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Monthly Archives: December 2012

  • Why Washing Machine Pads are Essential

    Your washing machine is quietly attacking your home and sanity even if you’ve never noticed.  That new squeak in the floor could be the first signs that you washing machine is weakening the joints in your home’s structure.  And that low hum or thumping that resonates through your home shouldn’t be something that you have to put up with.  As washing machines have become more efficient, they have increased their spin cycle speeds to try to squeeze every last drop of water out of your clothes.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since it can save you big bucks on your energy bills.  But it leads to some troubling side effects.

    The worst of these side effects is long term damage to the structure of your home.  Each time that your washing machine enters its spin cycle, it begins to create high frequency vibration.  The majority of this energy is transferred directly through the solid plastic and metal feet of the washing machine into the floor and structure of your home.  Over time this vibration and shaking takes its toll on the joints between joists, studs and beams in your home.  The vibration can gradually cause nails and fasteners to loosen and give way.

    The key to preventing this type of damage is to create a boundary between the washing machine and the floor that does not allow this vibration energy to travel into the structure of your home.  This can be done using any flexible material such as a rubber workout mat, foam pad, or even a springy anti-vibration shock mount.  Some people have even resorted to using tennis ball halves or rolled up gym socks to stop these vibrations.

    However, the most effective method is to install a set of 4 Silent Feet pads on the washing machine.  These pads feature the world’s best vibration absorbing rubber polymers.  They instantly convert up to 94% of your washing machine’s vibration and shaking energy into trace amounts of heat.  Unlike anti-vibration washing machine mats which are bulky, costly and unsightly; Silent Feet washing machine pads are small, sleek and feature the right amount of material exactly where you need it, saving you money.  Install a set today and don’t subject your home to the damaging affects of even one more laundry spin cycle.

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