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  • Eliminate Your washing Machine Vibration

    In my experience, it is extremely annoying to have a loud washing machine. For many of us, it is a convenience to have a personal washing machine.

    Many families or individuals have to use a public laundry service to get their clothes and linens cleaned. In my situation, I have my own washer and dryer, but they are both fairly old. I purchase both of them over fifteen years ago, but they have worked well over the years.

    The only issue I have encountered is the noise from the machine. I have not found a suitable way to account for this inconvenience, so I have continued to use the machine without much concern for the problem. The washing machine vibration was the least of my worries.

    I wanted to see if a replacement machine was worth buying. The washing machine vibration was extremely annoying for my family, but we could not afford to purchase a new machine. We needed to find a replacement part to fix our machine.

    We went to the store where we purchased the washer and dryer and asked about potential solutions to our problem. According to the sales representative, we would not have to replace our machines.

    This was surprising to hear because her job was to convince us to buy new machines. According to the sales representative, we would be able to purchase a device that would help my family reverse the age of our washer and dryer.

    This device was used to replace the worn out parts on the washer that helped to prevent the noise. Because this part had worn down on the washer, we were experiencing noise on a regular basis. The sales representative offered many options for us to purchase a replacement part, but we did not want to jump into the process. We decided to wait and see if our machines would stop making the noises.

    Our first step was to add less clothing to each load in the washer and dryer. To our disappointment, this did not work. We thought it would help us determine if any replacement was needed for the parts, but the same noises were present. We decided shortly after that a replacement was probably necessary for our success.

    We purchased a replacement part for our worn out noise reduction part and tested it. To our surprise and eventual enjoyment, the part worked to success. We did not experience any more noise for many years.

    It was a great purchase and I recommend it to anyone looking for a new noise reduction part for their washer or dryer.

  • Life Made Easier with Washer and Dryer Accessories

    If you are like any other individual, then odds are you do laundry on a regular basis. For some, using a public place to do laundry is more convenient, so they do not have a home washer and dryer.

    Others have a personal washer and dryer that they use to do their family's laundry. My family has owned the same washer for the last fifteen years, so it has been used extensively.

    We have purchased many washer and dryer accessories for our machines over the last few years for maintenance reasons. Our machines have lasted surprisingly well despite our constant use. Of the numerous washer and dryer accessories, we failed to purchase something that could eliminate the noise our washer makes as it is running.

    As our washer aged, its parts continued to wear down. The belt or cushion that is necessary to eliminate the noise had been worn down to the point where it no longer had an effect. Because this item was worn down, the washer became extremely annoying during the day.

    If I was trying to go about my daily tasks, the rattling of the washer or dryer would keep me from full concentrating on whatever task I would be trying to complete. My family would complain about the noise of the machines, and eventually I had to plan on doing laundry while no one was in the house.

    This was extremely inconvenient because I would not be able to get enough clothes cleaned and I would make life uncomfortable for my family.

    I decided to purchase an item that would eliminate the rattling of my machine. To my surprise, the item I purchased worked to perfection. I had purchased many washer and dryer accessories, but none of them had any effect on reducing the noise from the machines.

    I was happy to find out that these new accessories had successfully eliminated the sound from my machines. This made it possible for me to do laundry throughout the day and night without disturbing my family.

    It was great to finally watch a movie as a family without having to worry about the noise from the washer or dryer. This has proven to be successful over the last few years, so I recommend that anyone experiencing issues with their washer or dryer buy the necessary accessories to eliminate the noise from their machine.

    It has proven to be effective with my household, so I am sure it will work well with yours.

  • A Permanent Solution to Washing Machine Noise

    Washing machines lose their cool. In fact, they can get downright feisty, throwing temper tantrums like two year olds needing a nap. As washing machines wear out, their internal dampening systems naturally wear out; causing rampant shaking and washing machine noise every time you do laundry. This can be very disruptive, shaking the house and rattling the vents, even if the washing machine is buried downstairs. For machines on higher levels of the house, the problem can be even worse; causing the whole house to shake like the foundation is rattling loose.

    A disruptive washer is more than aggravating. It can cause serious damage to a home, scarring and marring wood and tile floors, leaving permanent marks that can make a home harder to sell later. Aside from washing machine noise, a shaking washer can cause lasting damage that’s expensive to fix.

    Yet there’s something you can do about it. All you need is a simple attachment. Washing machine pads can be put on a washing machine to absorb the vibrations and the washing machine noise, quelling the shaking to a soft hum that’s as peaceful as it was when it was new. Though not widely offered in stores, Silent Feet provide the best solution. Featuring a durable material and an ideal design, Silent Feet silence a noisy washer with a lasting solution.

    Their design features easy assembly. They can be attached to the washer within minutes without tools. In a few simple steps, the job is done, leaving you the rest of the afternoon to watch the ballgame. It’s probably the easiest household project you’ll do all year, but one of the most satisfying when you can finally do the laundry in peace.

    With a lifetime warranty, Silent Feet are a solution that last. The feet will outlast the washer or dryer itself. If a pair wears out, simply contact the company anytime in the next decade.

    Calm down your dryer for the cost of what it takes to fill your gas tank up twice. Do it during a commercial break without even breaking out a screwdriver. You won’t find an easier, lasting solution on the market. They make your washer run like it was new, humming so cool you’d never know it was laundry day.

  • Give Your Washer New Life with a Washing Machine Pad

    Appliances should be convenient. They should not disrupt your life, rattling it to the point of nausea every time you do laundry. In the evening, you want to be able to relax with your family; help the kids do homework, maybe watch some TV. The trouble is that’s often the only time we have to do a load of laundry. If you’ve got a washing machine that sounds like an African stampede is occurring in your basement, you can kiss that peaceful evening goodbye. Do a load just before bed, and you can bet you’ll hear that clunking in your sleep.

    End the disruption with a simple solution. Quiet your machine down with a washing machine pad. Silent Feet, the most durable brand on the market, attaches to the bottom of your washer and absorbs the abrasion with scientifically softening polymers, the same used by Nascaar and NASA for friction absorption.

    A washing machine pad can have your machine humming as peacefully as the day you bought it. It gives your machine a new lease, absorbing the shock that better protects the body of the machine. It’s so strange how the simplest enhancements can bring such improvement to a shaky washer, giving it a new breath of life that’s like a fountain of youth.

    There are many washing machine pads on the market, but Silent Feet ranks at the top for durability and creative design. Its durable material lasts for years. The unique design allows for easy assembly without tools. You can have your washer running smoothly in minutes in less time than it takes to fold your laundry.

    Make doing laundry a more peaceful experience. Quell that washer rumble with the quieting softness of scientifically graded polymers, uniquely enhanced to soften the rumble. These polymers will last the life of the washer and come backed with a lifetime warranty.

    Give your washer a new breath of life with the noise absorbing energies of scientifically enhanced polymers. You can still get a good decade of use out of your washer through absorbing feet that not only soften noise but also protect the structure of the washer. For the price of a small appliance repair, you get a viable solution that will last the lifetime of your washer.

  • Washing Machine Accessories to Limit Noise

    Does your laundry room rock with washing machine noise? Some washers vibrate so much you’d swear elephants were dancing around your washer. Some machines clunk and thunk so loud they can disrupt the whole house, ruining quiet time with rattle that’s so loud you can’t even think.

    Don’t haul your loud machine to the curb too soon, however. Your washer is probably just rattling because it’s too old, as the noise dampening effects of your machine have long worn out. However, your machine still has plenty of life in it. You might even be able to get it to last into the next decade, if you could just find a way to quell the noise.

    Washing machine accessories may offer a solution. By placing scientific polymers under your washer, washing machine pads can absorb the vibration of the machine, quieting its noise to a soft gentle hum. You can have your machine running as quiet as when you first bought it and finally do laundry in peace and quiet.

    Silent Feet are the top of the line of washing machine accessories, but they are worth the money. Their specially enhanced materials feature a lifetime warranty that’s good for the life of the washer. They are a permanent solution that costs less than $80. That’s lower than it would cost you to have someone work on it.

    Although not widely available in stores, Silent Feet are available on the Internet. They feature wide availability and an adaptable color selection. The feet look attractive and natural on any washer and come in a variety of colors. They are made to fit virtually any washer or dryer.

    Silent Feet are ideal for stackable washer and dryers, quieting the vibration down so that neither appliance is disrupted by the other.

    It’s also a solution that’s easily applied. Their unique design allows for installation in minutes, even without the help of tools. They can easily be secured to the bottom of the washer in less time than it takes to load the laundry in the first place. Fix it right, and have the rest of the afternoon for yourself. Tackle another project or relax and kick back with the game. You’ve earned a break and a peacefully smooth running washing machine.

  • End Washing Machine Vibration in Its Tracks

    People are often in denial about their washing machine vibration. 9 times out of 10, they choose to ignore it, sealing the washer behind shut doors deep in the basement where they think it will be forgotten.

    Sadly, this rarely works. Washing machine noise can’t usually be contained. Sometimes, the machine shakes so violently you can hear it echo through the entire house, rocketing off the floor boards and the vents until you think your entire house will take off like a rocket. It can be so disrupting that it makes finding any peace and relaxation impossible.

    Not only will the problem not go away, but washing machine vibration can cause considerable damage to your floor. The shaking will cause your washer to scuff up the floor, which can ruin wood and tile. When washing machine shaking scrapes up floors, it damages the resale value of the home. It causes permanent damage that won’t go away.

    Luckily, there are solutions. Using scientifically enhanced polymers, Silent Feet will quiet your machine to a gentle hum. The feet absorb the energy, giving your machine an entirely new personality. It works like a new machine again.

    While many washing machine accessories are made out of cheap rubber that shreds easily, Silent Feet is made from the same scientifically treated polymers used by NASA and Nascaar for its energy absorbing qualities. This material is extremely durable even under the strongest stress. In fact, Silent Feet are guaranteed for life. They can be replaced anytime in the next 10 years, lasting longer than the washing machine itself.

    It also prevents washing machine walk. Using sticky adhesive, Silent Feet keep your machine in one spot, saving you from wrestling it back into place every time you want to do laundry. It’s the leading industry solution for washer walk. For serious washer walk problems, further additions can be made to better securely fasten your washer to the floor.

    Don’t ignore your problem. It’s not good for the health of the machine or your beautifully tiled floors. Stop washing machine wearing in its tracks with Silent Feet. Get your machine running like new for less than $80. It’s a lifetime solution, even though you can assemble it in five minutes without the use of tools.

  • Silent Feet Ahead of Washer and Dryer Accessories

    Think your washing machine ought to be taken out and shot? Washing machine noise can be annoying, disrupting home and family to such an extent that you are tempted to buy a whole new machine. Then you’re faced with the realities of this economy, the rising bills and the fact that the kids need school clothes again. You don’t really want to spend money buying a new washer and dryer, but you need to do something. If you can’t do laundry in peace, you just might blow your top.

    Relax. There’s a much cheaper solution through washer and dryer accessories. You can soften the sound of your machine down to a quiet hum with the right washing machine pads or feet.

    Silent Feet are by far the best washer and dryer accessories on the market. Utilizing a complex, scientific polymer, Silent Feet absorb all the noise of your washer and dryer. Using the same material NASA and Nascaar use for energy absorption, Silent Feet quell the shaking of your washer or dryer to a peaceful hum. You’ll have your washer running like a new machine.

    Silent Feet give your washer or dryer a second lease on life. They remake the washing machine until it sounds good as new. You won’t even notice when your machine is running.

    Plus, their unique design makes them easy to assemble. You can attach them in a few simple steps without even using any tools. This is one project that won’t take up an afternoon, but delivers endless relaxing satisfaction.

    They fit just about any washing machine on the market. Their versatile design makes them useful for any machine, no matter how old.

    When machines wear out, they become clunky, losing their solid base as their absorption mechanisms wear out. Silent Feet return the absorption features by taking in the vibrations at the feet. They absorb the shaking energy of your washer so it runs smoother.

    Guaranteed for life, Silent Feet present a solution that will outlast the life of your washer. They’re a permanent repair because of the quality of their construction. There’s nothing else more durable on the market.

    Give your machine a new lease on life with Silent Feet. In this economy, you need to get all you can out of your appliance. Fix your washer with Silent Feet and get another 10 years of use from the same machine.

  • Silent Feet Quell Washing Machine Noise

    Does your home suffer from washing machine noise? Sometimes washers will shake so much you can hear them rumbling through the entire house, even when the washer is buried deep inside the basement. A loud washer can limit when you do laundry. It can also severely impact family time, making it difficult to relax and hard for kids to get homework done.

    Washing machine noise happens naturally as a machine’s dampening mechanisms wear out. The less these systems absorb the vibration, the more the machine shakes. It can get quite violent at times, shaking so loud you think the house is about to take off.

    Even some of the newer models can suffer from washing machine vibration. It’s hard to know how well a machine will run when you get it home. Even if you read the reviews prior to purchase, sometimes a particular washer will exhibit shaking it’s not supposed to.

    Luckily, there are solutions. Silent Feet can quiet your washer like it was new. Without any tools, they can be assembled in a few minutes and have your washer humming perfectly again. For less than the price of an appliance repair, you can solve the solution yourself in less time than it takes to check the mail.

    Silent Feet stand out above the competition because of their quality materials and expert design. Unlike cheaper brands made out of cheap plastic and rubber, Silent Feet are made out of Sorbothan, a visco elastic polymer that’s been used by NASA and Nascaar for its advanced properties in friction absorption. Not only does it lat forever, the material absorbs vibration, whether it be the space shuttle breaking the atmosphere, a race car gripping the corner, or your washing machine purring like you just brought it home from the appliance store.

    Each set also include sticky feet designed to stop washing machine walk. Silent Feet keep your washer in place, saving the floors from being damaged and saving you from pulling a muscle shoving it back into place.

    Silent Feet are guaranteed for life. They can be replaced for free anytime in the next 10 years. It’s like getting a second life on your washer that’s guaranteed for the very life of the washer. Get the most out of your appliances with Silent Feet.

  • A Washing Machine Pad to Quiet Your Machine

    Do you avoid doing laundry when you have guests over because your washer won’t behave? Excessive washing machine noise can be embarrassing. Although it naturally happens as a machine’s dampening system wears out, washing machine vibration makes your washer sound like it’s a piece of junk. Sometimes, it bumps so loud you would swear it’s alive.

    Don’t haul your machine to the curb just yet. A washing machine pad can absorb that noise, quieting your machine down to a soft hum. It absorbs the vibration through the feet, lulling your washer to a peaceful dream.

    Not every washing machine pad is equal, however. It comes down to the quality of the material used as well as the innovative design. Silent Feet stand ahead of the competition. Featuring an easy to assemble design, Silent Feet can be attached without any tools. They are sleek and fashionable. They look like they belong on the machine, a natural fit. Plus, they’re made out of the same material used by NASA ad Naascar in the heat of the race.

    Most of the washing machine pads on the market are made out of cheap rubber. Silent Feet are made of out a sorbothane fiber, a one of a kind visco elastic polymer that’s durable and flexible. In fact, Silent Feet are guaranteed for life, or at least the life of the washer. You can send in for a new pair anytime n the next ten years. Silent Feet will solve your washing machine problem for the next decade.

    Silent Feet is perfect if you stack your washer and dryer. Its properties are so absorbent it can quell vibrations from both machines.

    They can be assembled in a few minutes without any tools. Their unique design allows you to attach them in no time. Why waste an entire afternoon when you can assemble Silent Feet in less time than it takes to fetch the newspaper.

    Find peace and quiet with your washing machine through Silent Feet. These feet will have your machine purring like new again. You’ll never know anybody is doing laundry. You can have guests over without worrying your machine is going to fall apart. Everyone can relax when the washer runs smooth again.

  • Silent Feet Are the Best Washing Machine Accessories on Market

    Ever think you need a leash for your washing machine? Appliances can shake so much that they literally walk across the room. Sometimes it seems like you have to muscle rough it back into the corner every time you washed a load.

    You can try your own solutions out for size. Pillows, rags, foam pads usually get ripped to shreds pretty quick, however. Plus, they soak up moisture and start to smell. These solutions usually warrant plenty of dirty looks from a spouse who is ready for you to clean up the mess and find a real solution.

    If you’ve ever tried several washing machine accessories at the hardware store, you’ll find them cheap, but for a good reason. Made out of cheap plastic, these rinky dink noise softening devices will also shred quickly. Not only didn’t they muffle the noise, they’ll be ruined in a few weeks.

    Try Silent Feet, one of the best washing machine accessories on the market. They feature special sticky feet designed to keep the machine from moving. The brand even features anti-walk feet for machines that walked and shifted a lot.

    The feet can be assembled within a few easy steps. You don’t need any tools, and the job can be done in minutes. It will probably be the easiest repair job you ever did. You’ll have the rest of the afternoon to yourself.

    Plus, the feet absorb so much of the shaking of the machine that it will run smoothly and peacefully. You won’t even be able to tell anyone is doing laundry. Do laundry at all hours of the night. Relax and enjoy peace and quiet even when a full load is going.

    You’ll be happy when you can do laundry without rocking the whole house, and be glad when the machine stays in place. You won’t have to spend the day after wash day lugging that heavy machine back against the wall. It will stay in one spot, never budging an inch from the wall.

    It was one of the cheapest washing machine repairs you can do in minutes. The results are rewarding, relaxing and built to last. Silent Feet are guaranteed for life. You can’t vouch the same for the washer and dryer.

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