, The Vibration Solution redesigned our cardboard shipping boxes in order to reduce the their size.  This decreased the amount of cardboard in each box by 30%.  Besides just decreasing the amount of cardboard used this also has helped us prevent more than 2,480 lbs of CO2 each month that would have been caused by this extra weight during shipping our products to customers.

    Coming in the Spring of 2009, The Vibration Solution will begin offering all of our products including, Silent Feet, Anti-Walk Silent Feet and Industrial Silent Feet in reusable packaging that uses 80% less plastic.  This new packaging will provide all the same quality protection that our customers expect but can be reused and recycled in a variety of ways.

    The Vibration Solution continues to look for additional ways to increase the sustainability of our supply chain.  In addition to our current project to reduce the amount of plastic in all of our packaging we are also investigating the feasibility of offsetting all remaining carbon emissions related to our business.  This would make our Silent Feet the first carbon neutral vibration isolation pad for washing machines and dryers.

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    Stop Washing Machine Vibration The Vibration Solution

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