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  • Combat Washing Machine Vibration

    I live in an apartment complex with a community washer and dryer. The laundry room is located on my floor, and it is right down the hall from my apartment.

    At times, when someone is running the washer I can hear a loud banging noise. I thought it was because the machine was sitting on concrete and right next to a brick wall, so I did not think anything of it.

    I assumed that the washing machine vibration was a result of poor maintenance. I called my landlord and asked if he could have washing machine vibration inspected by a mechanic.

    Like any landlord, he ignored my request because he was trying to cut back on expenses. Because of this, the washing machine continued to make more and more noise.

    I worked from home, so it was almost impossible for me to concentrate on my work with the loud banging noise coming from down the hall. I decided to try and find some sort of solution to this problem. My neighbors all agreed that the noises were intolerable to deal with, so I was designated the position to find a way to fix our problem.

    I looked online for what could be the cause of the banging noise. I found that it is a result of the pads being worn down. Because the pads are no longer thick, the machine vibrates directly against the floor and wall.

    The only solution to me was to replace those worn out pads. I knew the landlord would never purchase a new machine, so if I was able to offer him a lower cost alternative, then I would have a better chance of having him fund the purchase.

    I called numerous appliance stores and inquired about potential solutions. I was told that I should look into a product called Silent Feet to solve my problem. I had never really heard of the product, so I decided to look into what it could do for us.

    I found that it is an industry leader with its service. I also found that installation was simple and the prices were extremely affordable.

    I contacted my landlord and showed him the information I had found. Because the product was extremely affordable, he decided it was worth the risk to try it out.

    Once they were installed, I never had to worry about hearing the washing machine vibration again. It worked out perfectly for our washing machine.

  • Get New Washer and Dryer Accessories

    I was visiting my parents during the holidays one year, mainly to see if they needed any help with everything they had going on at home. As I was looking around the house for things that might have needed to be replaced or fixed, I noticed that there was a loud banging noise in the house.

    At first, I had no idea what the noise could be coming from. The television was not on, and besides my parents there was no one in the house. I soon found out that my parents were in need of washer and dryer accessories because of their aging equipment.

    By purchasing washer and dryer accessories, I should have been able to fix the noise problem.

    When I inquired with my parents about the noise, they had mentioned that it was their old washer that was making a racket.

    When I told them that I would gladly purchase a new washer and dryer for their home, my parents quickly refused. They did not wish to replace the machine because it was something they had grown accustomed to. They also did not wish to learn how to use a new machine.

    My only option was to find a way to fix their machine.

    I went online hoping that I would find a suitable solution to my problem. I read that it is not unusual for washers to begin making noises are a few years of use. This is because of the continuous vibrations from the machine.

    The cushion on the feet of the machine had been worn down to the point to where the machine had direct contact with the floor. Because of this direct contact, I was hearing the loud banging noise.

    Another issue that arose with the worn out cushions was that the washer would move while it was running.

    It began to also hit the wall and began to damage the laundry room. This was a big issue because now we would have to pay for repair costs to the house. I found a product online that was perfect for my problem.

    The product was not available everywhere, but it was an easy solution to my problem. It would slide onto the bottom of my washer and prevent it from moving. The material would save me from hearing the banging noise as well. Thanks to the washer and dryer accessories website, I was able to eliminate the noises in my parents' home.

  • Silent Feet Eliminates Washing Machine Noise

    To any homeowner, there are always numerous problems we have to face. We have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and appliances to replace or fix on an annual basis.

    To top it all off, we also have to make sure that our home resale value does not fall because of our usages. For me, one of the key aspects of my home is its resale value.

    I will eventually want to sell this home and move into a newer, larger one. To do so, I will need to build up my savings and create a revenue stream that will enable me to do so.

    Until recently, I kept my home in great condition, so I was not worried about its resale value. Then I started to hear the washing machine noise. It wasn't too bad at first, but then I noticed that it had begun to echo throughout the house. I knew that washing machine noise wouldn't hurt the resale value of my home, but I wanted to make sure the source of the noise wouldn't do any damage to my home.

    There was always a loud banging, so I was afraid that my tile or walls would get damaged. I went in to the laundry room to inspect and see if there was any damage, and thankfully there had not been much damage to my room. The tile was slightly scuffed from the abrasion and the wall would be fine with a new paint job.

    I could not let this continue to happen to my laundry room, so I needed to find something that would help me eliminate the noise in my house.

    If I found something to stop the vibration, then I would be able to prevent further damage to my house. I went to a local store and hoped I would be able to find something to fix my washing machine problem.

    I found a product that was not available in all stores, but was considered to be the industry's best product. Silent Feet was proven to have the materials necessary to eliminate my washing machine noise. It also had this adhesive material that would keep the washer from moving around my room.

    This was exactly what I needed for my home. Once I purchased Silent Feet, I never had any issues with my machine making noise, moving, or causing any other issues in my laundry room.

  • Purchase a New Washing Machine Pad

    I own a home on a college campus that I rent out during the school year. It is a great source of income and my mortgage payments are easily made through the rent I charge.

    The only drawback is that I am responsible for regular maintenance on the property and have to pay for any repairs made. If there is damage to the property then my tenants would have to pay for the repairs. Despite my maintenance policy, there are some damages that simply go unnoticed during an inspection.

    One of these damages that I did not notice was my worn down washing machine pad. I did not know if this was the result of one of my tenants, but I knew that I had to purchase a new washing machine pad or a new washing machine. I decided to look into both options and chose the least expensive route.

    The matter first came to my attention when my new tenants complained about noise from the washing machine. I asked if it still worked, and they said yes, other than the noise there was no problem.

    The noise, however, kept them from being able to concentrate on schoolwork. I offered to move the washer to the basement and see if that would help eliminate the noise. The washer was not very old; it just became more worn down because it had more use than most washers traditionally do.

    To my dismay, moving the washer did little to eliminate the noise. It still rang throughout the house, so my tenants were getting frustrated. I decided to see if I could have a mechanic check out the machine and figure out the problem.

    After an inspection, the mechanic said that I needed to buy a washing machine pad that would eliminate the noise from washer. According to the mechanic, there were many products I could buy, and he had personally purchased a product called Silent Feet that had proven to be extremely effective in his home.

    It was a product that slid onto the actual "feet" of the washer and would help to eliminate the noise that my tenants hear on a daily basis. It was a relatively cheap product to buy, especially when I would compare the cost to buying a new washer.

    I took his advice and purchased Silent Feet. To my amazement, these little pads actually stopped the washer from making noise. It took me five minutes at the most to install, and now my tenants have no more complaints.

  • Silent Feet Leads All Washing Machine Accessories

    When I was growing up, I was required to do my own laundry. This was supposed to teach me to get ready for when I would be on my own, but it quickly turned into my parents pushing some of the household chores onto me.

    At the time, I did not have any issues with doing these chores because it helped me get the things I needed to complete out of the way. A couple years ago, I was back home visiting my parents, and they asked that I do laundry for them like I had in the past.

    Of course I objected, but eventually I decided to help them with their laundry. I soon found that their washer needed new washing machine accessories, but no one had ever purchased them. Washing machine accessories would be easy to find, we just needed to go and look for the right ones.

    I realized that they needed new parts because their washer was rattling and banging against the floor and wall. This was extremely noisy and it kept me from enjoying my time back home.

    I had inquired with my parents on what the problem was, but they did not know. They knew that the washer was making the noise, but other than the noise it was working perfectly so they did not look into fixing it. They could not afford purchasing a new washer because the parts necessary would be too expensive.

    Their only option it seemed was to suffer through the noise. They did not wish to find a solution to their problem because it was too stressful. I offered my help because I could not tolerate that noise any longer. I went online and looked into what would help eliminate the noise.

    I found that there were washing machine accessories that would help to eliminate noise and help me save my parents hundreds of dollars. I found that there was a product called Silent Feet that was the industry leader in eliminating washing machine noise.

    I was surprised to find that it also came with a lifetime warranty, so my parents would almost never have to worry about noise from their washer again. I ordered Silent Feet and once they arrived, installed them onto my parent's washer.

    I was surprised to find that it was an extremely easy installation, so I did not have to waste much time doing so. They worked to perfection and my parents no longer had to listen to the loud banging noise from their washer.

  • Silent Feet Eliminates Washing Machine Vibration

    I was on business in southern Florida a couple weeks ago, so I decided to stop by my uncle's house and see how things were going.

    I had a great time, and I traded stories on life and business with him. During our conversation, my aunt had started a load of laundry. My uncle lives in a large house, but noises travel fairly far due to the house structure. As I was conversing with him, I began to hear this loud noise.

    I sounded like banging and rattling throughout the house. It was incredibly annoying and prevented us from fully concentrating on our conversation.

    I asked my uncle if this was a regular occurrence, and he said the washing machine vibration had this effect on the house. Whenever they turned on the washer, the washing machine vibration would cause issues and the loud noises would make daily living intolerable for them. I was going to be in town for a week, so I promised to try and find some sort of solution to his problem.

    During my search for a solution, I determined that I did not want to have my uncle buy a new washer and dryer. I felt that would be an unneeded expense that could possibly be avoided if I could find the right tools. My first stop during my search was to look online for any solutions.

    I had discovered that most washers will reach this stage after many years of use. If it was still under warranty, then the manufacturer would provide a solution to the problem. In most cases, the warranty has already expired when the noises begin to occur. I found that many families opted to purchase a product called Silent Feet to eliminate their noises.

    According to what I found online, the Silent Feet will eliminate the washing machine vibration because of the polymers used in its main component.

    Sorbothane is used to disperse the shock waves that are emitted from the washer. These shockwaves caused the noise I heard at my uncle's home. I decided that it was worth the risk to purchase this product to try and fix my uncle's problem.

    It had a lifetime warranty, so I was not worried about the durability of the product. According to customer reviews, there did not seem to be durability issues, but the lifetime warranty definitely eased my concerns.

    Once I installed the Silent Feet, my uncles issues with his washer disappeared. He no longer hears the banging or rattling whenever he does laundry.

  • Find New Washer and Dryer Accessories

    I was recently in the market for new washer and dryer accessories because my washer has been making a lot of noise.

    Whenever it is running, it is difficult to get any work completed and I usually leave the house because the noise is unbearable.

    My washer is old, but not old enough that I need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace it, so I wanted to pursue other options. I had decided that the first step was to search for washer and dryer accessories that did not break the bank. I had heard that some of these accessories could help me achieve my goal of eliminating the noise from my washer.

    I knew that the noise came from my washer's parts simply being too old. Like most material, the "feet" of the washer had worn down due to continuous use.

    Because they had worn down, I was no hearing the dreadful rattling throughout my house. I had heard about this successful product that could help me reach my goals of eliminating the noise. These pads were manufactured using a compound called Sorbothane®.

    Sorbothane® is a type of polymer that absorbs the noisy and harmful vibrations that my washer makes. It is a unique material that is manufactured solely for its vibration-isolating properties. It is recorded to have a shock absorption rate of ninety-four point seven percent.

    This material is also highly recommended because it is trusted for use by NASA, NASCAR, and the U.S. Military. Upon hearing that information, I felt comfortable purchasing Silent Feet.

    Its main component significantly reduces vibrations, so it helps to eliminate noise and structural damage to my house and the machine. Silent Feet is the industry leader in this department. I looked through various websites and user comments on the product and I was impressed with what I found.

    Because Silent Feet can be used on almost every model washer available, it is available for use to a large population. It comes with a lifetime warranty, so it is relatively easy to replace the products if it is necessary.

    During my search for washer and dryer accessories, I could find nothing more reliable and recommended available to the public. I was glad to see that because it ended up being a great purchase.

    I was able to eliminate all of the noise from my washer, so I have made living at home much more enjoyable.

  • Eliminate Annoying Washing Machine Noise

    I enjoy my peace and quiet. I am extremely productive when I have the time to think things through and enjoy my time alone.

    Any outside noises usually keep me from performing my work on an optimal level, so I try to keep my home quiet. I have many older appliances that I have never had many issues with. One issue that I have encountered has been my older washing machine.

    Much to my disappointment, the parts to my old washer were no longer available because the manufacturer had been out of business for multiple years. The washing machine noise hindered my work, so I needed to find a suitable alternative to my machine.

    I could not afford to purchase a new machine because I could not afford to do so in my current financial situation. I decided that I needed to find an alternative to fix my washing machine noise.

    I went online and performed a web search for a suitable alternative to purchasing a new washer. I did not want to try numerous products in hope that I would finally find something that worked. I needed to find some products and do ample research on them. My search brought me to a product called Silent Feet.

    According to my research, Silent Feet is the number one noise reduction pad available for washing machines. It replaces the previously worn out parts in your washer.

    The material is made of similar substances used by NASA, so I felt confident that this could be a worthwhile product. I decided to look into the product more and see if I should purchase it for my home.

    My main concern was the ease of installment for the product. I thought it would be a difficult procedure, so I searched for an installation guide. To my surprise, installation was extremely easy. The set comes with two easy-slide rear pads and two super-sticky front pads.

    I would simply need to pull the appliance out of its spot and place the two easy-slide Silent Feet pads under the washer's rear feet and slide it back in place. The next step was to lift the front of the appliance and place the two super-sticky pads under the front feet.

    Once I completed these steps, my installation would be complete. I decided to order the Silent Feet in order to see if it would help me eliminate my washing machine noise.

  • The Complete Guide to Front Loading Washing Machine Vibration for 2010

    A recent surge of government tax rebates and retail appliance sales has sparked a surge in new energy efficient washing machine and dryer purchases.  But before you take advantage of these great deals on new appliances, check out the noise and vibration ratings for the latest washers.  The first step is to analyze your laundry room.  Is it located on the second floor?  Is your current washer installed on a concrete slab?  Do you currently have issues with noise and vibration?  What other laundry problems would you like to avoid in the future?

    It is very important to recognize what your expectations for your laundry room are, because it is likely that your next washer and dryer will last for a decade or more before needing to be replaced again.  Picking a noisy or high-vibration washer could mean many years of aggravating noise every time you do laundry.  There is good news though about solving vibration problems in washers and dryers.  By installing Silent Feet under the appliance, even on a 2nd installation your home can remain a quiet and peaceful place.  It is strongly recommended that you install Silent Feet or Anti-Walk Silent Feet vibration isolation pads if you currently have or are planning to purchase any of these models of washing machines.

    Front Loading with Major Vibration Noise

    LG WM0642H

    LG Allergiene WM2688HA

    Bosch Nexxt 300 Series WFMC220UC

    Miele Touchtronic W484

    Maytag 5000 Series MHWE500V

    Bosch Vision 800 Series WFVC8440UC

    Bosch Vision 300 Series WFVC3300UC

    Amana NFW7200T

    Speed Queen AFB50R

    LG WM2010C

    Asko Ultracare WL6511


    Front Loading with Moderate Vibration Noise

    Electrolux WaveTouch EWFLW65

    GE WCVH68000J

    LG Allergiene SteamWasher WM3001HA

    Whirlpool Duet Steam WFW97000V

    Whirlpool Duet Steam WFW9550W

    Frigidaire Gallery GLTF2940F

    Kenmore Elite HE5t Steam 4770

    Bosch Vision 500 Series WFVC5440UC

    Frigidaire Affinity ATF8000F

    GE WBVH5300K

    LG WM2016C

    Bosch Nexxt 800 Series WFMC840UC

    Whirlpool Duet HT WFW94000S

    Frigidaire Affinity FAFW3577K

    Samsung WF218AN

    Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus Series WFMC544UC

    Frigidaire Affinity ATF6000F

    Kenmore HE2t 4756

    Kenmore HE2 Plus 4751

    Whirlpool Duet Sport WFW8300S

    Recommended Front Loading Washing Machines

    Electrolux IQ Steam EIFLS55

    GE Profile WPDH8800J

    GE Profile Steamwasher WPDH8900J

    Kenmore Elite 405

    Kenmore Elite Steam 4219

    LG WM2701HV

    Maytag Performance Series MHWE950W

    Samsung WF448AA

    Whirlpool Duet Steam WFW9750W

    Even if your front loading washing machine isn't listed here as having vibration issues it still needs vibration isolation pads if it is installed on a 2nd floor or joist constructed floor.  This is because over time, vibrations caused by repetitive use of a clothes washer's spin cycle will cause the joints of wooden floor supports to separate and wear.  Washing machine manufacturers know this and all of them recommend the use of a vibration isolator pad like Silent Feet for these installations.  Don't risk long term damage and costly repairs to your home, make the investment in Silent Feet vibration pads for your laundry room today and rest easier knowing you're protected.

    For complete reviews, buying recommendations and more information about washer and dryer noise and vibration check out consumer review sites like Consumer ReportsConsumer Search and CNET Reviews.

    The Complete Guide to Top Loading Washing Machine Vibration 2010

    The Complete Guide to Clothes Dryer Noise 2010

  • Make Others Happier With a New Washing Machine Pad

    I live in a small apartment complex that provides a communal laundry service. The laundry room is conveniently located down the hall from my apartment.

    The machines themselves look to be over fifteen years old, and there was obvious wear and tear. Whenever someone on my floor decided to do laundry, everyone on the floor would be able to tell because the machine made always made noise.

    The washing machine pad had been worn down because of continuous use, so the washer rattled extremely loudly whenever someone did their laundry. The landlord claimed that he had replaced the washing machine pad, so he did not offer to make any changes. This angered most of the tenants, but there was really nothing we could do as tenants.

    The washing machine was sitting on concrete, so I thought that purchasing a carpet to have the washer sit on might eliminate the sound. To my disappointment, the landlord was not willing to purchase a carpet because he refused to believe there was any problem.

    Unable to enjoy my afternoons at home, I purchased a carpet to place underneath the washing machine. My idea was to use the carpet to lower the rattling noise that the machine made while it was running. I was not sure if carpet would be enough to prevent the noise, but I felt it was worth a try.

    To my dismay, the carpet only helped reduce the noise slightly. There was still a loud rattling noise whenever the machine was running. I looked online to see if there was any way I could eliminate the noise. I was able to find that numerous companies offered new bottoms for washers to help eliminate the noise they make.

    I was interested in purchasing these bottoms to eliminate the noise from the washer. It was a low cost option that had a lifetime warranty and proved to be one of the most successful products on the market. This accessory was called Silent Feet made by Vibration Solution.

    Like the name implies, these are "feet" for the washer that will eliminate the loud noises made during operation. This washing machine pad was the answer to our problems.

    Once I installed the pads, I no longer had to deal with the rattling of my washer. I was extremely happy, and to this day, it has made our apartment complex much more appealing to live in.

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