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Monthly Archives: September 2010

  • New Advanced Sorbothane Anti-Vibration Products

    Getting your hands on superior Sorbothane anti-vibration pads, bushings, grommets and

    Sorbothane products from Isolate It!

    Sorbothane products from Isolate It!

    hemispheres has just gotten easier.  Now you can find a huge selection of these great anti-vibration products on and  The Vibration Solution has branched out with a new brand called Isolate It!  This new brand features a range of Sorbothane parts that is ever expanding to meet your specific needs.

    Isolate It! products are designed for vast range of applications.  They can be installed on computers, appliances, lab equipment, industrial machinery, home theaters, stereo systems, monitors, measuring devices, robots, motherboards, hard drives, printers, light fixtures, cars, trucks, airplanes, boats and many other items.  Also, Sorbothane bushings and washers can be used together to create large isolation grommets and bushing isolators.

    Sorbothane hemisphere sizes

    Sorbothane hemispheres now in a wide variety of sizes

    Sorbothane square pads, sheet stock and round pads offer users with the ability to cut and shape them to very unique installations.  These rubber isolation materials are available in a range of thicknesses and durometers to allow for specific loading to maximize vibration, shock and noise isolation.  Sorbothane sheet stock can be used to line the inside of speakers and audio equipment to focus acoustic projection and to dampen and absorb unwanted noise.

    Check out these new products today and see what they can do for you.  All products are available in convenient and affordable sets for the first time.  Previously, these products were only available to wholesalers and bulk distributors but now they can be ordered in quantities small enough to fit your specific project.   All products are in-stock and ready to ship so your project will stay on schedule and you can start enjoying the peace and quiet sooner.

  • Generation 2 Silent Feet YouTube Video Released

    The second generation of Silent Feet Anti-Vibration pads for washers and dryers have been available for a little over a month.  To help explain some of the differences and improvements that have been made we've launched a YouTube video.  The video gives a brief explanation of the new features found in this great new product revision.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    • New Dual Rubber Construction Absorbs More Vibration
    • Soft Rubber Top Conforms to Appliance Feet to Lock them in Place
    • Stronger Bond Between Materials to Increase Product Life
    • Improved Modern High Gloss Finish
    • Same Great Price and Warranty

    If you still have any questions, check out our website at  Generation 2 Silent Feet are now available for sale on our website and on

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