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  • Stop Washing Machine Vibration

    There is always some component of noise involved in the process of doing laundry, but in some cases, it can become almost unbearable. Often, it's caused by washing machine vibration. This occurs when a washing machine has parts that become lose over time; it's most prevalent in older appliances that have been used multiple times by large families or in apartment complexes where the washer and dryer area is communal and used by numerous tenants.

    If a washing machine if far away from living areas, the vibration is typically innocuous; however, if it's near to a family room or dining room, it can be a source of frustration as people would like a quiet place to relax when they get home.

    Washing machine vibration can also cause a washing machine to "walk" across a room. This is because the vibration has reached such a high magnitude that the machine builds a momentum and shifts in its location.

    Again, this can be a harmless occurrence that's simply a result of owning an older appliance. It can cause problems, however, if the shifts cause other furniture in the room damage. A washing machine that moves is also typically quite noisy while doing so, and this can be an inconvenience to people in the surrounding area who are trying to concentrate or enjoy a television program or movie.

    Thankfully, it's easy to solve the problem of excess noise produced by this vibration. Washing machine accessories have been developed that can prevent the noise from becoming unbearable. Slipping pads underneath the feet of the washing machine, for example, can stop it from moving and can also cut down on some of the noise that's produced.

    When someone makes the decision to stop washing machine vibration, they are also deciding to keep their appliances for a while longer as opposed to going out to buy new ones. This is a financially sound choice. New appliances are very expensive, and it might take a great deal of financial planning to work that kind of expense into a budget.

    If accessories can solve the problem at a much lower cost, then the purchase of new equipment can be delayed for up to a few years. If buying a new washing machine doesn't fit into someone's personal finances, it's a relief to know that the simple and cost-effective purchase of some accessories will allow them to continue using their appliances without the additional noise and headache.

  • Washer and Dryer Accessories Can Bring Peace to Your Home

    Home is usually considered to be a place of solace. After a long week at work, most people want to come home on Friday night, sit back, and put up their feet for some much-needed relaxation. However, it's hard to relax if there is a constant, annoying noise in the background - especially if it's caused by a simple household chore such as doing your laundry.

    Excess vibration caused by washer and dryer machines can cause extreme frustration if someone is trying to watch a television show or listen to an album, but can't fully enjoy it due to the rattling in an adjacent room. Therefore, they might want to investigate purchasing washer and dryer accessories to stop the noise and prevent them from becoming agitated within the confines of their living room.

    Most of the noise caused by washer and dryer machines is due to vibration. Parts can become old or loose, and they start to rattle against each other. In extreme cases, the appliances may even appear to be "walking" across the room.

    This means that they are slightly shifting in location because the vibration is causing a momentum that propels them in one direction or another. Not only does this cause a disruptive noise, but it also can cause problems if they're bumping into other important things in the room or possibly causing other pieces of furniture to shift or become damaged.

    Luckily, it is quite easy to install washer and dryer accessories, and it doesn't require any special tools or equipment. After the bottom of the appliance is cleaned off, all one had to do it slip them under the feet of the appliance. Usually, it's easiest to start with the back feet and then move to the front.

    After they are secured to the washer or dryer, then the appliance can be easily moved back into its original position. The addition of these simple accessories will markedly reduce the amount of noise that is produced by old appliances.

    Sometimes, even if a washer or dryer is making lots of noise, it isn't necessary to buy entire new machines since they can be quite expensive. People can bypass that option by investing in washer and dryer accessories, and their appliances can last up to a few years longer without also giving their owners a headache due to the excess noise they make.

    These accessories are an excellent investment in addition to new parts to help the machines function properly, because even if washer and dryer machines are doing their jobs, if they're making an excess amount of noise, the mere act of running them can be quite annoying to those in search of peace and quiet.

  • Creating My Perfect Home Office

    With the recent changes in the economy and having a home so close to where my office already was, I recently decided that with some do-it-myself renovations and the right look, I could easily implement a home office that was suitable for clients and coworkers to see. It would be just as accessible as my original office, but far less money!

    On top of all that, I could tackle household chores and spend time with my family during my downtime; in my old office, no use running home to load the dishwasher or the washing machine. Noise reduction, accessibility, and professionalism were the three obstacles/goals that I had for the big move; and so, my project began.

    First of all, I scoped out a space in my home that would be a viable option. Somewhere that the rest of the inhabitants could easily avoid when they were feeling a little noisy, but somewhere that was easily accessible from the front drive and street parking.

    Next, I came up with a few simple solutions for how to make it more of an "office." I positioned the desk so that the door to the rest of my home was behind me, closer to me than where clients and coworkers would be sitting.

    Finally, I got a reliable and fast home network installed-voila!-a home office was born. I even joked with guests that I would be able to whip up some cookies for them while we discussed upcoming projects-something that was impossible in my old office space.

    I had the whole family trained on "office hours," and created a pretty foolproof system for them to text or instant message me with questions or things they needed when I was in a meeting, unless of course there was an emergency.

    Think that's all the noise I would have to put up with in my new home office? Nope. But I'm a solution-oriented person. First of all, there was my neighbor's dog, who received brand new toys to play with in their yard.

    Next up, there was the barrage of washing machine noise that interrupted my meetings. It just so happened the "perfect location" I picked happened to be very near the laundry room, and happened right around the time my washer and dryer started to speak up.

    The final piece of the puzzle-washing machine pads or "Silent Feet" under the machine that absorb the washing machine noise and vibration. Now I can switch over my whites during a conference call and the group will be none the wiser.

  • Masques, Scrubs, and... Washing Machine Pads?

    When you think about washer and dryer accessories, you typically think of them as items for your home. At least, I do. Where else would you need such things? Certainly not at my job or anywhere else I go-or so I thought! A-ha!

    Washing machine pad has recently became not just a home luxury but a necessary item for a local business (and probably other businesses in that industry), but let me start at the beginning:

    Occasional trip to the day spa can be the perfect break from any otherwise hectic daily life. Where else can you completely sink into the atmosphere, free from any real obligations, and choose exactly what you would like to have done/do that day?

    A friend of mine owns a local day spa and, above all things, it's her goal to create an environment that does just that. They're flexible to their clients' needs, and strive to keep any little issues and glitches out of the public eye and out of the calmed minds of their guests.

    And, I must say, she and her team do a fantastic job at it. I continue to recommend her spa to friends and coworkers and go there myself. There's a lot, however, that you might not know about as a guest at a spa, but given my special access have come to learn. I had never considered, for example, how much water the business goes through, or how much yearly maintenance goes into some of their features.

    On top of all that, I never thought about how much laundry has to get done each day to keep the spa moving (you see where I was going with the whole washing machine pads thing...).

    Think about every towel and sheet and robe that goes through that spa. Yes, she could probably outsource her laundry service, but they're still a small business and at this point, it's probably better that they all team up and tackle it themselves.

    The problem, however, arose when their normally docile washer and dryer started to make a ruckus. Short of moving the entire unit off-site or to an unfinished basement, the washer and dryer always seemed to be audible from one of the massage rooms, from your pedicure chair, and so on-taking away from the serenity my friend tries so hard to create.

    When I heard about the problem (and heard it for myself), I took it into my own hands to order her a set of the silent feet I recently purchased for my home. These washing machine pads can absorb the movement and sound that was waking up and distracting her guests-and earned me the team's gratitude and a free manicure!

  • An Unlikely Gift: Washing Machine Accessories

    Is it better to give a gift that is aesthetically pleasing, something out of a magazine "gift guide," or something truly useful, something you know the recipient needs? I'm not always sure, and I guess it depends on how well you know the recipient, but I know for sure which category washing machine accessories fall into... the latter.

    It all started when I dropped by my sister's house the other day to visit with her, give her a gift I'd been meaning to drop off, and finally see her new bedroom set. I arrived, took off my coat, and turned around to see her darting to the back of the house, hollering-"I'll be right back, just a minute!"

    She's my younger sister, and despite being consistently more put-together and mature than I, still wants things to be perfect when I'm over. What had drawn her to the back of the house? Her washer and dryer were making too much noise, and that was not acceptable.

    The house was a little older, rough around the edges, but with a lot of character. It was exactly where I saw her, but the little hiccups with dated appliances seemed to be wearing on her nerves. This latest venture with the washer and dryer was especially annoying, causing her to constantly shut off the machine, leaving wet laundry to sit and damp clothes to wrinkle.

    She ended up restarting the whole cycle on most occasions, and was probably spending a fortune on detergent. But-what can I say?-that's her. More importantly, it was affecting her work schedule; she's a writer, so not being able to work from home between certain hours can be more than a small annoyance.

    Being the older sister that I am, I set to finding a solution to her problem-I read blogs, talked to someone at a home appliance store, even briefly considered chipping in for a new machine altogether.

    And then I came across a line of washing machine accessories that promised to reduce the noise and vibrations of your aging washing machine. I was skeptical, but eager to help her out-and so we gave them a try.


    I'm proud to say she now runs her wash just one time, can work through the day with fewer interruptions (at least none from her appliances), and when I stop by to visit her, we can sit and chat over a cup of coffee, regardless of whether she's doing laundry.

  • Surprisingly Frustrating: Washing Machine Vibration

    You know when you find that one little glitch in your lovely plans for an afternoon? That avoidable blip that just messes things up? At one time I probably would have launched into a story about lost reservations or spilled beverages; today, it's washing machine vibration.

    I must admit, of all the household chores that I complain about, I secretly love doing laundry. There's something so methodical about the process, and it's not so time consuming that you can't get anything done mid-cycle. But then when you'd like to just forget everything else on your list, you've got a big basket of warm, clean-smelling laundry to fold.

    Maybe it's me-but that sounds downright calming to me. But, like I said before, one little hitch in the problem: washing machine vibration. If my washing machine is feeling especially active one laundry-filled Saturday afternoon, the entire event might be ruined.

    It's a testament to how much technology has infiltrated my life-but on more than one occasion I've gone to mute the washer, only to find myself cursing at the rattling machine, knowing full well no one could hear me over the racket.

    You can also see how washing machine vibration and noise could start to interfere with my light sleeping little one come naptime.

    I'm all for the gentle hum of the dishwasher or the soft boom of the dryer, but with the washing machine, vibrations and shaking lose that white noise feeling. On top of all of that, having a sensitive sleeper and a noisy washing machine have really gotten in the way of my laundry habit! Now I have to find little chunks of time around my day when I can sneak some laundry in, if you can believe it.

    "So why is she telling us about all this if she hasn't found a solution?!" you might ask. Well, I did find a solution. I propped the machine up with rugs and towels in different folded formations, even jammed my lightly used yoga mat underneath to see if that would calm the beast.

    All of these "solutions" were shaky, at best, and also downright "shaky" - I was worried that the machine might tip or shift on such unstable support. And, as you know, this isn't acceptable when you've got someone shorter than the machine strolling around your house.

    And so, my friends, I finally found a set of silent feet - little rubber shoes that are completely stable and somehow manage to absorb all that sound and movement into their little rubber soles. I'm not sure how it works, but that's something I can ponder over laundry... Which I can now do whenever I want!

  • Washer & Dryer, Accessories, and Other Lessons from a New Owner

    As someone accustomed to what seemed like years at the Laundromat, finally having a washer and dryer to call my own (quarter-free!) was a big day. I thought that was the end-all, be-all when it came to my clothes-washing regimen, until a friend mentioned washer and dryer accessories. "You mean there's more?!" the little voice in my head said (though I outwardly pretended to know what she was talking about).

    And, as it turns out, there are several washer and dryer accessories that will hopefully extend the life of my machines and make them just that much more functional in the time being. I quickly stocked up on products meant to cleanse/refresh your machines, found the perfect high efficiency detergents, and every other bit for my washer and dryer.

    Accessories that really made a difference in my place, though, were the washing machine pads my friend recommended. When I first saw them I assumed they would merely prop the machine up a little, but do little for the noise level and vibration.

    Once I tried them, however, I was sold. They seemed like such a simple, almost obvious solution to the sometimes obnoxious but completely avoidable rattling, booming, and shaking that filled my small apartment!

    When you live in smaller quarters than you might be used to, silence becomes just as valuable as space. I can holler at my noisy neighbors all I want, but when the noise is coming from my own unit, I've got to find a solution myself.

    Well, I usually have to. But not for my washer and dryer, anymore! These tiny, sturdy little slippers that go on the machine make it so I don't even know when the machine is on. I even had to learn how to set up a buzzer for when the cycle ended!

    I was so used to waiting to hear noise die down that once I added the feet, the cycle could end and I was none the wiser. At the end of the day, though, I was glad to turn on the buzzer option for my machine-if it meant that I could read my favorite magazine or chat on the phone in almost silence, or as close as I'm going to get in my building.

    Now all I need to figure out is how to get similar products for all of my neighbors' machines... and their feet.

  • Eliminate Washing Machine Noise

    I think one of the most annoying things to have to deal with in my home is the washing machine noise. I purchased a washer used from one of my friends because I could not afford a brand new washer.

    He guaranteed that the washer was working perfectly, and only mentioned that there was a minor washing machine noise that could be easily tuned out. I thought this was a great deal, so I went along with the purchase.

    I soon found that I was tricked by my friend. The washer made an exceptionally loud banging noise every time it ran.

    The pads on the bottom of the machine had worn out, so there was nothing preventing the machine from hitting the ground. To top it off, the machine was also hitting the wall and moving throughout my laundry room.

    I had no idea what I could do to prevent this from happening, so I called an appliance mechanic to take a look at the machine.

    When he inspected the machine, he gave me two options. If I wanted, I could purchase a new machine and dispose of the old one, or I could purchase this product called Silent Feet to solve my issues.

    He told me that Silent Feet is easy to install and cost under a hundred dollars. He has recommended it to numerous clients, so I am sure it was a good product. I decided to see if it was worth the money for me.

    I did some research and found that it uses an ingredient that is also used by NASA on its space shuttles. I felt that I should take advantage of something so scientifically advanced.

    According to the website, the polymers in Silent Feet absorb the vibrations from the machine.

    By absorbing the vibrations, I should no longer hear any noise. Also, the material has an adhesive side, so the machine will no longer move. By combining these two features, all of my issues with my washing machine could be solved.

    I decided to take the risk and purchase Silent Feet.

    My mechanic was not lying when he told me it would take minutes to install Silent Feet. I did not have any issue installing the product, and it was extremely easy to use.

    Once it was installed, the washing machine noise became nonexistent. I was glad to finally hear nothing from my washing machine, and so were my neighbors.

  • The Complete Guide to Top Loading Washing Machine Vibration 2010

    While front loading washing machines are the hot new appliance on the market, top loading washers are still the primary seller in the industry.  This is because top loading machines offer an excellent combination of capacity, speed, features, efficiency and reliability all at an excellent value.  For most families purchasing a new top loading washing machine is the smart choice.  Especially in this tight economy it's hard to argue with their low price and dependable heritage.  The good news for any buyer is that there are great deals to be had on top loading washers with excellent capacity, short wash cycles and low vibration operation.

    Top Loading with Low Noise and Vibration

    Fisher & Paykel Intuitive IWL16

    GE Profile Harmony WPGT9360E

    Kenmore Elite Oasis HT 2808 (Warning: harsh wash cycle can damage clothes)

    Maytag Bravos MTW6600T

    Whirlpool Cabrio WTW6200S

    Whirlpool Cabrio HE WTW6600S

    These washers were some of the best tested for the 2010 model year.  If your concern is getting the best washer with the quietest operation, pick one of these and stay clear of the washers listed below.

    Top Loading with Major Noise and Vibration

    Frigidaire FTW3014K

    Frigidaire FWS1233F

    Roper RTW4440V

    Whatever washer you choose to install in your home, remember that all manufactures recommend the installation of a vibration pad like Silent Feet when the washing machine is located on a 2nd floor or joist-built sub-floor.  This is because over time the vibration and oscillation of the clothes washer during the spin cycle can damage the floor and structure of your home.  Some manufactures even recommend nailing or screwing an unsightly 1" plywood sheet to the floor under your washing machine and dryer.  While this strengthens the floor it does not stop vibration noise from transferring into the structure of your home and being heard in every room.  Only a flexible isolator pad like Silent Feet can stop vibration noise.  Install Anti-Walk Silent if you have a smooth or slick floor like laminate, tile, wood or vinyl and are concerned about washing machine walking.  Plywood cannot provide the same benefits as a top of the line vibration pad like Silent Feet.

    The Complete Guide to Top Loading Washing Machine Vibration 2010

    The Complete Guide to Clothes Dryer Vibration for 2010

  • Make It Run Like New With a Washing Machine Pad

    As a recent college graduate, I find it necessary to eliminate expenses in every way possible. One of my first strategies was to purchase most of the products for my new apartment on a used basis.

    By purchasing everything used, I could save hundreds of dollars on each product. I felt this was the best move for me to make until I had more funds at my disposal. One of my purchases was a used washing machine from my parents.

    They said that the washing machine pad had worn down, but otherwise the machine worked perfectly. I had no idea what to do about a worn washing machine pad or what problems could arise, so I accepted the machine with no restraints.

    Despite my previous lack of knowledge, I soon realized why my parents were willing to part with their old washing machine. During each cycle, the machine would create a loud banging noise during operation.

    Because of this loud noise, I found it extremely difficult to concentrate when I was in the house. I tried to combat this issue by running the washer when I knew I would not be home, but this quickly grew to cause me more trouble than it was worth.

    My neighbors would complain about the noise my machine made, and they demanded that I fix the noise or throw the machine away.

    I could not afford to throw the machine away and purchase a new machine, so I tried to find a lower cost alternative to repairing my machine. I used the information I had received from my parents earlier, and I looked into the possibilities for repairing the machine.

    To my surprise, there was a low cost alternative to my problem. I would be required to wait for the product to arrive in the mail, but it was a proven accessory that could eliminate my washing machine noise. It used this substance that absorbs the vibrations made by the machine, so I do not have to worry about hearing my washing machine make noise anymore.

    The product slides onto the bottom of the washing machine and takes less than two minutes to install. Once I slide the product on, my installation is completed.

    This was a great way for me to replace my worn out washing machine pad. I did not have to pay hundreds of dollars to fix my machine, and that was definitely a great situation for me.

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