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An Affordable Cure for Washing Machine Vibration

Washing machine vibration has many causes, but it usually has a common result- sleeplessness and frustration. The entire family can feel like insomniacs as a result of a loud washing machine. Some machines are so loud they wake up the entire neighborhood.

Aside from the frustration, it can be very embarrassing. When a washing machine doesn’t behave, it sounds like a piece of junk, even if it washes clothes quite well. When you have guests or family over, you almost want to die with all the embarrassing noise it can make.

Even newer models can experience excessive washing machine vibration. It’s not like you could have tried washing a load of laundry on the showing room floor. Sometimes, you feel stuck with a loud washing machine you might not have bargained for.

Luckily, you have many affordable options to quiet that washing machine that don’t include shelling out big bucks for a new one. Silent Feet, for instance, can fix your clunky washer problem for the price of a minor repair. Made from the same scientific elastic polymer used by NASA and NASCAAR to reduce energy vibration, Silent Feet absorb the shaking and bouncing of your washing machine, minimizing the noise to a nice quiet hum. You won’t even hear it in your dreams.

Plus, they don’t require any tools. They couldn’t be any easier to install. You simply leverage the machine on one end and place the feet one. The job is done in minutes. You’ll probably spend more effort loading the laundry than you’ll spend installing these feet. The relaxing sound as your relaxing to the TV with a full load of laundry in the spin cycle is like a dream. You’ll think your washing machine got a complete makeover.

Silent Feet will work a thousand times better than any system you come up with yourself. Towels barely muffle the noise and get ratty overtime. Foam rubber may do a little good, but it doesn’t fully muffle the sound. Worse, the shaking of the washer usually tears it to shreds in the first few washings.

Don’t cash in your old washer for a new one when the right accessories can restore your piece of mind for the price of a family dinner in a restaurant. There’s a recession on, so it’s best to make do with what you already have. With Silent Feet, your washing machine gets a second chance on life. You won’t believe how smooth it will sound.