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  • Reduce Washing Machine Noise with Silent Feet

    Does washing machine noise disrupt your family time? We usually tend to do laundry in the evening hours, time that’s best left for helping the kids with homework, watching TV or peacefully reading a book. A loud washer can be hard to ignore when you really need peace and quiet to relax or concentrate.

    Peace and quiet can be had, however, for less than you might pay for your Internet bill. Affordable solutions are only as far away as the Internet and take about as much time to assemble as the Google search will take.

    Though you might not yet be able to find it in stores, Silent Feet can effectively reduce your washing machine noise to a delicate hum. For less than $40, you can find a solution to your noise and vibration problem permanently. Unlike other cheaper foam versions you might find in hardware stores, Silent Feet are made from ultra grade, durable polymers that are built to last. In fact, they come with a lifetime guarantee. If any should wear out, you can get them replaced for free.

    They also couldn’t be easier to assemble. You can attach the feet to any washer in six easy simple steps. You won’t even need any tools. It will probably be your easiest family project this year.

    Silent Feet will even worked for washer and dryers that are stacked. They also allow the washing machine to be moved back from the wall easier for cleaning, creating convenience as well as peace and quite. Dust and dirt can be routinely cleaned out when the washing machine is easier to move. You’ll have a cleaner laundry room thanks to the convenience.

    They special designs will also not stain, bruise or scratch your floor. Your washer, on the other hand, can cause significant damage if left to shake uncontrollably. Floorboards can become worn and scuffed, creating permanent damage.

    But it will probably be the project your family notices the most. With significantly reduced noise, it will be much easier to relax in the evening. The kids will be able to concentrate better on their homework. Peace and quiet will help soothe your household, improve family time and make it easier to sleep at night.

  • Silent Feet- A Washing Machine Pad Made to Last

    Got a washing machine that makes the whole house sound like it’s going to take off? Sadly, these problems get worse overtime as the washing machine’s internal dampening devices wear out. Even worse, the vibration can cause the machine to wear out quicker, sending you to the storeroom floor sooner than you’d like.

    A washing machine pad can absorb those vibrations and noise, protecting the structure of the washer as well as your peace of mind. Placed on the feet of the washing machine, the pad muffles the sound of the machine as well as the vibrations.

    Of course, you can try your own solutions, but they can only be so effective. Rags placed underneath the washer absorb little of the noise and look trashy. Make your own foam pads and they’ll probably be destroyed the first time you use the washer.

    Homemade “solutions” are what usually send homeowners to the hardware store for real solutions to their problems.

    To really fix the problem, however, you need to buy the right washing machine pad. Not all are the same. Most of the cheaper models you can find in hardware stores aren’t worth the packaging they come in. Usually, they’re made of cheap materials that don’t last and don’t absorb as well. They’ll wear out fast, putting you back at square one.

    Save yourself some time and headache and check out Silent Feet. Made from the same polymers NASA and NASCAAR use to absorb excess shock, Silent Feet are more durable than other options on the market. In fact, they’re backed with a lifetime guarantee.

    While they may be a little more expensive than what you’ll find in a hardware store, they are an effective solution that lasts for the price of a tank of gas. You won’t get a lifetime guarantee from a company that sells cheap rubber accessories. These products simply don’t last.

    Silent Feet, however, will last a lifetime. If they don’t, you can get replacements for free.

    Plus, Silent Feet are easy to assemble in six simple steps that don’t require any tools. A project doesn’t have to take all day to be effective. In fact, you can assemble Silent Feet in a few minutes and get on with the rest of your day.

  • Washing Machine Accessories Guaranteed for Life

    Washing machine noise and vibrations are more than a nuisance. They cause excessive deterioration to your appliances as well as your home. They can seriously damage the floor of your house. That excessive movement causes undue wear and tear, especially on bare hardwood floors. Plus, the shaking can also wear your washing machine can wear it out prematurely, causing the motor and parts to shake loose over time.

    If your washing machine shakes excessively, you may fear it’s time to replace it. It’s understandable in this economy you’re reluctant to shell out a good grand to fix your washing machine problem. There are probably lots of other things you’d rather spend that money on. If it’s not a family vacation, you probably should save it for credit card bills, back to school clothes for the kids, maybe even save it in the bank for the kids’ college education down the road.

    Save your money and relax. There are many washing machine accessories on the market that can easily fix your problem for the price of a minor repair. Best of all, you can assemble the accessories yourself in a few easy steps without any tools.

    For the price it takes to fill up your SUV’s gas tank, you can have a solution to your problems. Though not widely available in hardware stores, Silent Feet are revolutionizing the industry of washing machine accessories. Made from scientifically grade polymers designed to absorb noise and vibrations, Silent Feet bring durably to washing machine upgrades. They absorb more vibration than you’ll ever find from other solutions and come with a lifetime guarantee.

    Plus, Silent Feet can be easily assembled without any tools. You simply lift one side of the machine and attach the feet. It’s a job that takes minutes but provides a lasting solution.

    Other cheaper products don’t work nearly as effectively and quickly wear out. Forget rubberized products that wear out with the first laundry load. It may seem like a cheap solution, but no solution is worth its affordability if it doesn’t work.

    With Silent Feet, you solve your problem from the get go, and you solve it for life. Why let this project take all day? Assemble it in minutes and take the rest of the afternoon off.

  • Cut Washing Machine Vibration with an Easily Affordable Solution

    Does your washer like to walk around at night? Are you constantly heaving it back into place after it’s almost slept walked away from the wall? Does your washer seem to need its own leash?

    Washers tend to move as a result of excessive washing machine vibration. As machines wear out, their absorption qualities wear down, causing it to shake and rumble. The movement is kinetic as the vibration causes the machine to “walk” away from the wall. This leaves you every laundry day heaving it back against the wall, risking your back as well as your patience.

    There are solutions short of chaining your washing machine down, but it all depends on how excessive the walking is. The key is to reduce washing machine vibration through absorbing feet. The question you have to ask yourself is how much does the washer walk? If it’s severe enough, you might want to opt for feet that are designed to stop washer machine walk. In addition to absorbing the noise, feet specialized for washing machines that walk are more securely fastened to the washer.

    How well the feet work comes down to which feet you buy. Do yourself a favor and skip the hardware store. They have many cheap possibilities, but they are usually made from poor materials, don’t absorb energy as well and wear out quicker. Few even claim they are designed to stop washer machine walk, and even fewer live up to the promise.

    Silent Feet, however, are made from scientifically enhanced durable polymers that will last a lifetime. In fact, they are some of the only feet on the market that are backed by a lifetime guarantee. These things can last for life. If they wear out in the first decade, they can be replaced for free.

    Their unique design is also easily assembled. You can have them attached to your washer in six easy in six easy steps, turning your afternoon project into a few minutes of productivity that leaves you with the rest of the afternoon to yourself. You can get back to watching the ball game in peace, knowing your house will be quiet and calm no matter when you have to do laundry.

  • Washer and Dryer Accessories for Peace and Quiet

    Do you have to schedule laundry activities because your washer and dryer are too disruptive from violent shaking and excessive noise? Loud washer or dryer noise can be frustrating, especially if you already have a busy schedule. Sometimes the only free time you have to do laundry is when you really want to settle down and relax. Violent shaking from the laundry room can set you on edge, interrupt the kids’ homework time, even keep the family up at night.

    It’s a common problem. As appliances wear out, their noise dampening features tend to break down, causing excessive shaking as the washer or dryer experiences more vibrations. Sometimes even newer models don’t have enough absorption, causing it to shake and sound like a worn out model.

    It’s understandable that you dread replacing the washer or dryer. You can spend over $1,000 replacing your appliances, which is enough to make your heart skip. In this recession, few family budgets can afford that. Chances are, there are a lot of other things you’d rather spend the money on.

    Luckily, you don’t need to buy a washer and dryer. In fact, you can solve the problem for about the same money as you’d spend taking the family out for pizza. There’s a solution to your needs that won’t break your bank and takes only a few minutes to install. You don’t even need any tools.

    If you know the right washer and dryer accessories to get, your time and your budget can be saved considerably. Forget the hardware store. You can find better innovation on the Internet. Silent Feet, though not widely available in stores, can significantly reduce the noise of your washer and dryer for less than $40. They are made from a durable, scientifically graded polymer that’s been uniquely designed to absorb noise and vibrations. You can even attach them in a few minutes without the use of tools.

    They are surprisingly better than the washer and dryer accessories you’ll find available at the hardware store. They were made from a more durable material with a design that made assembly easy. Plus, they’re guaranteed for life. Your washing machine won’t even last that long.

    Silent Feet can me the cost of a new washer and dryer, delivering peace and quiet to the house for less than the cable bill. Do your laundry whenever you want, even during the night. You won’t even notice your washer and dryer unless you’re in the laundry room.

  • Cheaply Reduce Washing Machine Noise

    I had tried everything. I crammed pillows between the wall and the washing machine, trying to reduce the aggravating washing machine noise that seemed to rampage through the entire house. I placed rags under the washer. I even improvised a foam pad. Although it was a concerted effort, it ended in failure. The machine still shook up the whole house. You always knew when someone was doing laundry. In fact, if we did a load before bed, it would be hard to sleep at night. The washer just seemed to vibrate through the walls.

    I was about to break down and spend the money on a new washing machine. Over coffee one day, I complained about it to a friend at work. There were a lot of other things I’d needed money for- clothes for the kids, maybe eve a small family vacation, but it just seemed like I’d have to waste it all on a brand-new washing machine.

    Boy, was I ever glad I griped about it. My friend told me he had the same problem, but solved it for the price of a minor repair. In fact, my friend said it was so easy to do he didn’t need any tools. He bought washing machine noise reducing feet that worked incredibly effectively and had it installed in a few minutes. A repair my friend feared would take the entire afternoon had him watching the game and drinking a beer before anybody even scored.

    He explained that a new product, Silent Feet, had been introduced to the market. It wasn’t widely available in hardware stores, but its popularity was growing. He suggested I look for it on the Internet. While there are many noise reducing feet on the market, these were far above the best. They were made from durable, highly specialized polymers designed to absorb noise as well as to last. Plus, they had a innovative design that allowed them to be easily attached to the washer without any tools. Not only that, but the feet are guaranteed for life. For less than $40, they may last longer than your washing machine.

    I tried it and was sold. The feet were easily attached. I soon found myself with a whole afternoon to myself. The machine then ran like a dream, a perfect hum you’d only hear in the laundry room. My family now has peace and quiet, and we can run the washer anytime we’d like. I’m so glad I fixed the problem without having to buy a new washer.

  • Reduce Excessive Noise Cheaply with a Washing Machine Pad

    Got a washing machine that seems like it’s stuck on heavy metal music? Sometimes, the shaking of your washer can be so intense it’s ridiculous. You feel embarrassed if relatives or neighbors stop by anytime you’re doing laundry.

    It’s a fairly common problem, but a real dilemma. It can not only be frustrating and the source of many a headache, but loud washers can often cut in on family time, studying hours, and even impact sleep schedules. With the busyness of today’s lifestyle, many families like to start a load of laundry just before bed. Excessive shaking, however, can keep you up at night. You shouldn’t need to lose sleep over a loud washing machine.

    Often, it’s a natural result of wear. As washing machines age, their internal dampening devices designed to reduce noise wear out. Sometimes even newer models have more shaking than you’d like, however. It’s important to always read reviews of washing machine models before purchased to avoid such problems, but that doesn’t mean you need to be stuck with a noisy washing machine.

    Don’t feel like you’re stuck with keeping an elephant in the laundry room that kicks and rams the walls of your laundry room. There are inexpensive solutions that can keep you from having to buy a new washer. There’s a recession on, and few family budgets these days want to shell out money for a new washer.

    With a washing machine pad, you can significantly reduce washing machine noise to a gentle hum. They can be found for a reasonable price on the Internet. In fact, you can find a quality noise-reducing device that has a lifetime guarantee for about the same price as taking your family to the movies.

    There have been significant innovations in the industry, particularly with the material of the washing machine pad. While many cheaper models are made from rubber and don’t last more than a couple of years, more specialized parts you can find on the Internet are made from the same enhanced polymers that have been used by NASA and NASCAAR for years as energy absorbing devices.

    Quiet that noisy washing machine down. There’s no reason your laundry room needs to sound like a heavy metal concert. Reduce washing machine noise with noise reducing accessories. They can be installed in a few minutes without the use of tools. You deserve a washing machine that runs like a dream. When your machine hums and soothes, you’ll have peace and quiet again. You’ll be able to relax.

  • Washing Machine Accessories Return Peace of Mind to the Laundry Room

    Does your washing machine shake violently, disrupting the peace of your house when you value quiet the most? Silence may be the least of your worries. Shaking washing machines can severely damage floors overtime. They can also upset the foundations of the washer, causing it to break down before its time.

    Hush that washing machine up. You can quiet your washer with the right washing machine accessories. Silent Feet, for example, can have your washing machine running good as new, so smooth you’d swear somebody switched models.

    Can’t find them in your local hardware store? It’s new, and many outlets have yet to discover them. As Silent Feet’s popularity grows, more and more chains are carrying them, but you might have to get them online.

    There are plenty of other washing machine accessories that seek to reduce washing machine noise, but none like Silent Feet. Many cheaper versions use foam pads that get torn up pretty quick. Silent Feet combine durable and effective construction. They’re made of a highly engineered polymer that absorbs energy and noise while still being extremely durable.

    They’re so durable that they have a lifetime guarantee. Often, these feet will last longer than the washing machine. You can easily detach them for the next model, just in case it’s a loud version too.

    If you have an excessive problem with “washer walk,” causing your washer to walk across the floor when it’s running, there are Anti-Walk Silent Feet that will keep it in place. You give up some of the convenient application benefits as the regular model, but they keep the washer sturdy in place.  Their high absorbent material firmly attaches to the floor so the washer doesn’t move when running. Because the feet are adhered to the washing machine, it can still be readily moved, however, for cleaning and convenience.

    There’s no need to cash in a noisy washing machine for a new one. Silent Feet provide a more affordable solution, delivering peace and quiet to your laundry room for the price of a new shirt.

  • An Affordable Cure for Washing Machine Vibration

    Washing machine vibration has many causes, but it usually has a common result- sleeplessness and frustration. The entire family can feel like insomniacs as a result of a loud washing machine. Some machines are so loud they wake up the entire neighborhood.

    Aside from the frustration, it can be very embarrassing. When a washing machine doesn’t behave, it sounds like a piece of junk, even if it washes clothes quite well. When you have guests or family over, you almost want to die with all the embarrassing noise it can make.

    Even newer models can experience excessive washing machine vibration. It’s not like you could have tried washing a load of laundry on the showing room floor. Sometimes, you feel stuck with a loud washing machine you might not have bargained for.

    Luckily, you have many affordable options to quiet that washing machine that don’t include shelling out big bucks for a new one. Silent Feet, for instance, can fix your clunky washer problem for the price of a minor repair. Made from the same scientific elastic polymer used by NASA and NASCAAR to reduce energy vibration, Silent Feet absorb the shaking and bouncing of your washing machine, minimizing the noise to a nice quiet hum. You won’t even hear it in your dreams.

    Plus, they don’t require any tools. They couldn’t be any easier to install. You simply leverage the machine on one end and place the feet one. The job is done in minutes. You’ll probably spend more effort loading the laundry than you’ll spend installing these feet. The relaxing sound as your relaxing to the TV with a full load of laundry in the spin cycle is like a dream. You’ll think your washing machine got a complete makeover.

    Silent Feet will work a thousand times better than any system you come up with yourself. Towels barely muffle the noise and get ratty overtime. Foam rubber may do a little good, but it doesn’t fully muffle the sound. Worse, the shaking of the washer usually tears it to shreds in the first few washings.

    Don’t cash in your old washer for a new one when the right accessories can restore your piece of mind for the price of a family dinner in a restaurant. There’s a recession on, so it’s best to make do with what you already have. With Silent Feet, your washing machine gets a second chance on life. You won’t believe how smooth it will sound.

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