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Monthly Archives: January 2010

  • Eliminate Washing Machine Noise from Any Household Appliance

    There is possibly nothing worse than living in a small apartment with constant noise protruding from your major appliances.

    Your apartment can very well be misinterpreted for a train station if you're not careful and resist the mesmerizing spiral of indifference.

    Washing machine noise can be the worst of all and it is quite often that someone invites over a friend who notices the violent racket of the washer and dryer while the homeowner shrugs it off and professes that they don't even notice it anymore.

    Forcing your guests to simply become accustomed with the awful noise is not appreciated and conveys a message that you don't like your guests to feel comfortable and that you would rather ignore problems than fix them.

    In such cases as washing machine noise and other noises from major appliances, purchasing fantastic washing machine accessories that are now offered, such as Silent Feet with the groundbreaking technology of Sorbothane, is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to eliminate unwanted noise and vibration from any appliance.

    The amazing material has been proven to absorb up to 94 per cent of vibration and bring the noises and humming to near elimination. You will instantly notice the difference and wonder how you ever got along without it.

    Refrigerator noise, just like washing machine noise, is a cinch to eliminate just by sliding one foot in the four corners of the bottom of the appliance.

    The same thing can be accomplished and from now on you will be able to run a load of laundry without any of your guests ever knowing.

    After making an expensive investment in any major appliance, remember to buy the proper accessories to allow your appliance to run quieter and more efficiency and to avoid malfunctions and costly repairs in the future.

    Silent Feet, featuring the patented technology of Sorbothane super vibration-absorbing materials, makes for the perfect house warming gift, first-time home buyer gift, moving gift or ‘just because' gift.

    They are now available in fun colors that can accentuate accent colors and help to carry the color scheme throughout the room. The add great color to otherwise bland appliances and they also add an inch of height, which is great for elevating appliances off the ground to make for easier sliding and moving.

  • Sorbothane Material Offers the Ultimate Washing Machine Pad

    The washing machine pad that has been votes No. 1 time and time again is Silent Feet. This washing machine pad has repeatedly been proved the favored accessory in households and restaurants alike.

    Using Sorbothane, a unique visco elastic polymer that was invented in 1982 and used at first in NASA, absorbing shocks that ran through the shuttle after small collisions or violent launches.

    While the Liberty Bell was being moved to a new location, the professional engineers relied on Sorbothance to absorb the vibrations while the bell was moving to avoid cracking.

    Finally, the latest line of Wilson sporting goods strategically uses this ultimate vibration-absorbing material with their new line of superior baseball gloves.

    Time and time again this material has proven to withstand any challenge that has been presented.

    Now the material is introduced to the public serving as the perfect add-on to any major appliance in the household setting and in professional restaurants alike.

    Absorbing the awful vibrations and eliminating the noise of these major appliance does not prove to be a tough challenge for a washing machine pad that features this remarkable material, like Silent Feet.

    Do away with the distracting vibration of the washing machine and the violent noises of the dryer.

    Instantly eliminate the noises that are produce by your dishwasher and the humming noise from your refrigerator. You don't have to deal with these awful noises for the rest of your life.

    The feet absorb vibration up to 94.7 per cent, nearly eliminating any trace of noise level evidence that a load of laundry is being spun or a load of dishes are being dried.

    Restaurant owners love Silent Feet because it is a great way to ensure that their restaurant stays as quiet as possible to the patrons can enjoy their meal, as well as a smart way to get the longest life span out of the appliances and ensure their efficiency.

    Simply the best, Silent Feet, offering the feature of the super strong and climate resistant Sorbothane technology, is the smart and ideal choice when it comes to major appliance add-ons and ensuring the life span of major appliance investments.

  • Washing Machine Accessories Help Maintain Appliance Efficiency

    Purchasing a washer and dryer, or any major appliance, is a large expense and an important investment.

    You certainly want to make sure that you purchase the small accessories that will make your major appliance run more smoothly, thereby increasing its life span.

    Washing machine accessories are an example of a necessary purchase in order to keep your washing machine running tame, quiet and efficiently.

    Washing machines are notorious for shaking, buzzing and being annoying overall. Washing machine accessories, like Silent Feet, serve to drastically reduce noise and vibration by sliding underneath the four corner of the machine.

    With special material and technology that nearly absorbs all vibration and reduces buzzing sounds to an all-time love, washing machine accessories, like Silent Feet, are the ultimate add-on for washing machine purchases.

    Dryers are also famous for doing the ‘dryer dance', in which it slowly inches forwards throughout the cycle. Stop your appliances dead in their tracks with Silent Feet and similar vibration eliminating appliance pads.

    The added features can also add elegance and color scheme stress if you decide to purchase feet in one of the many new colors.

    The same feet that you can purchase to eliminate the noise from you washer and dryer machines, you can also use to add efficiency and create silence to your refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher.

    Once you experience the silence that major appliance accessories can offer, it will be hard to believe that you withstood the noise in the years prior.

    Believe it or not, Silent Feet also make fantastic gifts for house warming parties, new neighbors, first time homebuyers and your immediate family. To add to the gift, choose a color that matches well with the scheme of their house or apartment.

    Adding appliance accessories will allow your machine to run more efficiently and, therefore, maintain a longer life span. The more the machine vibrates, the more chances there are of screws and pins coming loose and, then, the problem tends to grow from there.

    When you invest a lot of your money into major appliances and other household products, it is important to do everything you can to maintain the upkeep of the appliance, get your money's worth and avoiding costly repairs or replacements in the future.

  • Eliminate Washing Machine Vibration and All Major Appliance Noise

    While you are designing your house, you want to make sure that you have quiet areas to rest in or do quite activities that involve concentration. You also want the entire décor scheme to offer an environment that let's you relax and be yourself.

    Owning loud appliances that rumble and rattle throughout the evening can severely interrupt the tranquility and calmness that your décor exudes.

    Ignoring these annoying noises or passing them off as normal is not the smart thing to do. For one who is paying either a lot of money in rent or paying off a mortgage, you want to really create a sanctuary for yourself, away from distractions, and enjoy every moment of it. Washing machine vibration, refrigerator noise, generators and freezers can all be easily remedied with major appliance accessories, such as Silent Feet.

    Simply sliding Silent Feet under your washer in all four corners will cure your washing machine vibration, making the noise almost non-existent. You will be astonished by the reduction of noise and you will wonder how you ever made it through your days with that constantly distracting vibration.

    Washing machine vibration is just the beginning.

    A strong enough machine accessory, such as Silent Feet, can handle any major appliance in your house. The dish washers are notorious for shaking about and the dryer tends to do the "dryer walk", by slowly creeping forward with every cycle vibration.

    Silent Feet can be the cure for both of these scenarios.

    Note that, if you plan on installing a dish washer in the near future, plan for one more inch of space, as the feet elevates the machine.

    In addition to solving your vibrating problems, the feet also serve as a wonderful way to make your house look organized and flawless. Now available in an array of colors, it is a fantastic way to emphasize accents colors and help to enforce base colors in an otherwise white or plain-looking room.

    No matter what kind of house or apartment you live in, washer and dryer accessories are the perfect solution to a variety of problems. Perfect for any scenario or household so you don't have to torture yourself with ringing and banging noises ever again.

  • Let Washer and Dryer Accessories Handle the Awful Noise

    A noisy washer and dryer is among one of the worst noises to live with, especially if you are living in a smaller apartment.

    If your walls are thinner than average, then your neighbors most likely have had enough with the horrible vibrations and noise, too.

    The washer and dryer accessories that are available today are the perfect solutions to noisy washer and dryers that have become unbearable to you and/or your neighbors.

    Silent Feet are the best example of washer and dryer accessories that nearly eliminate all vibrations and annoying sounds.

    The feet are easily installable, just sliding each foot to the four corners of the machines. Once installed, the feet absorb the vibration and, therefore, significantly reduce noise.

    The feet also make it much easier to move your washer and dryers about the room with minimal effort. Don't be afraid to clean behind your washer and dryer machines any more. Just slide the machine out and clean and then gently slide your machine back in.

    The feet also serve as an aesthetically pleasing feature to help break up the appearance of the room. Washer and dryer are so large and bulky, that they often look like they are cemented to the floor and can be quite the eye soars.

    After you prop your washer and dryer on the Silent Feet, you will be separating your machines from the floor by a full inch, making look like a feature of the room, rather than unattractive appliances.

    Now that the washer and dryer accessories have become in a variety of fun colors, your Silent Feet will also add a splash of color to a commonly bland laundry room. Or, if your laundry room walls are already painted a color, matching the color to the feet is a wonderful way to carry out color schemes and themes.

    You will be amazed when you discover how quiet your washer and dryer machines can actually be. Once you experience the silence that is possible, you will wonder how you ever handled the annoying vibrating and humming sounds from before.

    And your neighbors will be the most appreciative of all.

  • Eliminate Washing Machine Noise

    Washing machines naturally produce a certain amount of noise; they are, after all, an appliance with numerous parts working together to produce a clean load of laundry. In some cases, however, the washing machine noise can reach a level that is simply disruptive.

    The sound of the components clanking and grinding together can make it impossible for someone to concentrate in the other room, or enjoy a television show. In extreme cases, it might even make it difficult to have a normal conversation without making it necessary for people to virtually yell at each other over the racket coming from the laundry room.

    It's possible to eliminate this noise without buying a whole new washing machine, which can be quite an expensive purchase. Beyond that, buying the accessories that can help with noise is not an expensive endeavor. In relation to what a new appliance will cost, washing machine pads are quite affordable.

    Washing machine noise can be annoying, but it doesn't always indicate that a washing machine isn't working properly. A machine might still be able to clean clothes, but if it makes so much noise while doing so that everyone in the family wants to flee the area, investing in accessories is definitely a smart idea.

    One of the best things about washing machine accessories is that they're very easy to use and install. No extra equipment or tools are required, and you won't have to hire anyone to come to your home to help you with the process.

    All you have to do is thoroughly clean under the washing machine, lift up the back and front, slide the washing machine pads underneath, and then shove it back into place. The next load of laundry you complete will be markedly more quiet.

    Washing machine noise is caused by vibration, and this vibration, if it's severe, can cause a washing machine to "walk." This means that the vibration builds momentum that can propel an appliance across the room.

    Much like the noise itself, this doesn't indicate that a washing machine isn't working properly. It can become annoying or harmful, however, if a washing machine moves so much that it starts to bump into other fixtures in the room.

    Accessories can also fix this problem. A washing machine pad will help keep the appliance in place as it simultaneously makes it less noisy so that the rest of the house isn't affected by the simple act of cleaning some clothes.

  • Solving Problems with a Washing Machine Pad

    No one likes to do laundry. It's a household chore that some people dread more than doing the dishes or cleaning the bathroom, but nonetheless, it's an unavoidable task that everyone has to do at some point in their lives.

    If extra noise caused by rattling parts within the machine comes along with this task, however, it becomes more than a mere annoyance and turns into a dreaded event. The good news is that a loud washing machine doesn't have to be an ongoing problem in a home because there is a very simple and affordable solution: the washing machine pad.

    A washing machine pad can absorb a lot of the noise that is caused by rattling parts. As a washing machine starts to age, parts tend to become loose simply as a result of use over an extended period of time. This doesn't necessarily mean that your washing machine is about to break; it is just a natural byproduct of repeated cycles of laundry day in and day out.

    The purchase of washing machine accessories such as a pad for the bottom of the appliance can prevent some of this noise from affecting the daily routine of those in close proximity to the laundry room.

    Buying an accessory like a pad can also extend the life of a washing machine. Just because a machine is loud doesn't mean it's working properly; a washing machine could be so noisy that it's barely possible to hear a sitcom over the noise at high volume, but it could still deliver a clean load of laundry once it stops its cycle.

    Most people still would be tempted to get rid of a noisy machine in favor of a new one of it disrupts life and makes a home unpleasant, even though it's quite expensive to do so. Adding a pad to the bottom of a washing machine can allow someone to postpone the purchase of a new appliance but still get some peace of mind.

    The best part about adding a washing machine pad to an appliance is that it's very easy to do. The only preparation necessary is to make sure the bottom of the machine is free from any debris or dust that might have collected underneath it.

    Then, the feet of the device need to be lifted so the pad can be slipped underneath. Once that step is complete, the washing machine can return to its original position, and the noise will immediately be almost eliminated immediately. The next load of laundry that goes through the machine will make much less noise, and the household can resume a sense of normalcy and comfort.

  • Get Peace of Mind with Washing Machine Accessories

    No one likes to be disturbed when they're at home. Home is a place people associate with peace of mind and solace; they don't want to be distracted by a clanging or rattling sound coming from the laundry room.

    Unfortunately, not all people are able to enjoy their time at home while they're doing the simple chore of washing their clothes due to excess vibration coming from their machine. Washing machine accessories are a simple solution to this problem. They are extremely easy to install, and can eliminate the noise coming from a washing machine by providing adequate padding that will absorb the sound.

    It's a common misconception that washing machine accessories are difficult to put to use. The opposite is actually the case. After purchasing the accessories, the bottom of a washing machine needs to be thoroughly cleaned so that no debris or dust is present.

    Then, the washing machine accessories or pads can be applied to the feet of both the rear and the front of the appliance. After that, it's easy to slide the washing machine back into place. The results are immediate; the next time laundry is done, the extra noise won't come along with the process.

    Another benefit to the purchase of accessories is that they can prevent a washing machine from "walking" across a room. This means that the machine will no longer shift when it's' being used. Some people might not be troubled by these slight changes in position, but since they are typically accompanied with a lot of loud shaking, it can definitely become a problem.

    One of the reasons washing machine accessories are so attractive to some consumers is that they can extend the life of a washing machine. Sometimes, when components of the appliance get old, they start to make noise. This doesn't necessarily affect the ability of the appliance to do its job, however.

    It is tempting to buy an entirely new machine when the noise becomes almost unbearable, but it's also quite expensive to do so. If accessories are bought as an alternative, then the appliance can be used for many years to come. Or, the accessories can be a temporary solution while someone waits for a special deal or financing offer that is within their financial means.

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