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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Washing Machine Vibration Doesn’t Automatically Mean a New Washer Is Needed, Consider Anti-vibration Pads First

    Washing Machine Vibration Photo credit: elycefeliz via / CC BY

    Memorial Day has just passed, a holiday that began as a grass-roots effort after the Civil War to bring the country together after that divisive conflict. Continue reading

  • Vibration Solution Announces New 'Think Piece' Post on Treadmill Vibration and Anti-Vibration Pads

    Chicago, IL - June 15, 2016. Vibration Solution, a leading online retailer of top-rated anti-vibration pads, is pleased to announce a novel use for its ‘Silent Feet’ anti-vibration pads: reducing vibration noise from motorized treadmills. As part of a new, summer 2016, effort the company is using user feedback to identify new uses and post these to its blog.

    “Though we often focus just on the utility of anti-vibration pads in reducing noise from washing machines, it is always interesting to hear creative new uses for them that our customers have dreamed up,” explained Rj Yozwiak, Manager of Vibration Solution. “We concentrated on creating a solid product, but after that the sky’s the limit on what uses the Silent Feet anti-vibration pads can be put to. Using them for treadmill vibrations is quite innovative!”

    Anti-vibration Pads for Treadmills Photo credit: via / CC BY

    To read more about this innovative use, the company has posted a 'think piece' article to its blog at There, in addition to learning about why anti-vibration pads are useful for treadmills, one can browse the photo gallery and other sections of the website to brainstorm other, new uses for this innovative technology.

    Many Uses for Anti-Vibration Pads Around the Home

    Silent Feet anti-vibration pads can be employed in any situation where vibrations, in particular vibrations generated by electric motors as are found in many household appliances, generate unwelcome noise and shaking. Washing machines are a very typical use case for the product, but thinking ‘outside the box’ may reveal a number of other instances where anti-vibration pads may be useful. Treadmills, and other similar home-exercise equipment, are a prime example.

    To learn more about the use of anti-vibration pads in reducing noise and vibrations from treadmills and other large home appliances, please visit

    Vibration Solution’s Silent Feet product is made of Sorbothane® is a one-of-a-kind visco elastic polymer. 100% unique - Sorbothane® is a solid that naturally ”flows” like a liquid - Sorbothane® absorbs vibrations better than any other natural or synthetic material available today.

    About Vibration Solution

    Vibration Solution is the source for Sorbothane® ‘Silent Feet’ anti-vibration pads. Sorbothane® uniquely absorbs up to 94.7% of vibrations, and is ideal for use in a variety of home and workplace settings.

    Vibration Solution

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