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Monthly Archives: September 2009

  • Fix Washing Machine Noise with Washer and Dryer Accessories

    Does your washing machine sound like a punk rock band is practicing in your basement? Loud washers can not only be annoying, they can also be disruptive, interrupting sleep and homework times. It’s hard to get any peace at all, but the laundry still has to be done sometime.

    Loud washing machines can limit when you do your laundry. Most people prefer to do their laundry when they go to bed or late in the evening when it’s nice to relax. Vibrating machines that rocket the whole house can severely disrupt peace and quiet. It can make it impossible to sleep as well as relax.

    Often, it’s a sign of the machine’s internal dampening systems wear out. It can make the appliance store seem more and more tempting, even if you’d rather use the money on necessary bills or other expenses. Loud noise is one of the biggest reasons family choose to get a new machine.

    Sometimes, even new machines can display these problems. It’s hard before you buy it, short of doing a load of laundry right there in the store. Although reading reviews can be educational, you really don’t know how a machine will perform until you get it in your house.

    Yet you don’t need to be the victim of a loud washing machine. Washing machine noise can usually be cured with the right washer and dryer accessories. Silent Feet, the leading washing machine dampening devices on the market, can lull your noise to a peaceful hum so it’s easier to sleep at night.

    You might find cheaper solutions at hardware stores, but they won’t last. Silent Feet is a lasting solution and one of the best washer and dryer accessories on the market. In fact, it’s guaranteed for life. It’s affordable when you consider it’s an affordable solution to your noise problem. At less than $80, you can solve your dilemma for less than a typical appliance repair.

    In fact, you can even install Silent Feet yourself in less time than it takes to take out your trash. In a few easy steps, you can have them installed in minutes, saving the afternoon for the rest of you’re to do list, or better yet, an afternoon watching the game.

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